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Episode 117



Lucy agrees to stay and Dusty thanks her. While Dusty goes back inside, Lucy wonders to herself about the kiss and if all is completely over between she and Dusty. Back inside the house, Lily gets a tip that a man spotted James boarding a plane headed for Sydney. Sierra talks with an ambassador friend of hers and finds out that James has five different villas in Sydney. While Sierra talks with Worldwide’s investors and begs them to not lose faith in the company, Lily packs her bags and calls in the private jet. Will and Gwen arrive at Maddie’s house and find Henry passed out on the couch. Maddie fills them in and tells them that Luke had a study session but will be by later. She tells them of Heath slapping her and Will and Gwen both vow to make Heath pay. Roxie, who called Lisa upon first seeing Nadine in her room, explains to Lisa that Nadine claimed to have left something one night while staying and then left carrying a small totebag. Meanwhile, Tom tracks down Nadine and demands she hand over her bag. At Meg and Dusty’s room at the Lakeview, Meg has flashbacks of Dusty talking about how much he used to love Lucy and how they always shared a bond. She also has flashbacks of meeting Lucy, who announced she had returned to town…possibly for good. Meg touches her belly and vows to make sure that Dusty knows about her pregnancy.

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