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DAYS #71: Laura puts the pieces together, Billie asks Daniel a favour





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


Jordan and Rafe sit down at a table at Club TBD. Rafe tries to prod a smile out of Jordan, who is deep in thought.

RAFE: Hey! Earth to Jordan. Come on, what's up?

Jordan snaps out of it, though she still looks concerned and distracted. She gives Rafe a half-hearted smile.

JORDAN: Ugh, I'm sorry, Rafe. I just...I got so much going on at work, and...

RAFE: Aaaand you're not at work. Look, you've been distracted all day. you didn't make it in time for Brady's memorial, and you've spent every moment...

Rafe sees Jordan looking away every couple seconds at her cell phone, which is planted face-up on the table. Rafe puts his hand over her phone and slides it towards himself.

RAFE: ...looking at your phone. What's going on?



JJ knocks on Laura's bedroom door. Laura's still awake and calls out to him from her vanity stool, where she's finishing putting lotion on her face.

LAURA: Come in!

JJ walks in carefully, as Laura turns and smiles to see her grandson.

LAURA: JJ! How are you?

JJ: I'm alright, Grandma. I...uh...I wanted to talk to you. It's...really important.

LAURA: Sure! What is it?

JJ breathes in deeply before speaking, a hopeful look on his face as he quietly speaks to his grandmother.

JJ: I need you to talk to my mom about Liam.

Laura's face drops as JJ brings Liam up to her.

LAURA: What do you mean?

JJ: Okay...so...when I got to Brady's memorial today? I saw Liam, he was with my mom, but...then he got this phone call. And I...I followed him out into that park by the square?

Laura nods in understanding, all the while still intently focused on what he's saying.

LAURA: Okay? Then what happened.

JJ looks down a moment while speaking, before looking up at his grandmother, a worried look on his face.

JJ: I overheard his conversation, and I'm certain I heard him say that he was watching over Abby for Stefano.

Laura draws herself up immediately, a wave of panic on her face.



Daniel walks up to his door to the sound of someone knocking frantically on his door. He's half-naked and clearly not fully awake. The frantic knocking causes him to scurry quickly to the door, if only to make the persistent knocking stop.


He opens the door to find Billie standing in front of him. He's surprised to see her at this hour.

DANIEL: Billie!

BILLIE: Oh thank God, you're still up.

Billie walks into Daniel's apartment before Daniel even gets a moment to react.

DANIEL: Come...in?

BILLIE: I'm SO sorry I'm barging in at this hour, I just...I needed to ask you something.

As Daniel tries to object, Billie holds up her finger to stop him.

BILLIE: And before you say a word, no, it can't wait until tomorrow.

Daniel sighs, giving up. He looks to Billie, arms folded, an exhausted look on his face, eyes half-open.

DANIEL: Okay...what do you need?

BILLIE: I need you to find a way to get me in to see Theresa.

Daniel's eyes squint even harder, trying to process what Billie's proposing.





Nicole sits with Eric at the edge of the river. Visibly upset by what Eric's just told her, she looks intently at Eric.

NICOLE: What do you mean, you can't marry me, Eric? EVER?

Eric nods, slowly, and with a heavy heart.

ERIC: Nicole, my faith means a great deal to me. I...I can't just...turn my back on the teachings of the church because they're convenient for me--

Nicole interrupts, hurt and upset, a rage coming over her.

NICOLE: ...Convenient isn't the word for it! Eric, this is what's right, this is not convenience. Damn it, Eric, we love each other. I think there's a reason why we've been...brought back together after...all these years. It's meant to be, Eric. You can call it...God. Or...whatever you want. But would a just God want to deny you the one thing that makes you happy because I married the wrong person once or...a few times?

Eric says nothing. Staring straight out at the water. Deep in thought, contemplating what Nicole's saying, and his own perspective.


Still staring out, Eric doesn't even acknowledge that he's listening. Nicole tries desperately to get Eric to respond.

NICOLE: Eric, say something!

Eric sighs, finally speaking up.

ERIC: Nicole, just because it...feels right doesn't mean it is.

NICOLE: Why? Why is it not right? Who is it hurting, Eric?

Eric sighs again, this time reluctant to answer. Nicole doesn't wait for his answer.

NICOLE: There's a reason you can't answer that. Because you know, in your heart...that I'm right.

Eric looks at Nicole, a very troubled look still stuck on his face, as he gets up and walks away, leaving Nicole by the river, still tense with anger, and confused and upset by Eric's reluctance to dedicate himself to her.


Jordan tries in vain to get Rafe to give her back her cell phone. He slides the phone off the table and puts it in his shirt pocket. Jordan tries to reach for it frantically.

JORDAN: Rafe, give that back.

RAFE: Ah ah ah! nope. We agreed to spend a quiet evening together. Not checking our social media every few seconds.

Jordan rolls her eyes before giving up.

