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Wednesday March 25 2009



All the Days of Our Lives

The next morning…

Carrie wakes up in bed, naked. Brady comes in the room with French toast.

Carrie: Mmm that smells good.

Brady: Just made it.

Brady lies in bed with her, and they eat the French toast.

Carrie: This is delicious.

Brady: Well, thank you.

He kisses her.

Brady: Now this may be hard to believe, but I think there is something you might find more enjoyable.

Carrie: I don’t know, but you can test me.

Brady puts the plate on the nightstand, and they start making out. He takes his boxers off, and they start making love.

Bo and Hope are in the Brady Pub.

Hope: What are we going to do about Billie?

Bo: Hope, if she’s pregnant-

Hope: It won’t change anything between us.

Bo: I wasn’t expecting you to say that.

Hope: Bo, we have been apart for too long. I don’t want anything else to come between us.

Ciara walks into the Pub, and sees them.

Ciara: What’s going on here?

Hope: Ciara, we want to tell you that were getting back together.

Ciara: What? So, I’m just supposed to be ok with all this?

Hope: Honey, we thought you would be happy.

Ciara: How long is this reunion going to last? Wow, you guys never learn, do you?

Bo: We made some mistakes, but were getting through them.

Ciara: Some mistakes? That’s the understatement of the year!

Steve and Kayla walk into the Pub, and see them fighting.

Kayla: Hey, why don’t we calm down?

Ciara: Isn’t it great, Aunt Kayla? Their getting back together! God forbid they learn from their past 100 mistakes!

Kayla: Sweetie, calm down.

Ciara: You guys have fun.

Ciara leaves the Pub. Steve and Kayla sit down with Bo and Hope.

Steve: She didn’t mean what she was saying, guys.

Kayla: We didn’t want to announce this under these conditions, but Steve and I are leaving Salem.

Hope: What? You guys are leaving?

Kayla: We decided that we have been through so much, and we just need to be with ourselves.

Bo: Well, were happy for you guys.

Kayla: Here’s something you won’t be too happy about.

Hope: What is it?

Kayla: We have to sign off on our house in Florida today, or else we won’t get it.

Bo: You guys are leaving Salem today?

Nicole and Rebecca are sitting on a bench in the park.

Nicole: So, have you decided what to do yet?

Rebecca: Do we have to talk about this every time were together?

Nicole: Well, it is sort of a huge topic! And why wouldn’t you want to talk about it?

Rebecca: I need to find a way to get Brady back.

Nicole: You have lived 16 years without Brady, with this kid, why do you need him now?

Rebecca: Because when I saw him, I realized that I can’t keep this from him anymore.

Nicole: Wow, you sure have impeccable timing.

Rebecca: Screw me for having the spawn of Brady Black!

Yolanda listens in, intrigued.

Nicole: You look like a crazy person.

Yolanda comes to them.

Yolanda: Sorry to bother you, but this Brady Black I heard you yelling about, he’s the son of John Black, correct?

Rebecca looks at her, confused.

Rebecca: Ya, why?

Yolanda: Oh, I’m just an old friend of John’s, I was just wondering. Thank you anyway.

Yolanda leaves them.

Nicole: That was random.

Yolanda is walking in the park.

Yolanda: Well, John Black’s son has an illegitimate child.

Brady and Carrie are lying in bed, naked together.

Carrie: I have to say, that comes very close to as good as the French toast.

Brady: Very close?

Carrie laughs.

Brady: Maybe this will be better.

He takes opens the drawer of the nightstand, and takes something out. He has a ring in his hand.

Brady: Caroline Anna Brady, will you marry me?

Carrie looks shocked, and happy.

Carrie: Of course I will!

He puts the ring on her finger, and they kiss.

Bo, Hope, Steve, and Kayla are sitting in the Brady Pub.

Hope: You guys can’t leave today! We haven’t even had a goodbye party!

Kayla: We said bye to everyone already, and we’ll be back for Shane and Kim’s wedding!

Bo: Shane and Kim are getting married?

Steve: We were supposed to keep that a secrete.

Kayla: Oops. Act surprised when they tell you.

Hope laughs.

Hope: We will.

Yolanda walks into her mansion, and goes into the living room. She pours herself a glass of wine.

Yolanda: Well, well, John, Gina you both ended up in Salem? Coincidence? Or Stefano’s doing?

Dora walks into the living room.

Yolanda: Do you like you’re room?

Dora: Ya, it’s great.

Yolanda: Well, don’t sound too enthusiastic about it.

Dora: I’m sorry, I’m just a little curious as to why you wanted me out of that house so bad.

Yolanda: Anybody living in that house is his, Dora! I thought I made that clear to you!

Brady and Carrie walk into the Brady Pub. They go to Bo, Hope, Steve, and Kayla’s table.

Carrie: Hey guys!

They all say hi to them. Carrie makes it obvious that there is a ring on her finger.

Kayla: Sweetie, what is that?

Hope: Oh my God!

Carrie: Brady and I are engaged!

Steve: Congratulations!

They all get up, and congratulate them.

Carrie: Now, I know you guys are leaving town, but you better be at the wedding.

Kayla: We wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Kayla looks at her watch.

Kayla: Oh, we better go!

Steve: Already?

Kayla: Yes. Ok, guys we love you, and we will see you soon!

They all hug and kiss.

Bo: Call as soon as you land!

Kayla: We will!

Steve: See you later.

Steve and Kayla leave the Brady Pub.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Carly is sitting in the living room of the DiMera mansion.

Carly: You ruined my life, Stefano. Now I’m going to ruin yours.

Sami, Nicole and Kate are outside the Brady Pub.

Sami: Got your John fix of the day yet?


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