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Episode 115



Dusty excuses Lucy and himself and takes her outside. Lucy says that she didn’t just come back for Lucinda. She came back for him, but she ran into Meg and knows that she and Dusty are engaged. Dusty says he was going to tell her, but when Lucy again starts fussing, Dusty pulls her into a kiss. Nadine sneaks into Roxie’s room while she’s away and intends on poisoning her, but Tom interrupts her by knocking on the door. As soon as he leaves, Nadine begins with her plan again….but is interrupted yet again when Roxie enters the room. Henry apologizes that he ever hurt her. Katie asks what he means and he says that if he hadnt’ve though up the idea of KATY then Stephen would have never done this to her. Margo and Katie help Henry up and begin leaving the room, but are stopped when Mike barges in, angrily demanding Henry pay for all of this. Jessica and Ben arrive back from the grocery store and find Curtis packing his bags. He apologizes for not giving them notice in advance, but there's a job in New York that he's taking as an intern for a highly acclaimed publishing company. Ben emotionally thanks Curtis for helping Jessica in finding him and Margo and Jessica shares a tearfelt goodbye with him as well.

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Just dropping in to let you know that TWOO has been really great lately! It's always good, but something about it has got me excited lately!

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