JORDAN: Okay. Okay. Sorry.

RAFE: Well, it's better to at least see something other than the top of your forehead.

Jordan squints her eyes, unimpressed by Rafe's humour.

JORDAN: Ha ha. Very funny. I was actually waiting for a call from someone.

RAFE: And when it rings, I can hand you the phone. It's no big deal.

JORDAN: Rafe, yes it is. That's a very important call.

Rafe becomes more and more agitated as Jordan becomes more and more frantic.

RAFE: From who? Jordan, you're not acting like yourself at all. What's wrong?

Jordan flashes back to her last conversation with Sheryl.




Jordan sits attentively at her desk at the hospital, waiting on Sheryl to fill her in on what the next step of their plan is.

JORDAN: Okay. Tell me, what's this great plan of yours?

SHERYL: Simple. I made a phone call today, to an old friend of ours.

Jordan's brow furrows, as she pulls her glasses off her face.

JORDAN: An old friend?

Sheryl leans in, smirking confidently at Jordan as she quietly tells her the name of their old friend.

SHERYL: Jerome Grant.

Jordan leans back, surprise plain on her face as the news hits her.


Jordan sighs, before rolling her eyes and telling Rafe what he wants to hear.

JORDAN: I'm worried about...a friend.

RAFE: Anyone I know?

JORDAN: Yes. Okay, fine. It's Sheryl. Look, she and Lucas have been...I dunno. He's been so busy with work lately that she hasn't heard a word from him and she's getting a little...anxious. You know?

Rafe shrugs, before taking Jordan's hand and looking into her eyes, hoping she'll listen to his advice.

RAFE: Well that's for them to worry about. Not you.

Jordan looks away, trying to avoid Rafe's gaze, but he holds his hand up to her chin, guiding her gaze back his way, ever so gently.

RAFE: Hey, hey. I know you're concerned about your friends. I understand. But you can't fight everyone's battles for them. Sometimes you just gotta...let whatever's happening happen.

Jordan nods reluctantly, smiling half-heartedly at Rafe.

JORDAN: I guess you're right.

RAFE: I know I am. Now...come on. Let's enjoy our evening together. No. Distractions.

Jordan finally gives in, smiling warmly at Rafe as he leans in across the table. She gets up slightly from her end as they gently kiss each other's lips.


Daniel shakes his head slightly, checking to be sure he heard Billie correctly.

DANIEL: You...you want me to what?

BILLIE: I want you to find a way to sneak me in to see Theresa.

Daniel blinks, shaking his head again in disbelief.

DANIEL: I...Billie. Seriously? This is all kinds of...illegal and unethical.

BILLIE: And doable. Kim doesn't have a guard at the door of that room. And you know full well that if I go in later in the evenings, the hospital will be quiet enough that no one will see me, as long as we're careful.

Daniel holds up his hands to object to Billie, but Billie won't hear of it.

DANIEL: Billie, I can't--

BILLIE: No buts, Daniel Jonas. I will not have Kimberly Brady trying to concoct some kind of parallel history that denies my relationship with her daughter. Theresa is my friend, and I am one of her ONLY friends. She needs me around her. You know that.

DANIEL: Billie, I can't interfere with a court order. I mean...do you understand what you're asking me to do, here?

BILLIE: I think I might. I used to be a cop, remember? Come on, you don't have to be any more involved than just...schedule your checkups on Theresa for later in the evening and let me in.

Daniel laughs in disbelief at Billie's suggestion. He takes a moment to respond so as not say anything too harsh.

DANIEL: You have no idea how my rounds work, do you? It's not that simple, Billie.

Billie chokes up a bit as she walks in close to Daniel. She looks intently at him, hoping to appeal to his symapthies.

BILLIE: I know it's not simple, but...please. Daniel. I need this. I need to see Theresa. This is the only way I can make this work.

Daniel shakes his head as he puts his hands on Billie's shoulders.

DANIEL: Do you realize what could happen if we're caught doing this? I could lose my license, and you would go to jail immediately.

Billie sighs, looking at the ground before she looks up at Daniel, nodding.

BILLIE: I'm ready to deal with that. I don't care, as long as I get to see Theresa. Daniel, people in comas, they hear us. And I know that it'll be good for Theresa to hear my voice. That girl needs to hear my voice, Daniel. Please. Do this for me.

Daniel thinks it over a moment, walking over to the window before turning around suddenly to face Billie.


Billie smiles immediately, rushing over to hug Daniel.

BILLIE: Thank you. Thank you...oh God. Thank you, Daniel.

Daniel holds Billie tightly, but looking out, a concerned look on his face as he contemplates what he's about to do.


Laura looks concerned as JJ speaks to her, the concerns she's had about Jennifer and Liam's relationship coming out JJ's mouth.

JJ: I'm worried, Grandma. He...he was talking to some guy and...I know I heard her name.

