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DAYS #78: Caroline and Kim say goodbye to Kayla, Roman isn't Chris?





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Kim sits quietly in Theresa's hospital room, watching her comatose daughter. She looks on, visibly pained by her daughter's condition, as she holds her daughter's limp hand. The sound of the heart monitors beep behind Theresa, the only sound in the room.

As Kim squeezes Theresa's hand, the door opens, causing a focused Kim to jump slightly, as she turns her head toward the opening door. Kayla walks slowly in to see her sister and niece. Kim quickly wipes away tears as she greets her sister.

KIM: Uh, Kayla! Hi!

Kayla smiles with a tempered smile as she walks over to her sister, putting a hand gently on her shoulder as they both watch Theresa's lifeless body.

KAYLA: Hey Kim. How are you holding up?
KIM: Ohh, you know. Same as always. You? 
KAYLA: Well, actually...I'm glad I found you. I wanted to tell you before I told Roman or Ma.

Kim turns around to face Kayla, a worried look on her face.

KIM: Kay? Is everything alright?
KAYLA: Oh yeah! No, everything's fine! Don't worry...I...I just have some...well...big news.

Kim smiles, a bit confused. Anticipating the worst, she asks her sister the obvious question.

KIM: Well...what is it?

Kayla breathes in deeply and, taking Kim's hand in hers, makes her announcement.

KAYLA: I'm leaving Salem...tonight.

Kim looks on, shocked into speechlessness.


In the hospital cafeteria, Roman stands in the doorway, confused by Valerie Grant's greeting. Marlena stands by Valerie, attempting to figure out how intervene.

ROMAN: I...I'm sorry?
VALERIE: Chris? Don't you remember me? Valerie Grant.

Marlena cuts in to try to stop the situation from escalating.

MARLENA: I...uh, think you should know that--
ROMAN: ...Ahh, it's alright, Doc. I remember Valerie. I just can't figure out who de hell she think I am.

Valerie furrows her brow slightly, unsure what's going on.

VALERIE: What do you mean? You're Chris Kositchek. I mean, you sure look like him, I...
ROMAN: Valerie, I'm Roman Brady. You...do remember me, don't you?

Valerie looks stunned, now even more confused as she looks Roman up and down, before turning to look at Marlena, who stands, nodding in agreement with Roman.


Lucas looks around at Sheryl's office, seeing Jordan and a stranger, Jerome sitting all around. He asks Sheryl again his previous question.

LUCAS: I asked you what the hell was going on, Sheryl. Now come on! Answer me!

Sheryl looks on with a raised, sarcastic eyebrow from behind her desk as Jordan and Jerome look back and forth between Lucas and Sheryl.

SHERYL: Obviously, it's a meeting.
LUCAS: Between your friend, who's a physiotherapist, and...who are you exactly?

Jerome stands up and immediately extends a hand to Lucas, rather formally, catching Lucas off guard. 

JEROME: My name is Jerome Grant, and you are...?

Lucas looks at Jerome with a baffled look as they shake hands, Lucas moving his hand towards Jerome's very reluctantly.

LUCAS: Lucas Horton...what...exactly are you doing here, exactly?

Sheryl pipes up as the two men firmly shake hands, interjecting from her seat.

SHERYL: Ah HE...is an old friend of Jordan's and I. He's...uh...here to help me with a project.
LUCAS: A project? 
SHERYL: Yes, honey. Uh...look, can I...talk to you a second outside?

Lucas looks over to Sheryl and nods, unsure what on earth is going on.

LUCAS: Uh...sure. Yeah.

Sheryl steps out from behind her desk and heads hastily for the door, grabbing Lucas' hand as she heads out. She turns quickly back toward Jordan and Jerome.

SHERYL: Great! Okay you two...try not to kill each other while we're gone, yeah?

Sheryl flashes a cheeky smile and winks at Jordan and Jerome. Jordan glares back, irritated by Sheryl's behaviour, as Sheryl shuts the door behind them.

Jordan immediately turns to Jerome, hissing as she points toward the door.

JORDAN: That was too damned close, Jerome? What the Hell are we gonna do? And why the hell are you really here anyway?!




Nicole stands in Town Square, arms folded, her face showing her displeasure plainly to Eric, who separates from a hug with his old friend, Noelle.

