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Everything is going to be heating up in time for summer.....

When Lucy returns to help in the rescue of her grandmother, Lucinda, sparks fly between she and her former flame Dusty Donovan. They’re both in for a shock, however, when Meg reveals she’s pregnant. Thinking that Meg has gone back to her scheming and conniving ways, Dusty refuses to accept the truth and turns to Lucy.

Lucinda becomes depressed and contemplates killing James in order to free herself. James, dead-set on becoming head of Worldwide and keeping Lucinda as far away from the company as possible (i.e. Australia!), begins to slowly choke the life out of the company, using his newly formed company Stenbeck International. Little do they know that halfway across the globe, Barbara is aiding Lucinda’s family and friends in the search. When one family member sacrifices herself to save Lucinda, you won’t believe the outcome!

Andy is baffled at why Emily keeps rejecting him and goes to his father for a little advice. When John becomes hesitant and tells Andy to dump her unless he wants his heart stomped in the ground, he grows suspicious of the connection between John and Emily rejecting him, leading Emily to finally reveal all. Later, Emily faces a familiar foe when fate throws them in the same room together.

Jennifer and Nick, happy in their newfound love, are in for a shock when they realize that they have been lollygagging around while Threadz has been slowly tanking. In order to revive the company, Jennifer calls on Gwen and Lisa to help her with a summer ad campaign that will blow the socks of off the competition. Knowing her cousin is an accomplished photographer, she asks Andy to shoot the new ads and places a few Oakdale divas in front of the spotlight. However, Jennifer is soon shocked to discover that Andy and Emily have become a couple and readies herself for one last battle with the woman who helped her brother keep her child from her, Emily.

Henry finally gives up all hope of ever establishing a worthwhile career for himself, but is soon pulled out of the gutters of self-torment by someone surprising. Knowing the toll that all of the recent events have had on Henry, this person teaches him that not everyone can scheme and make a life for their self.

Maddie is terrorized by the fact that Heath, her childhood sweetheart, would lay a finger on her. Not wanting to totally ruin things with him, she makes an ultimatum. If he stops drinking, she’ll become friends with him again. But nothing more. And as you can imagine, Luke isn’t very happy and seeks to destroy any second chance at a friendship that Heath and Maddie may have, forcing one Oakdale teen to do the unthinkable.

Roxie becomes even more fearful of her grandmother when she starts receiving odd messages, assuring her impending death. Not wanting to trouble anyone, Roxie makes plans to leave Oakdale, which are soon halted when Tom discovers the notes. Lisa becomes worried for her granddaughter' safety, forcing her to do whatever it takes to get Nadine out of town.

Hal quickly recovers thanks to the experimental drug Susan has been administering to him, but Bob soon finds the empty drug container and suspends Susan. Hal immediately feels guilty and tries to make it up to Susan. Soon, one thing leads to another and before you know it, romance begins blossoming.


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