LAURA: Did you tell your mom?

JJ: Yes, but...this is what's really scaring me, Grandma. Liam came out of nowhere and he heard me tell mom about his conversation. He knows I heard him.

Laura's now trembling in fear from JJ's comments. JJ sees Laura tremble and takes her hands into his.

JJ: Grandma...you okay?

LAURA: I...I don't know.

JJ: Just...try to relax, okay?

Laura breathes in deeply, as she tries to relax herself and keeps asking JJ questions.

LAURA: Right. Okay...so...JJ...what happened after that conversation you had with your mother?

JJ: Well...they took off, mom and Liam did...and I stayed behind to try to...sort this out in my head...and as they left...Liam...he looked at me...I caught him trying to...like...stare me down or something. But I'm more worried about Abigail than anything. I mean...she's working for Stefano but...Liam works at the hospital, he has no ties to Stefano.

LAURA: JJ, I don't...I don't understand any of this. I mean...what business would Liam have spying on Abigail for Stefano, unless...

Laura halts midsentence. JJ immediately more tense as Laura's expression becomes even more terrified.

JJ: Grandma?? Grandma what's wrong?

Laura tries in vain to allay JJ's fears, too terrified herself to relax.

LAURA: JJ...I...I have to ask you something.

JJ: Anything, Grandma, what?

Laura leans in close to JJ, trying to ensure JJ listens carefully to her.

LAURA: Don't do anything else. I have a terrible feeling that I know exactly what's going on.

JJ: What? What, Grandma, tell me what it is.

LAURA: I can't, JJ. If I tell you...I don't know if either of us will be safe. Just...leave it alone. Leave it all to me. I will take care of this. Okay? Promise me!

JJ looks on, now terrified for his family, but not sure what Laura won't tell him. He nods in agreement as he gets up from the edge of Laura's bed, where he was sitting.

JJ: Okay. I promise. Goodnight.

JJ walks out of the room in a daze. Confused by Laura's reaction and petrified by what Laura won't tell him. He closes the door behind him as Laura stares into the mirror, visibly terrified and upset.

LAURA: Damn you, Stefano! You better not be up to what I think you are.



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I actually enjoyed the Rafe and Jordan scenes. They were pretty cute. All this Jordans worrying really makes me want to see Jerome Grant. I hope his arrival is ASAP.

I feel bad for Nicole as she tries her best to get through to Eric, but he stays stubborn in his faith. My favorite thing about all of this is how realistic it is. Erics faith in these situations is very real. Getting real on our arses!

I am torn on this Billie and Daniel thing. Cuz dirty Dan is annoying, but Im on Billies side so far on this Billie vs Kim thing over Theresa, but I want Dan and Billie to get caught so Dan loses his license. Tough choice. Wonder how it will turn out.

The JJ and Laura scenes got intense. Laura is freaking the F out. Wonder what it could be and what Laura is going to do to find out about Abby. That ending got very engrossing in the fear of the characters.

Good episodes. I'm very excited about where these stories are going. Hitting all the right notches and bring on the Grants!

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Another good episode in my eyes!

Rafe/Jordan: Jordan better be careful not to reveal too much, if she wants to keep some more things private from Rafe. Can't wait to see where this whole Jerome Grant thing goes.

Nicole/Eric: I LOVE what you did for Eric. We say more of his layers that we don't get on television. He is very well written. And, Nicole and his exchange was so like them.

Billie/Daniel: Billie and Daniel are going to skate on thin ice with this plan. They better be careful if they want it all to work out.

Laura/JJ: These were probably your best scenes in the episode where mystery is concerned. I don't think it will be long before Laura discovers the truth. But, she better be careful not to PHYSCO again from all the stress. JJ better watch out for her stress level.

I'm getting super excited for the future of your show!

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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So JJ, the way he was describing his discovery of Liam to Laura…I could see him saying that in character…and now he’s got Laura on the case with what he told her.

Goody two shoes Daniel is gonna risk his job by getting Billie into see Theresa. How noble of him (sarcasm)..

Nice tender moments between Rafe and Jordan to help balance JJ and Laura’s scenes.

Eric makes me sick. Nicole SHOULD have left him sitting right there. I know this struggle with his faith is necessary, but Eric gets on my nerves the way he treats Nicole…it’s Daniel-ish..

Good movement of stories in this episode.

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JJ told Laura what he say at the funeral. Laura from the old school. Once she heard Stefano's name red flags went up. I wonder if Laura really knows what is going on and not only that what is she going to do? It seems she is about to play a major part in this story. I love it.


Eric is so whack.  But no I do  like his scene with Nicole and showing his torn feelings. I think he will cave in eventually.


DAniel gave into to Billies demand. I didn't think he would but he did. Billie is going all out for a friend. 


And Rafe and Jordan. He is so boring. No wonder Jordan was thrsty for her phone. Uh By Rafe.


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