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Actor Out!! Plus a rumor or two...



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Due to a lack of story, Ernest Waddell has been let go. Waddell, who played the role of Ben's adopted son Curtis, was last seen Wednesday, May 31st when he packed his bags and headed to New York for a job. There are no current plans for the character to be recast.

According to Executive Producer and Headwriter Dusty Alford, "We wrapped up the cult storyline and it seemed to go downhill after that. Curtis has never been a major character, forgive me, though we love Ernest and think of him very highly as an actor. There was just no room for the character on the canvas."

Ben and Jessica fans need not be worried, though, says Alford. "We may not be featuring them right now, but they will definitely play a role in an upcoming storlyine we have planned for Tom and Margo." Current rumors are saying that once this storyline takes off...Ben, Jessica, Margo, and Tom will never be the same.

And if the rumors are true, before the summer ends...there will be five actors looking for work!


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