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Episode 116



Margo and Katie are able to calm down Mike and finally drag Henry home. Maddie apologizes to Katie for Henry getting drunk and of course, almost burning down KATY. Katie insists that she is the one at fault for trying to seduce Stephen in order for him to change his mind about working at KATY. Lisa suggests that Jennifer and Nick start a fresh ad campaign. For the ads, have a before and after shot. In the before shot, show the models walking down the street in literally threads and then in the after shot, have them dressed in clothes from Threadz. Nick and Jennifer are immediately thrilled with the idea, but their praise of Lisa is cut short when she gets called away. Over in Australia, James taunts Lucinda, saying that he will finally get Worldwide and she won’t be able to do anything about it. Lucinda goes to slap James but he knocks her out just as Barbara walks in the door. Lucy backs away from the kiss and Dusty quickly apologizes. He also says that though he and Meg are together now, that doesn’t mean that he and Lucy can’t be friends. He asks her to stay, citing that her family needs her more than ever right now.


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