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  1. JMW made me feel more for Steffy on Friday than AN has made me feel for Hope in the past 8 months! I will laugh if she gets nominated for an Emmy for what has been 100% Hope’s story and AN does not
  2. Wow go B&B! Say what you want but it’s almost like watching a movie every day with so many twists and turns and excitement. Gotta give Brad credit for writing a real thriller. Although I hate what he’s done to a legacy character of Thomas this version of the character has made things very interesting. Now that’s a true villain like the soaps used to have!
  3. Looking at the names at the top it’s no wonder I enjoyed Y&R so much this month! Finally the Rosales family not leading the pack and back to the characters we know and love
  4. And that's exactly why I believe she was killed off. Phoebe was Hope before Hope the perfect blonde princess while Steffy was the brunette screw up. Bell realized that Steffy battling her angelic blonde sister wouldn't be as exciting as Steffy battling Brooke's angelic blonde daughter and the rivalry was born...
  5. Their looks gave me life and mirrored my own Saw pics of Annika at JMW's baby shower and she had dark hair with what looked like blue dye in it too. Is it possible Hope dies during childbirth? I assume B&B is still taping this week so I'm surprised they'd let her change her hair like that. Can my dream of dead Hope be coming true?
  6. Bell's Logan bias was on full display with that scene today. So now both mother and daughter have been begging on their knees this year to a Logan (Taylor to Brooke and Steffy to Liam Logan which is who he's turned into ). Disgusting. And the Logans just win and win and most likely will win again when Donna gets Eric back. Taylor might be acting crazy but boy she's sure been dropping truths left and right like saying how Hope gets Liam and the perfect pregnancy and Brooke gets Ridge while Steffy loses Liam and had the most horrific pregnancy and Taylor lost Ridge. Hopefully all this building up of the Logans at the expense of Taylor, Steffy, etc. is only to tear them down soon
  7. Hunter Tylo has brought excitement and interest to this show that I haven't seen in a long time. Finally I'm paying attention again. And I'm shocked that Bell's writing actually included a good use of history with having Taylor's behavior explained by her never getting over Phoebe's death and wanting to protect Steffy at all costs because of it. But I'm not opposed to her going on another shooting spree before she''s "cured" and getting rid of some dead, boring weight like Hope, Thorne (since we know Ingo is gone), and those dreadful interns...
  8. There was 1000 times more chemistry in their few scenes than I've seen between KKL and TK in the past five years since he took over the role!
  9. I am loving Mia! Finally a really interesting, fun, dynamic character and actress who is shaking things up. Arturo and Rey are both snoozefests as is Kerry so along with Lola it's nice to have a couple exciting characters to spice up the canvas. It's funny though that Arturo has been on the longest of the Rosales family but I feel like he's the least fleshed out and I know all of the other characters better even Mia who's only been on a few days. I blame most of that on the actor though who isn't up to the job and isn't even that pretty to look at either
  10. I've enjoyed the last two weeks of Y&R more than I have in a long time. The actors have brought their "A" games and I am actually really loving the Rosales family. They feel like a real family to me and it's nice to see some different representation than just white rich people on the show. Kyle and Lola are fire and I'm already enjoying the Lola/Summer rivalry. I always love seeing the coven together and I'm glad that story finally seems to be moving. Eileen will be very very missed though
  11. It was definitely the cake fight because that day rose 120k from the wedding day and then dropped 200k the next day after Taylor left and Lope had their honeymoon. They really need to bring back Hunter Tylo fulltime. The only good and interesting thing about the wedding was the cake fight.
  12. Wow I second every single one of these! It's insane that Annika is already almost at the top for the year when she just started this year and has been leading monthly totals. No wonder I fell asleep pretty much every day last month. Hope by herself is bad enough but her and Liam together are the official cure for insomnia...
  13. I actually enjoyed the cakefight more than I have anything in awhile on this show. I laughed harder than I have in a long time probably because I was just happy to not be bored out of my mind after the first couple mindnumbing days of the wedding. HT needs to be brought back fulltime ASAP. Brooke finally had a purpose again recently with her back. And the show has been too weighed down with the Brooke/Hope double team on Steffy so Taylor balances that out. That being said overall it was the worst soap wedding I've seen in a long time. The groom was engaged to his other baby mama just a few weeks ago and has a newborn with her yet everyone including Steffy's grandfather who is no relation to Liam or Hope praised them as the second coming pretty much. I have to believe all this praise of their great wuv means a huge fall is coming mostly for Hope. They keep saying she'd never betray Liam like Steffy did and he can trust her and a couple characters have recently said she's just like her mother so I hope she proves them right and for once does something interesting.
