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Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Maggie walks down the stairs at the Kiriakis mansion, a worried look on her face as she calls out to her husband.

MAGGIE: Victor??

Maggie looks toward the doorway, then the living room. Not seeing Victor, or indeed anyone else, she slowly walks into the living room. Spotting an envelope on Victor's desk, she sees her name written on the front of it.

Curious, she touches the envelope reluctantly. She then turns around, looking behind her, making sure Victor isn't looking in on her. 

Once she deems the coast clear, Maggie slowly opens the envelope, pulling the paper out and unfolding it nervously. She struggles to read it, having left her reading glasses in her purse.

MAGGIE: Oh My God. 

Hearing a noise behind her, Maggie turns around to find a morose-looking Victor behind her. She smiles warmly at him.

MAGGIE: The title for the Penthouse Grille.

Victor smiles slightly. Maggie looks on lovingly.

VICTOR: I wanted to make sure you had control over the property regardless of what happens to Titan.

Maggie looks at Victor, surprised by his attitude.

MAGGIE: Victor...what on Earth are you talking about?

Victor looks down, away from Maggie, the sadness and worry plain on his face as he struggles to answer her.


Marlena opens the door to her office at University Hospital. Roman and Valerie follow Marlena into the room. Valerie immediately closes the door behind her, ready to get down to business.

VALERIE: Okay, so, talk to me. Tell me about these memory lapses.

Roman stands, head down, hands on his hips, as he thinks over the moments he's missed so far. His reluctance to talk about his problem being obvious as he stutters his way through his troubles.

ROMAN: Well...they...just started a few months ago. Minor stuff. There were these....holes in my memories that weren't there before.
VALERIE: Such as...?

Marlena, resting against the front of her desk, chimes in.

MARLENA: The first time I met Bo, for a start.

Roman turns to look at Marlena. He makes a strong face of frustration, recalling her reaction to his misremembering of that memory. Marlena sees his frustration and stops herself for a second, having been caught off guard by his look.


Nicole walks into the studio at what is no longer Titan TV, as many of her colleagues mill about, chattering. All are fascinated by what's going on, curtains obscuring the studio wall that formerly held the Titan logo.

Nicole looks around, as Miles appears, immediately going to speak to Nicole.

NICOLE: Miles!
MILES: Hey, Nicole. You excited about the news?
NICOLE: To be honest...I'm more nervous than excited.

Miles nods, and takes a moment before responding.

MILES: Yyyyeah. So am I. If the news matches the rumours I heard, you won't like the news any more than I will.

Nicole looks up, eyes widened. A thousand negative outcomes fill her head.


Kate sits at her desk at her office. She looks up at a worried Lucas, who has just come in panicked about Sheryl and Jordan. Lucas, meanwhile, paces back and forth in front of Kate's desk as Kate tries to relax him.

KATE: Oh come on, Lucas. What do you mean, you can't carry the charade with Sheryl? You owe this to me, and to your sister. She's worked way too hard on this for you to back out now.
LUCAS: I'm not backing out, I just...we need to talk to Roman and Billie and get them to start making a move. 
KATE: Oh sure! And blow this whole thing up? And then what? 

Kate holds up her hands and dramatically makes air quotes.

KATE: "Jordan Ridgeway" and "Sheryl Connors" catch wind of what we're doing, and throw US under the bus. No way.
LUCAS: Well, Mom. I'm sorry. But I just can't keep up this ruse anymore. I'm not gonna sit there wasting all of my time and energy on a phony relationship just so YOU can win Rafe back.

Billie steps into the room as he finishes his sentence, closing Kate's office door behind her, startling Lucas.

BILLIE: Well, you're gonna have to, or else this whole operation goes down the toilet. And this is way bigger than keeping Rafe away from Jordan at this point, Lucas, and you know it.

Lucas looks on at his sister, sighing audibly.



Valerie, Roman, and Marlena stand in Marlena's office at the hospital, going over Roman's recent history of memory lapses. Marlena hesitates to continue, knowing Roman's frustration and hurt over his disappearing memories is building each time she brings them up, but she presses on.

