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  1. Thank you so much SFK. I appreciate it a lot. Episode 2 is on the horizon, and people really enjoyed it, I hope you will too... Erik
  2. Thank you so much SFK. I appreciate it a lot. Episode 2 is on the horizon, and people really enjoyed it, I hope you will too... Erik
  3. Acquaint yourself with the citizens of 'Vermillion Falls', at https://gotlust.blogspot.com/; where you will find transcripts of our premiere episode, pictures of the cast and more! Also, stay tuned for the release of our Episode 2 podcast!
  4. I also was curious, YRfan, as to what Agnes' interaction with Bill Bell was like. I thought I heard in a Bill Bell interview (for the Academy of Arts and Sciences), that despite both being Irna Phillips' protégés, they had little interaction - yet they both wrote several of the most popular soap operas. Erik
  5. Thanks to the magic of You Tube...I been taking in episodes of 'GH' circa 1980, '81 and '82...As much as I would LOVE to see stories from ONE LIFE during this era; the 'Ice Princess' storyline, as we all know raised the bar in daytime and for me, I find it very captivating moment in the genre. I am curious to know what all of you think about the Gloria Monty years? Personally, I took it as great escapism/entertainment. The myriad of character actors they brought on, from matronly Agent O'Reilly to Slick, the cabbie...I never felt the show was so much monopolized by Luke and Laura, as I felt it was also an ensemble that told stories about the Hardys, the Webbers, the Quartermaines and the Cassadines...and agent/hero Robert Scorpio... Erik
  6. Hello Soapsters, This year, I was able to live a dream in creating a soap opera. Via the medium of radio, as to where soap opera originated from, I scripted a satirical, yet loving send up, called "Lust for Life". I'd like to share it with you, as soap fans, because the show does have a plot and some truth, but overall it's a fun experience (at least it has been on the production end and for the live audiences): https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/lustforlife/episodes/2018-10-22T13_59_52-07_00 "Merriam-Webster defines a ‘lust for Life’ as “a strong desire to live a full and rich Life”. But alas for the Middle-American town of Vermillion Falls and its citizens. Some of them are not living as “full” and “rich” a Life as they would like..." - ANNOUNCER, "Lust for Life"
  7. "One Life" was touched upon (it was also inferred that Ms. Nixon came to choosing 'One Life to Live' as the title immediately, with no reference to the more controversial working title of "Between Heaven and Hell"). "All My Children" was focal, because let's face it "Children" was her first brain child so she was partial. "Loving" on the other hand, got no mention at all...and I was always curious as to why, aside to cash in on the youth audience captivated by "Children" and "General Hospital", what other reason "Loving" needed to be created... Also, there was no mention of Michael Knight?! How do you forget 'Tad the Cad' ?!
  8. I know right! I can't imagine Agnes Nixon confusing the core families of 'All My Children' with those of 'One Life to Live'. Let alone only having praise for the 'All My Children' actors and none of the actors from 'One Life to Live'. It was a very inspirational 'life to live'...but was edited poorly by someone other than Agnes Nixon.
  9. I remember Sharon Wyatt (ex-Tiffany, GH) had experienced some unpleasantness regarding the weakening of her jawbone that it had to be operated on. This was back in 2011, 2012...does anyone know how things are going for her? Also, speaking of 'General Hospital'. I been watching some of the classic Ice Princess storyline, and I like the character of Alexandria Quartermaine, played by Renee Anderson. Whatever became of Renee Anderson? She had some decent acting chops that she could have continued her work on soaps after GH. Thanks! Erik
  10. Has anyone read or listen to the audio book of Agnes Nixon's life? The audio book was read by veteran actress Judith Ivey, and for the most part I thought all of what I listened to was very good - but being the avid soap fan - I caught some glaring errors in recalling character names and story details. Was this only in the audio version of the book, or has anyone who read the actual book noticed the same thing? Erik
  11. Erik

    Paula Deen

    No, I didn't feel beat up, I just felt that the responses are hostile at best. This is not a respectable forum. There is a lot of negativity on here in just trying to discuss. I could care less at this point.
  12. Erik

    Paula Deen

    I am just curious...Mel Brooks "Blazing Saddles" racist as hell, people laugh at it. Is Mel Brooks and the creative powers behind that movie racist?
  13. Erik

    Paula Deen

    It's not real life, I agree with you. But certain things characters say on shows, in movies, the main stream continues to support racism in this country. And the actions may not directly deal with one another, but I think there is a relationship, as certain written scenes have influenced or sustained certain attitudes and prejudices from it's viewers. I agree Eric on freedom to speak your mind. I did, and really what I found hypocritical in general, I am not directing all of this at you, was the retaliation towards Paula using images and terms to emphasize her ignorance, but at the same time belittle Kunta Kinte who was a credible character in a pertinent television event. And I appreciate your apology, but I am just asking to be responded to in a manner that doesn't demean that fact that I offered something critical, albeit debate, because I want to get answers. I am not here to cause trouble like "London" said, or that I am a bird of "racist" feathers as Ann insinuated...and she did. I will apologize I put the cart before the horse in the "N" word first, as the emphasis lies on claims of discrimination in the work place .
  14. Erik

    Paula Deen

    I'm not mad. But the way you just responded to Mr. Vixen, where I sense no hostility in what you wrote vs. abating my response with a YAWN, really? I think that's disrespectful. Also, so what if I asked people how they view pop culture (a soap opera, I also mentioned sitcoms and movies) with objectivity vs. real life, and I get shot down for that. This is initially a soap board, I get it this is the "non-soap" aside, I'll have to remember it's more contained.
  15. Erik

    Paula Deen

    You know at this point...you can make all the veiled judgments you like about my character. I have empathy for Paula Deen. If you really are calling people out for being ignorant, than do something to help them understand your point. Because some of you sound a little superior. I've read the responses to my posts, you've judged me or tried to shame me about something I am questioning for the sake of understanding. We're probably on the same side, but if you have to...Block me, it won't shock me. You're probably saving me the extra key stroke. I'm not a troll as somebody named "London" pointed out, they tend to lurk and antagonize people for the fun of it (easily could be said about some of you too). I've done nothing but been upfront with who I am. And lastly thank you Marceline for the legal documents, I will read them.
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