  14. More like the Liam and nuHope show. The past couple weeks when Steffy was the focus B&B had great ratings. The day she handed him (literally) to Hope the show went from a 2.6 to a 2.2 by the end of the week when Liam and Hope became the focus. Most of the audience is Team Steffy especially with this new Hope and Brad needs to realize that and not have everyone including Steffy proclaiming her as Mother Teresa.
  15. Yes my main problem with the triangle is that they've had Liam bouncing back and forth at the drop of a hat. Ridge would go YEARS with just one woman before going back to the other. That's how he ended up with three kids in two different times with Taylor. You can't even invest in one couple as I did with Steffy and Liam when they were so adorable after Kelly was born before the rug is pulled out from under you and suddenly he's marrying Hope tomorrow two months after trying to marry her and in between being engaged to Steffy who had his baby while Hope is now pregnant with his baby. Whew! But I will say that JMW to me is the standout and her acting all year and frankly for many years has been stellar. SC definitely steps it up in scenes with her but he and AN together are interminably boring with no oomph or no anything but dullness to their scenes.
  16. It's crazy that AN just started this year but already almost leads the show in episodes for the year. But I guess she's doing an ok job since I hate and am bored by Hope just as much as when KM played her.
  17. Glad to see B&B gain viewers as it was a great week with Steffy's "I choose me" speech and the best writing on the show in a long time. Sadly it quickly devolved into the Hope and Liam snoozeville hour now so I expect ratings to drop. Hopefully some drama will be coming soon again.
  18. I'm not sure if I'd call it vicious but Steffy and Hope did have one decent catfight. It was after one of Lope's 17 wedding attempts. They couldn't get married because he was technically still married to Steffy (but omitted telling Hope that she'd actually signed the annulment papers which he promptly tore up ) and then Hope attacked Steffy and they both got covered from head to toe with chocolate from the huge fountain. I think that's about the only one though sadly. Too bad Hope is pregnant now because I'd love to see Steffy be able to literally rip her hypocritical self righteous ass a new one.
  19. My jaw literally hit the floor when the Slut from the Valley was burning Steffy at the stake for doing only 1/100th of the things she's done. Does she not remember that Hope is only in this world because she slept with and got knocked up by her daughter's husband?! And she did Steffy one better by not only sleeping with her father in law but marrying and having kids with him. I wanted to reach through my tv screen and slap the stuffing out of her!
  20. I don't know why Bell couldn't have just kept Steam together with baby Kelly and moved Hope into the Wyatt/Sally story. That's a more natural and better fit for this Hope. And for once Wyatt would be the guy two women are fighting over. I don't know if I can stomach watching 9 months of everyone tripping all over themselves to dote on pretty perfect Princess Hope while Steffy was branded with the Scarlet letter A with everyone shunning her during her entire pregnancy. Especially since Hope got knocked up by a technically still married man who was reuniting with his wife two seconds earlier. Is it wrong that I want her stalker to win?
  21. Wow that's a huge jump for B&B especially because it's usually pretty dependent on Y&R's ratings in front of it. Only 700k behind Y&R and the way it's going B&B could catch it one day...
  22. As a Steam fan I was worried when they had Bill and Steffy sleep together because I thought they were going to write a real romance for Still. But from the second she woke up and was horrified by him it's been 100% one sided devolving into creepy psycho stalker behavior. And JMW bless her heart has played her repulsion for $Bill in every scene even when he says the most flowery things to her. I guess I'm happy they didn't go the romance route and that this story instead would make it absolutely disgusting on every level in the #MeToo era if Steffy actually got with Bill. I have to believe the fact they've taken it this far and turned off even hardcore Still fans means we hopefully won't ever see it happen. I live for JMW looking at him like he's insane/delusional/out of his mind/crazy etc.
  23. Are comments not allowed anymore in response to the actual ratings post? I'm not seeing any. And yay for Y&R and B&B. They've both been really holding my attention lately!
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