NOELLE: Uh...Eric?
ERIC: Yes, Noelle?
NOELLE: This wouldn't happen to be someone you know, would it?

Nicole steps forward, never taking her eyes off Noelle as she extends a hand to greet her. Noelle looks cautious as she meets Nicole's hand. They shake, Nicole squeezing Noelle's hand a little too firmly, causing Noelle to resist wincing.

NICOLE: Nicole Walker. Eric's girlfriend. You know what that means, don't you?

Noelle rolls her eyes quickly as she responds curtly to Nicole.

NOELLE: Oh I know well.
NICOLE: And you are?
NOELLE: Noelle Curtis. Childhood friend of Eric and Sami. Oh, and...

Noelle holds up her hand, showing her diamond wedding band off to Nicole.

NOELLE: ...a married woman. Happily. Married woman.

Nicole looks on, slightly embarrassed at having given Noelle a hard time, but refuses to let it show, and leans back, folding her arms again with a disapproving look on her face. Eric looks on, surprised.

ERIC: Married?

Noelle turns to face Eric momentarily, putting a hand on his shoulder.

NOELLE: I'll explain later. Let's have lunch tomorrow?
ERIC: Sure.
NOELLE: Great. Good seeing you, Eric.

Noelle turns and nods, her face turning quickly to a scowl as she looks to Nicole.

NOELLE: Nnnnicky.

Nicole doesn't respond verbally to Noelle as Noelle steps past her on her way out, but her returning scowl follows Noelle out as well. Eric observes disapprovingly, and once Noelle's out of earshot, he immediately cuts into Nicole.

ERIC: What was that? Nicole, that was unbelievable!

Nicole turns back to Eric, surprised and annoyed by Eric's reaction.

NICOLE: Excuse me? You wanna stand there trying to tell me how unreasonable I'm being? You're the one who told me that this relationship will never go anywhere because you're so attached to a church that's rejected you because they can't prove you were raped!
ERIC: How dare you?
NICOLE: I could ask you the same thing. Don't waste my time moralizing about God's laws when you can't even figure out that He's obviously not here for you. 
ERIC: Nicole!

Nicole holds her hand up to stop Eric from speaking. Getting emotional, she finishes.

NICOLE: Seriously, Eric, you know what? If you ever find your brains, come find me at the station, figuring out who my new boss is. Excuse me.

Nicole storms off, leaving a stunned Eric behind, looking on as she walks away.


Marlena steps over to guide Roman in closer, as Valerie stumbles over her words, trying to form an apology to Roman.

VALERIE: I...I don't understand. Wh...what's going on?
MARLENA: Uhh...Roman...came back looking somewhat....different last time. He uh...he had an accident and...
VALERIE: And came back looking like someone else?
MARLENA: Well...it's a long story.
VALERIE: I'd love to hear it.

Marlena tries to shake the awkward moment she, Valerie, and Roman are sharing, and clasps her hands together tightly.

MARLENA: Ah, well...we can maybe do that in my office? Valerie, I have something...important to talk with...both of you about? That...research I was hoping you could do?

Valerie takes a moment, still transfixed by Roman's similarity to Chris, before she turns to Marlena, and nods in agreement.

VALERIE: Ah, yes! Yes. Let's do that. Roman?
ROMAN: Lead the way.

Valerie looks Marlena's way, conveying her astoundment at the situation. Marlena motions to Valerie to head for the door after Roman, and she complies, with Marlena following close behind.


Kim sits up in a chair beside Theresa's bed as Kayla sits down across from her. 

KIM: I...I don't understand, Kay. I mean...why are you leaving, it's so...
KAYLA: Sudden? Yeah. Well, see John was in town for Brady's memorial service and...well, he asked me to come over with him to...Europe.
KIM: Why?
KAYLA: Well, it seems like Steve needs my help with something so...John's going to fly me out.

Kim looks at Kayla, observing the concern in her eyes. She turns her head slightly and reaches out to hold her sister's hand.

KIM: I know you wouldn't leave so suddenly without a good reason. So...is everyone okay? Should I be worried? I mean...
KAYLA: No, no, no, no, no, no. Kim, no. Don't worry. In fact, when I get back, we may have some really good news for everyone.

