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DAYS #3: Nicole and Kate make their moves



The halls of Titan TV are dead quiet as Nicole walks quietly into her office. The cleaning staff can be heard in a distance. Nicole checks the halls to ensure no one sees her enter before unlocking her office door.

Walking over to her office desk, she sets her handbag down and pulls out a flashlight. Before turning it on, she mutters to herself.

NICOLE: Better this than risk being seen. And better getting rid of that envelope now than leave it at Daniel's. Now where's the "on" switch.

She turns on the flashlight while it's facing her chin, bright light flashing her in the eyes momentarily.

NICOLE: AGH! Dammit! OW!

Nicole drops her flashlight, quickly remembering she's being loud and covers her mouth quickly. After a moment of blinking and making sure she's not been blinded, she bends down and picks up the flashlight, then steps behind her desk with the envelope. Unlocking the drawer at the bottom, she files the envelope away in the very back of the drawer.

As she rises from the desk, Nicole catches a shadowy outline pass her office window. Nicole tries to stay still as it passes. She waits another moment before sneaking back out of the office, making sure no one sees her leave.



Gabi doesn't know what to say in response to Sonny's accusation. She stumbles to respond.

GABI: I....look...maybe I...

SONNY: Oh my God, she actually is still in love with Nick.

GABI: Hey, I didn't--

SONNY: What is wrong with you?


GABI: Why are you so unwilling to believe that Nick might have actually changed, or that at least he's trying to, if someone would just give him a chance to?

WILL: We gave him chances, Gabi. Over and over. And he did terrible things to us all in return. Especially to you, Gabi.

GABI: But you just said it was a good idea to be nice to him. I don't get it.

WILL: I'm not suggesting we do that because I think he's suddenly a stand-up guy, Gabi. I'm saying we do it because we don't know what he's plotting. And whatever it is, it could be really dangerous.

Gabi goes to speak but stops, unable to retort.

SONNY: We have to hold our cards close to our chests, Gabi. Will's right.


Kate wanders through Horton Town Square, clutching the envelope she's just received, containing shocking information on Jordan Ridgeway. Kate mutters to herself.

KATE: Jordan Ridgeway aka Kaylie Matthews, former bank robber, turned physiotherapist, hm? Now, should I go to the police, or to Rafe first.

Kate ponders this momentarily before hearing laughter behind her. Rafe and Jordan are out for a late-evening stroll. Rafe greets her warmly.

RAFE: Kate! Fancy meeting you here!

KATE: Indeed. You two having a great night, I'd imagine.

JORDAN: That we are.

KATE: And what have you two been up to tonight? Anything particularly memorable on the agenda?

RAFE: Nothin' too special, just thought we'd take a nice walk now that the legs are back workin' for me again.

KATE: Well you know what I think? I think you two should take some special time together and take advantage of this beautiful night while you still can.

RAFE: What do you mean by that? It's not late at all and it's beautiful out tonight.


Kate pauses for a second before speaking.

KATE: All the more reason to take advantage. I heard that...what was it, polar vortex was swirling back this way. Best to enjoy it before the winds change.

Kate gives a smile, much to Jordan and Rafe's bemusement.

KATE: I'll see you both later, I'm sure.

RAFE: Yeah. Definitely.

Kate saunters away, leaving Jordan and Rafe somewhat baffled.

JORDAN: What is she even talking about?

RAFE: Search me.

Kate walks out to the bench outside town square before making a phone call.

KATE: Roman? It's Kate Roberts. I need to speak to you immediately.


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A great show. I lovve the dialog. Im really intrested in seeing where you take these stories and I can see you are setting them up.

Very nice screen shots to match the tone of your scenes

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