MARLENA: He...I mentioned the day I met Bo, and his "wedding gift" for us...and...well, it troubled Roman quite a bit that he couldn't remember it properly.

Valerie looks on, almost through Marlena and Roman as she contemplates the situation.

VALERIE: Properly, or at all?

Roman looks down, shaking his head. He sighs before turning back toward Valerie.

ROMAN: At all. I don't remember that happening. But it WAS over thirty years ago. These things don't always stay as clear in your mind as you get older.

Marlena looks on, concerned for Roman, she attempts to chime in, but Roman interrupts.

MARLENA: Roman, I--
ROMAN: Now, look, I...want to figure this out as much as you do...but I...I gotta get going. I have to deal with some police business, okay, Doc?

Marlena closes her eyes, visibly frustrated by Roman's volatility. She exhales before speaking.

MARLENA: Okay. Sure.

Roman turns back to Valerie as he turns to head out of Marlena's office. He speaks sternly, with a hint of irritation in his voice.

ROMAN: Valerie. If you need anything more from me, let me know. But I can't do this right now. I'll see you later.

Roman leaves, closing the door behind him forcefully, causing Marlena to tense up visibly. Valerie shuts her eyes a moment, before looking back up at a troubled Marlena.

VALERIE: He's worried, Marlena.
MARLENA: (sigh) I know. So am I.

Valerie racks her brain, deep in thought over what she's witnessed. She throws her hands in the air, before pacing across Marlena's office. An idea strikes her.

VALERIE: I mean...the symptoms, top to bottom....it reads like Alzhymer's. But...

Marlena nods. She herself looks down, not giving Valerie eye contact, as her troubled mind racks through all the possibilities.

Valerie stops pacing, and looks up at Marlena.

VALERIE: Roman's medical records.
MARLENA: What about them?

Valerie, perking up, moves toward the doorway, an idea having finally hit her.

VALERIE: I'm going to grab them. If there is any clues as to what may be wrong with him...chances are it'll be there. I'll be right back.

Valerie opens the door, almost running down the hallway towards the records room. Marlena stays behind, a concerned but hopeful expression on her face.

MARLENA: My God, I hope you're right, Valerie.


Maggie shakes her head at Victor in disbelief. She puts down the title deed for The Penthouse Grille and puts her hand on her hip, the other on the desk beside her.

MAGGIE: Victor, nothing is going to happen to Titan. It hasn't so far, and there's no way it will now.
VICTOR: You can't guarantee that, Maggie.
MAGGIE: Oh I don't have to. I've seen how much blood and sweat you put into this company, Victor. And I'm not exactly new to this whole business thing myself, you know?
VICTOR: Maggie, that's different. You run a restaurant, not a conglomerate.

Maggie looks at Victor, exasperated.

MAGGIE: Victor, I've never seen you be such a defeatist. In my entire life, I haven't.

Victor looks away from Maggie. He shrugs.

VICTOR: Maybe I've always had a reason to fight before.

Maggie's face changes, realizing how Victor's been affected by Brady's demise. She approaches him and puts her hands on his shoulders, prompting Victor to look up at her.

MAGGIE: Victor...do you remember when I lost Janice?
VICTOR: Maggie, this isn't the same--

Maggie raises a finger to hush Victor up. She raises her voice over him.

MAGGIE: NOT...a word! Now, I recognize that the circumstances were different...but we pulled through Janice's death. It took time....but we were able to put our lives back together. And remember...you have Phillip, you have Daniel...whether you believe it or not, you have Justin!

Victor rolls his eyes, holding back his feelings at the moment about Justin, which Maggie anticipated, and quickly continues before Victor can retort.

MAGGIE:...and you have me. Just rememeber that.

Victor leans in to kiss Maggie, and embraces her warmly, as Maggie smiles.


Billie walks into Kate's office, pleasing Kate, as she could use the backup against Lucas' hysterical position. Lucas folds his arms, knowing what's coming from his sister.