Kim smiles, squeezing Kayla's hand as Kayla puts her other hand over top of Kim's. 

KIM: I hope so. How long will you be away?

Kayla shrugs, trying to fight tears off.

KAYLA: Oh, I don't know. As long as it takes. Few weeks, few months.
CAROLINE: Well, I hope it's sooner than that. I can only afford so many plane tickets to see my kids, you know.

Kayla and Kim turn around to see Caroline standing in the doorway.

CAROLINE: And just when were you gonna tell me you were leaving town? I had to hear it from Maggie.

Kayla gets up from her seat and walks over to Caroline, giving her a big hug.

KAYLA: I'm sorry, Ma. I just...it was so last minute, It's a bit of an emergency.
CAROLINE: Why? What's wrong?

Kayla hesitates to say anything, but continues.

KAYLA: Nothing. Nothing's....wrong. In fact, if this all goes to plan, a lot of things may be right.

Caroline looks on, a bit confused.

KAYLA: Just...trust me, Ma. I'll be fine. I'll fill you in when I can.

Caroline mulls it over a moment, before coming to accept Kayla's words, nodding before putting a hand on Kayla's shoulder.

CAROLINE: Well...just make sure that you keep me updated on how Joey is doing, okay?
KAYLA: I will. And I'm so sorry to just...up and leave like this. It's just...
CAROLINE: Don't worry about it now. You can explain it to me later. Just be safe.

Caroline and Kayla return to their hug, as Kim gets up and slowly comes over, wrapping her arms around Caroline and Kayla as well. They share a laugh as they cry softly.


Jerome smiles and almost begins laughing aloud at Jordan's histrionics. Sauntering across the room, before leaning against Sheryl's desk casually.

JEROME: You know? I almost miss your...melodramatic way, you know?

Jordan rolls her eyes at Jerome, reacting with disgust at his coolness.

JORDAN: Oh, don't you dare patronize me, Jerome. You know this isn't the first close call.
JEROME: Oh, I know! That's why we need to begin meeting at a more discreet location.
JORDAN: OH? Where's that, exactly?

Jerome smiles cheekily.

JEROME: Your place.

Jordan's eyes widen in disbelief.

JORDAN: Wha...Absolutely NOT! You can't...
JEROME: Oh, I can. And I will. And I think that Sheryl would agree with me.

Jordan folds her arms, shaking her head in disbelief.

JORDAN: I cannot believe you. You know, now I remember why we broke up.

Jerome keeps smiling, trying not to laugh.

JEROME: Oh really? Why's that?
JORDAN: Because you never take anything seriously. Nothing I say, nothing I do. Anything that happens is a joke. My reactions, my concerns. Look at you! You're trying not to laugh as we speak, I mean, I can't believe Sheryl still wants to work with you at all!
JEROME: And yet, she does. And you're gonna have to get used to that.

Jordan stands, displeased by Jerome's obstinance.


Sheryl turns Lucas around abruptly and grabs the lapels of his suit, pulling him in for a quick kiss on the lips that's still full of passion. Lucas relaxes almost immediately.

LUCAS: So...what's this...project?

Sheyl leans back, slowly opening her eyes from her seductive kiss and smiles widely.

SHERYL: Mmmm....I can't tell you yet.
LUCAS: Oh? It's for me then?
SHERYL: Suffice to say you'll be incredibly surprised...and VERY pleased that I didn't tell you anything right now.
LUCAS: Ehhh, I like the sound of that.

Sheryl giggles slightly, never taking her eyes off Lucas.

SHERYL: I knew you would. Now you...get back to work. I gotta finish these plans up, okay?

Sheryl jabs Lucas gently with her finger as she directs him away. Lucas reluctantly complies.

LUCAS: Ohhh fine, if you insist.
SHERYL: I do. Come on now, people will talk.
LUCAS: Yeah, well, I'm their boss so they better not. I'll see you tonight?
SHERYL: Always.

The two kiss quickly as Lucas darts off down the hallway. The relief and relaxation as Sheryl sees Lucas leave is clear on her face, as she rolls her eyes back, shoulders dropping as she turns to head back into her office.

SHERYL: God, I wish I could get away with drinking at the office sometimes.


