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  1. Darn, I agree there could have been a better way, storywise, to rehabilitate Roxy and give Ilene the raw gritty story. I can't forget the first time we were introduced to Roxy, she was one hard lady and the coercion she would lay down on Natalie, you can tell there was some serious mental issues. But the writing at times seemed to make her into daytime's own Patsy Stone.
  2. Curious if anyone can explain what Ilene Kristen means by being "polite": "...I knew kind of which storyline I was coming into, but I have my own acting style, and it isn’t polite -- and the show, at the time, was too polite. Too much of something I didn’t want to do. I loved the show when Marilyn Chris was on it. Marilyn's one of my favorite actors. She's as real as real can be. Judith Light, Gerry Anthony. They were not polite actors. Marilyn Chris -- she’s a blood-and-guts kind of person. Real. I wanted to come on and do that -- not conform. Not that the show was bad, it was just too polite for me." - Giles, Jeff (2013-09-09). Llanview in the Afternoon: An Oral History of One Life to Live (p. 253). . Kindle Edition. I don't know I always thought Judith Light was blood-and-guts...but I don't understand how "polite" is being used by Ms. Kristen? Anyone?
  3. Paula Deen

    No, I didn't feel beat up, I just felt that the responses are hostile at best. This is not a respectable forum. There is a lot of negativity on here in just trying to discuss. I could care less at this point.
  4. Paula Deen

    I am just curious...Mel Brooks "Blazing Saddles" racist as hell, people laugh at it. Is Mel Brooks and the creative powers behind that movie racist?
  5. http://chicagoist.com/2013/06/27/duckworth_rips_contractor_for_using.php
  6. Has there been speculation on who this character may be linked to on the canvas of Pine Valley? I think of Alec McIntyre right away...or the woman who committed identity theft against Erica...any possibilities?
  7. Paula Deen

    It's not real life, I agree with you. But certain things characters say on shows, in movies, the main stream continues to support racism in this country. And the actions may not directly deal with one another, but I think there is a relationship, as certain written scenes have influenced or sustained certain attitudes and prejudices from it's viewers. I agree Eric on freedom to speak your mind. I did, and really what I found hypocritical in general, I am not directing all of this at you, was the retaliation towards Paula using images and terms to emphasize her ignorance, but at the same time belittle Kunta Kinte who was a credible character in a pertinent television event. And I appreciate your apology, but I am just asking to be responded to in a manner that doesn't demean that fact that I offered something critical, albeit debate, because I want to get answers. I am not here to cause trouble like "London" said, or that I am a bird of "racist" feathers as Ann insinuated...and she did. I will apologize I put the cart before the horse in the "N" word first, as the emphasis lies on claims of discrimination in the work place .
  8. Paula Deen

    I'm not mad. But the way you just responded to Mr. Vixen, where I sense no hostility in what you wrote vs. abating my response with a YAWN, really? I think that's disrespectful. Also, so what if I asked people how they view pop culture (a soap opera, I also mentioned sitcoms and movies) with objectivity vs. real life, and I get shot down for that. This is initially a soap board, I get it this is the "non-soap" aside, I'll have to remember it's more contained.
  9. Paula Deen

    You know at this point...you can make all the veiled judgments you like about my character. I have empathy for Paula Deen. If you really are calling people out for being ignorant, than do something to help them understand your point. Because some of you sound a little superior. I've read the responses to my posts, you've judged me or tried to shame me about something I am questioning for the sake of understanding. We're probably on the same side, but if you have to...Block me, it won't shock me. You're probably saving me the extra key stroke. I'm not a troll as somebody named "London" pointed out, they tend to lurk and antagonize people for the fun of it (easily could be said about some of you too). I've done nothing but been upfront with who I am. And lastly thank you Marceline for the legal documents, I will read them.
  10. People always tell other people, "tell the truth". The moment they do, hell breaks loose. Humans want truth, but never handle it well it seems.

    1. Winchester91


      They -think- they want the truth...but they don't.

    2. ChitHappens


      Humans don't want the truth. We want the lies to be true!

  11. Paula Deen

    Thank you.
  12. Paula Deen

    Given how the media spins things...but at this point I am repeating myself. Four against one, really people, I don't think what I shared or questioned was that bad. I want discussion. I know the word is wrong. I know that kind of work behavior is definitely wrong. Let me ask - when it happened, what was done about it, per the individual, not what was brought up to Paula Deen and co., If this was ongoing, why did it take until now to do something about it?
  13. Paula Deen

    I am not that bird. Sorry. But speaking of which, given how the media spins things, I am not going to play Chicken Little.
  14. Paula Deen

    Flawed? And satirizing titles of movies and television shows in lieu of the situation doesn't perpetuate racism? Do you think segregation and hangings are funny? Despite what Paula Deen said, how it goes against your values, you aren't doing your stance any favors. You've loved characters that were rapists and murderers, okay break that down...
  15. Paula Deen

    "Don't. Just don't"? But I will. That's what this board is for. To express viewpoints. I don't care if you agree with me, and I am sure that is mutual. Nothing I say is telling you to back off how you feel and I am not ashamed of my view or asking how from a pop culture angle people tolerate racism/character faults. Let me ask you something, you're presenting facts that she's being called out on, regarding the Antebellum themed wedding..." Enquirer claims that Deen wanted to use a "slave motif" at her brother's 2007 wedding"...Are you referencing the tabloid? As for the unfair business practices, that I seriously didn't know much about. I know she denies it. If the case is as you say, and she is lying, if she is found out to be lying then I will reverse my stance on that particular issue. I've been subject to slurs about my sexuality on a job that got to the point I had to walk out. But to blaspheme the lady for something she said 30 years ago...I'm not going to get upset. I am in no position because of what I said in my youth. And mind you I have no vested interest in Ms. Deen. I'm not a Food Network Fan. I am just intrigued at the double standard people are held to. That I am interested in conversing about - but please don't tell me because something doesn't gel with your viewpoint I shouldn't bring it up. I am not advocate for prejudice/racism.