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DAYS #1 + intro



So yes, I'm gonna try to do this. I'm going to start from the events after Valentine's Day's episode, and try to build the story off from there. Hopefully I don't get too confused as I go, so bear with me! Any feedback would be marvelous! I recognize this isn't overly enthralling (or that different from what's actually going on right now, but indulge me, I'm kind of zooming through some of the current stories to break off from what's happening onscreen).

Hope you enjoy!

*** *** ***

Celebrating JJ's verdict, the Hortons gather at the family home. Jennifer receives a call from Liam, wondering if she's available tonight for an impromptu date. Jennifer informs him of JJ's verdict, and invites him to join the party.

Upon Liam's arrival, JJ makes another effort to dissuade Liam from pursuing Jennifer. Jennifer overhears JJ and pulls him aside, telling him that her personal life is not his to interfere in, and that he should focus on celebrating his victory. JJ insists that there is something Jennifer needs to know before she pursues anything with Daniel, but Jennifer doesn't want to hear it, and returns to Liam's side.

Abigail asks JJ what he thinks he's doing. JJ is tight-lipped, and insists that it's nothing. Abigail isn't so sure, though she's preoccupied with her own troubles with EJ.

After the party ends, Liam and Jennifer kiss goodnight. JJ catches the kiss from the living room entrance and is troubled by it. Jennifer turns after closing the door and tells JJ immediately that she doesn't want to hear it. JJ insists he wasn't going to say anything against Liam, but that he wants to tell Jennifer something about Daniel. Jennifer cuts him off, saying that she isn't going to talk to JJ about her personal life, and really doesn't want to talk about Daniel. Instead, she wants to congratulate JJ on not going to prison, and that she's proud of him for finally being the sweet, honest son she used to know. She hugs him goodnight and goes to bed.


Gabi runs into Nick again at the town square. They have a long chat, and Gabi is left believing that Nick is well and truly in the process of changing. Near the end of the chat, Nick asks to hold baby Ari. Gabi agrees, and Nick holds the baby, calling her "his little baby girl". It is at this moment that Sonny and Will arrive at town square hand in hand to share the news with Gabi of their engagement, and they stand in horror as they see Ari in Nick's arms.

Gabi attempts to allay Sonny and Will's fears, but Will will have none of it, demanding that Nick hand him his daughter. Nick asks Will to calm down and hands him the baby, while Gabi attempts to ease the tension by insisting that everything was under control and that Nick just wanted to hold the baby for a moment. Sonny is having none of it, and instructs Nick to back off. Nick laughs at Sonny's demands, asking if he'd forgotten that Gabi also has a say as Ari's mother. Nick attempts to lay a guilt trip on Will and Sonny, wondering why Gabi's point of view is never considered in anything, before backing away and leaving to "take care of some business".

Will and Sonny rip into Gabi upon their arrival at their apartment, wondering what she's thinking. Gabi insists that she believes Nick is making a positive change, and thinks that the best thing they can do is to be nice to Nick so that he doesn't press charges. Sonny, unaware that Nick called Sami, Gabi, and Kate out on their attempts to dump him in the river, demands clarification. Once Gabi fills him and Will in on the situation, Will tells Sonny that he actually sees Gabi's point of view. Sonny is stupefied by Will's admission, and insists that Nick cannot use Ari as a tool of blackmail.


Marlena is working late at the hospital, and is visited by Abe in her office. After warm greetings, Marlena invites Abe to have a seat. Abe insists he can't stay too long as he needs to get back to JJ's party at the Hortons', but has news from John. Marlena is slightly dubious, but indulges Abe.

Abe informs Marlena that John has been asked by the ISA to resume working for them, and he, Shane, and Bo are working on a major case together. Marlena wishes to know more, but Abe cannot say. Abe does tell Marlena, however, that the case could change everyone's lives forever. He presents Marlena with a letter from John that he'd been asked to give her in person. Abe then leaves Marlena's office and heads for the Hortons.

Marlena ponders the letter momentarily before opening it. John expresses in his letter his continued love for Marlena, and his regrets at how he handled their differences over Kristen. Though he is still hurt by Marlena's lack of faith in him, he recognizes that it was all part of Kristen's plans, and that in due time, he hopes they can mend their relationship. The letter brings a smile to Marlena's face.


Theresa steps inside Daniel's apartment and attempts to talk to Daniel about what happened the night she overdosed. Daniel is completely uninterested in having this conversation, but Theresa is insistent. Knowing that if JJ is allowed to go home that he will tell Jennifer what really happened the night of her overdose, she throws herself at Daniel in a last-ditch effort, but is rebuffed.

Daniel then throws Theresa out of his apartment. Theresa, seeing all her leverage and her plans falling apart around her ears, heads to Club TBD for a drink (or six). Theresa's fed up of perpetuating her charade, and her frustration over not being able to bed Daniel (or anyone else) is starting to get to her. She sits down, deep in thought, at the bar, and demands a drink from T. T tries to make conversation with her, thinking Theresa's pretty cute, but is immediately turned down. As T walks away, Theresa looks further down the bar and sees a contemplative Brady sitting at the opposite end of the bar. Theresa makes her way over to him, and strikes up a conversation with him.

Brady is his typical guarded self, replacing honest emotions with pointed snarky remarks. Theresa is unfazed, and dishes it right back. Brady figures out that Daniel has rejected Theresa, and laughs at her naivete in thinking Daniel would go for her. Theresa responds by ordering another drink.

After a few more drinks, Theresa realizes she needs to go home, and Brady offers to walk her home. Upon arriving at Theresa's apartment, she stumbles upon getting out of the elevator, and when Brady reaches to catch her, they kiss sloppily, and then desire takes over. Theresa opens the door to her apartment, and Brady follows her in.



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Ima a huge Days fan and I welcome you back to the art of blogging. Very good first entry. Set up very diffrenttly I guess this is your style and that's cool.

I like to see what you can do with Therea and Brady as I cant stand neither one of them. I look fwd to see what happens next.

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  • Members

Looks like the synopses I used to read in Soap Opera Digest. I would like to see more dialogue and interaction between the character which I know you are good at because I've read your other blogs.....

That being said, I look forward to seeing what you are going to do with my current favorite soap.

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Thanks for the feedback, guys. I wasn't sure what style to use, so I figured I'd start off this way. I'm going to go for a more dialogue/interactive style with ep2 because I can hear some of the lines in my head already, and I think you'll get a kick out of it.

Thanks for checking it out, too!

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Jennifer Horton is such an annoying bitch. I really want to punch her in the face.

I love that you are having Brady and Theresa hook up in this version too!

GREAT job! I prefer script, but you do an excellent job with this.

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Thanks! As you can probably see, I moved to script in the second episode and it's been a crazy fun ride from there. Glad you're reading! I'd love to see what you have to say as the story carries on!

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Thanks, Carl. I know it's gonna be slow-moving at first, but things are starting to pick up, so I really do hope you catch up on it. Thanks for reading!

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