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DAYS #2: Plots & Revelations



NOTE: Hopefully this entry is a little easier to take in for some of you. I know a few of you have been hoping to see more of my dialogue. Expect quite a paring down of the cast. I find there's a few characters that just aren't working right now, and they'll be gone soon. Some will be a surprise, but the episodes will soon be quite a bit more focused. Anyway, enough of me rambling on. Here it is!


At the apartment, Sonny stands aghast at Will for agreeing with Gabi regarding her tactics with Nick.

WILL: Look, I'm not saying I like the guy, or anything. All I'm saying is that maybe Gabi's onto something.

Sonny clasps his hands together and closes his eyes, looking like he's trying with everything in his power to hold back what he really wants to say.

SONNY: I don't....I don't even understand what you're talking about right now.

WILL: Sonny, don't you get it. Look, Nick's back. We don't know what he wants, what he's hiding, anything. All I'm saying is that maybe if we give him some time while we're figuring out what he's up to--

SONNY: And then what? In the meantime, we hand Ari over to him? Will, look what he did to you before. To Gabi. You can't seriously think this guy is actually about to turn on his heels and do a 360 now, do you?

Gabi's had enough, and interjects suddenly.

GABI: What if he has?

WILL/SONNY: Seriously??



(yeah, that's right. I'm kickin' it old school)


Nicole paces Daniel's apartment, clutching the envelope containing the evidence of Eric's innocence to her chest. She ponders what Hope has told her previously, that any evidence collected from Dr. Chyka's hideout would likely hurt Eric's case, not help it. She flashes back to Eric telling Nicole that he's giving up the priesthood to be with her. She sighs heavily.

NICOLE: This is the right thing to do. Now, where to hide this.

Nicole stares at the fireplace and contemplates throwing the evidence into it.

NICOLE: I could just burn it...then it'd be gone forever...I can't do that.

Nicole turns away and continues pacing. She holds the package away from herself and starts shaking it before her.

NICOLE: UGGGH! What am I gonna do with you?? I wish I could just...throw you in a drawer and forget you're even there.

Nicole thinks for another minute before coming to a conclusion.

NICOLE: The only place that I know only my eyes will see you is in my office.

Nicole grabs her purse and heads off to the TV station.


Kate walks through the park outside Horton Town Square and runs into a shady-looking man, holding a large brown envelope. They both look around to ensure they are alone before speaking.

KATE: So? What do you have?

MAN: See for yourself.

The man holds out the envelope, which Kate takes from him. Opening it up, she finds an article and a familiar-looking mugshot staring back at her.

KATE: Well, well, well, Jordan Ridgeway. Or should I say Patty Hearst?

Kate dons a wry smile, amused by her own wit.


Back at Will, Sonny & Gabi's apartment, Gabi has worked up the nerve to stand up to Sonny and Will's objections about Nick.

GABI: Look, I think we should just give him a chance. I mean, he knows that Sami and Kate tried to kill him but he's not--

SONNY: Woah, woah, wait a minute. He knows? And where exactly is your name in all this?

WILL: Seriously, Gabi, you hit him over the head with a rock, I wouldn't exactly say you didn't do anything--

GABI: Nick says I'm innocent.

Will and Sonny stand aghast. Sonny suddenly realizing the depth of Gabi's insecurity and desperation. He responds with more than a hint of disgust.

SONNY: Oh, God, you're still in love with the guy, aren't you??...Admit it, Gabi.



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Finally some move ment on this ridculous Jrodan story. Some direction. THank you for giving us that.

What I dont get is why is no one addressing the fact that Nick almost raped Gabi. It been glossed over on the show and I hope you dont do the same. That should be dealt with.

A great show and nice to see dialog. As a writer your stories come alive with dialog.

When you asked for my advice on that sitauion I wasnt up to date on the real show so now I know where you were coming from.

honestly I think Nicole should have handed over what she knew and trust in her love with Eric. Im anxious to see what you do with this. Nicole been through so much she truly dereves some real happiness but with out that secret where is the drama huh?

Be nice to see you on the comment sections of YR and AW. Its a tradiitoon here at the blog section. We give feed back on each and every ep lol. We support each other since we are a small community but strong and holding it down.

A good show though.

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Yeah, I haven't been too interested in the Jordan business. She is truly a nothing character and this "who is Jordan?" business has been dragging on for way too long. Glad I could make it move along for ya.

As for Gabi and Nick, I've got plans there. Don't worry wink.png

I'll admit I haven't been reading up much on AW or Y&R, and that's mostly just because I have been doing 9 million things at once and writing this is just one. I'm not claiming to be much of an expert on Y&R or AW as you guys have written them, but I'm definitely going to check them out. biggrin.png

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