Jordan turns abruptly to Jerome and, holding back a bit, speaks to him.

JORDAN: You know, I think we were doing pretty damn good without you. So you know how to manipulate a computer. So what?

Sheryl opens the door at this moment and steps in in time for Jerome to respond. She hangs back to listen to him.

JEROME: The difference is that without me, neither of you would have gotten out of that prison cell in Canada, you'd never have made it back into the States, and you never would have made it to Salem so you could go screw up your lives all over again. You want my honest opinion? You shoulda thanked me for saving your ass. And instead, you dump my ass for some cop?
SHERYL: Far be it for me to interrupt a personal moment...

Jordan and Jerome jump in surprise as Sheryl breaks up their tense moment. Sheryl calmly continues.

SHERYL: ...But we had better get to work right now...or we are all going to end up right back in those prison cells.


Kate sits in her office when her office phone rings. She quickly picks it up, hardly breaking her focus from her work.

KATE: Ahh, I see you're at your desk for once, Francince...Lucas? Sure, let him in.

Kate hangs up the phone, and a second later Lucas walks in, a concerned tension on his face and his walk that alarms Kate immediately. 

KATE: Rough morning?
LUCAS: Oh yeah, we got problems. 
KATE: What kind?
LUCAS: With Jordan and Sheryl, mom. I don't know how much longer I can keep up this charade. We need to stop them. NOW.



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First off, Awesomeee follow up from the last episode!


Touching moments from Kay, Kim and later Caroline. I wonder what kind of good news Kayla may come home with. I figure it will be awhile until we find out but looking forward to it!


The whole Nicole/Noelle/Eric stuff was just great. Rofl at all of Nicole's manic reactions. She is becoming quite the stress ball again. I wonder who Noelle is married to. I also wonder how Eric will deal with his current struggles. Good stuff here.


This whole Marlena/Roman/Chris/Val stuff is also very intriguing. I have absolutely no idea where you are going with this but I like it that way. and that what de hell cracked me up lmao. 


Nice to get to know more about Jerome and Jordan. They will not be getting along. And what an ending. Kate and Lucas do know more than they let on. Love that too.


I love how you set up all these sides and who is one step ahead of the other and who should you root for. It is one of my favorite things about your show.

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Everything was going very well for me until that damn Jordan and Sherry appeared. Ill get back to that in a sec.


I really am digging this play on Chris and Roman and Valerie. That scene had me on the edge of my seat as I didn't know where any of it it s going. i def look fwd to this talk in Mar's office. I want some answers. This is so good!!

I really enjoyed the Brady women scene. The bradys used to be a male tinted family but the ladies are taking over and carrying the family on. THis was a sweet but unique scene.  I love Caroline and you had everyone on par with their words and actions.


I do not understand what in the hell Jordan and Sherry are trying to do. I nearly forgot Lucas and Kate are about to set them up. But i did know something was up with Jerome and come to find out he used to fukk Jordan. LOL SO funny and he enjoys her act like a idk she just be tripping. I got a kick out of that. 


Are Jordan and SHerry Leaving?


I also enjoyed how Noelle came back on that ass with Nicole. I love my girl Nicole but Noelle checked her by flashing that ring. I like her already. She is showing me she can stand up and not be pushed around. Eat crow Nicole LOL!!

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A lot going on in this episode...

Valerie/Roman/Marlena - Valerie seems extremely important here.  She knew him as Chris Kostichek and everyone else knows him as Roman.  I seem to think she may (inadvertently) know more than she even knows herself.  Interesting start here to that story.

Nicole/Eric/Noelle - Nicole stung Eric and you know that I like when she does that because he uses her as his emotional punching bag way too much.  Doesn't feel good huh Mr Brady?  Good to introduce us to Noelle and her connections to current Salemities.

Kim/Kayla - You know I live for the family moments Lol...Nice good-bye for Kayla and Kim, but you did some foreshadowing with Kayla.  Good way to make the interaction important.

Jordan/Sheryl/Jerome/Lucas/Kate -  Jordan and Jerome were lovers?  I don't think he's too bothered.  He's there to help Jordan and Sheryl and their infiltration scheme.  Lucas smells a rat, and he's enlisting just the right person to help him....Kate Roberts..

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