BILLIE: We have too much on the line for you to be giving this up already, Lucas. We nearly have them right where we want them, right?

Lucas rolls his eyes, answering begrudgingly.

LUCAS: Right.
BILLIE: And...we are VERY close to getting them to do something major that will get them into jail. The deeper we dig, the better the chances of getting Jordan and Sheryl in jail, where they belong.
KATE: Exactly. So Lucas, you're doing us all a favour by staying the course for just a little longer. 

Lucas sighs heavily. Throwing his hands up in defeat, he responds.

LUCAS: Okay, fine. Sure. I'll stay with Sheryl for now, but we need to figure out what they're up to with this...Jerome charater. And fast.
KATE: Jerome? Who the...
LUCAS: That's what I wanna know. I was just in Sheryl's office and Jordan was there...with this...guy named Jerome Grant. Said they were working on a project together. She made out like it was for my birthday but...

Billie thinks a moment, before pointing Lucas' way.

BILLIE: Okay. I'm gonna look up this Jerome Grant guy, and see what his story is. If that's his real name, and we can get a handle on what he's actually here for, we might be able to intercept them before they do too much damage.

Kate smiles Lucas' way, confidence beaming in her eyes. Lucas looks back, much more unsure than Kate.


Nicole looks around, making sure no one's paying attention as she talks quietly with Miles.

NICOLE: What do you mean? What did you hear?
MILES: I heard a major corporation was taking over the station, and they're planning to flip the whole operation on its head, and it's someone well-known to us.
NICOLE: Like who?

Miles hesitates to answer. He stutters a bit as he does.

MILES: I erhh...it's someone you know very well, put it that way.
NICOLE: I don't like the sounds of this at all, and if you're playing a game on me, Miles, I swear to God...

Nicole hears the sound of the doors to the studio opening, as a group of people enter the room.

She closes her eyes, anticipating the worst before turning around to see who's come in.

As she turns, she spots a group of men in suits approaching.

Followed by none other than Sami Brady and EJ DiMera.


Sami stops before the group of men, and immediately launches into her announcement.

SAMI: Good afternoon, everybody! I'm sure you all know by now, I'm Samantha Brady. And I will be operating the TV operation formerly known as Titan TV, as of today.

Nicole breathes in deeply, choking back a scream, as Sami locks eyes with Nicole, a huge smile across Sami's face.



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Ohhhh sh*t.


The last three episodes including this one have been one great build together.


VERY sweet scenes with Victor and Maggie. You can make couples I normally don't care about very emotional which is great. There was a lot of investment from me in those scenes and I feel for ol Vic.


Already loving Valeries addition to the hospital and her now being a part of this Roman story. Once again lots of emotion involved and I am invested on this outcome fro Roman.


I love the Roberts/Reed clan all working together as a family.They really could be a force to be reckoned with. Love that.


And then sending Nicole and Sami to clash. Brilliant! Brings back some fond memories of the two of them going at it. This is gonna be awesome.


Good stuff as always! Love all the layers you always have. 

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Wow so Sami is now Nicoles Boss. Damn. THis is gonna be good.


When did Roman agree to talka bout what is happening to him? I wonder if the medical records will show anything or a reason to why Val thinks hes Chris or not Roman. I do not know how far you are going with this but it has my on the edge of my seat.


It was nice to see the Kate and her kids work as a unit. I dont think we ve ever seen that from them

And whats up with Victor and this 180?

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Movement in this one...

Valerie/Roman/Marlena - Nice continuation from the last episode.  Valerie is going to start digging into Roman's medical records to see if Alzheimer's is a possibility.  The next step to this story, which I will be following to see how you play it out.

Sami/Nicole/EJ- Sami is Nicole's boss...THIS should be VERY interesting!! LOL

Lucas/Kate/Billie - Nice reveal that they are working to bring down Jordan and Sheryl...I can see where this is tying into....the Penthouse Grille.

Victor/Maggie - Nice sweet scene between those two, and now Maggie has ownership of the Penthouse Grille...you are setting up something here...

Great job!!

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