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Episode 276



Finding out Katie spent the night with Lyla, Margo shows up at her mother's with breakfast. Margo casually asks how Lyla's night went, probing for specific details. Suspicious, Katie asks if there's more behind her questions than concern for their mother. Reluctantly, Margo informs her Carly was nearly run down the day before. Katie's shocked...then realizes she must be a suspect. Margo assures her she doesn't believe Katie's responsible, but it'll be easier on everyone if they establish Katie's alibi now. Katie tells her she spent the night with Lyla, and they didn't have any visitors. Margo asks if she's sure--no phone calls, deliveries? Katie remembers she went to pick up Lyla's meds, and produces the receipt, time stamped at 4:35 p.m. Relieved, Margo tells her the accident was at approximately 4:20 pm, and all the way across town. There's no way Katie could have done it.

Michael shows up soon after and tells Lyla, Katie and Margo about a new drug in France that's shown amazing success in treating the same kind of cancer Lyla has. He's talked to the lead doctor himself, and sent them a copy of Lyla's medical history. There's a spot in the trial waiting for her--if she wants it. Katie and Margo encourage her to go, and Lyla agrees. Katie insists on going with her. Lyla's afraid that Katie is taking the trip solely to run from her problems and warns her daughter that her troubles will follow her unless she makes things right with both Brad and Carly.

After a restful night, Carly chafes a bit as Rosanna continues to pamper her. When Rosanna asks what's bothering her, Carly says she feels guilty for taking her away from Cabot so soon. Rosanna suspects it's more than that--any mention of Mac's name seems to irritate her, which is a little strange considering all he did and how concerned he was. Carly admits she should be grateful to him, but there's something about him she doesn't trust. And the last thing she remembers is going to confront him about it. Another flash of memory surfaces--Mac yelling at someone on his phone. Rosanna reminds her Mac is the one who called 911 after the accident. That's probably what she's remembered. Carly mumbles Mac has never struck her as the panicky type. Sending Rosanna home, Carly goes upstairs to rest. Later, when she feels someone shake her shoulder, she assumes she's overslept and the kids have come home from school already. She's shocked to roll over and find Jack sitting on the edge of her bed.

Rosanna returns home and puts on a nice front while talking to Will. She asks to speak with Paul in private. In the kitchen, Rosanna scolds Paul for bringing Will over to see Hallie. If Gwen finds out, she'll lose all trust in her. It's nothing serious, Paul assures her. He's been watching Will and not once has Hallie's life come into any danger. Paul makes a mention that they need to talk about something later, but Rosanna insists he tell her now. Although he doesn't want Rosanna to worry, he tells her that Will found a photo of Cabot at Carrie's. Rosanna's confused as to why she would have the photo and seems bothered by it. Paul agrees to see what he can find out. After some searching on the internet, Paul finds an old case about a baby theft in Buffalo. When he looks into it, he's shocked to find that Carrie is the mother whose child went missing. Later, Craig meets with Carrie to discuss designs for his new home. He's cut short by a call from Lyla telling him about her plans. She fears that he needs her, especially with the custody hearing coming up. He assures his mother that he's a big boy. Plus, he's been more of a father to Cabot than Paul could ever be. Carrie trembles when she hears the name and interrogates Craig for information. Puzzled, Craig asks Carrie why she wants to know so much about the adoption. Shrugging it off as concern for her employer, Carrie soon excuses herself.

Holden panics when Lily screams as the gunshot rings out. Darting down a side road, they fly until they lose the car following them. Holden tells Lily that he believes her now; this isn't all just coincidence. First, they probe the Taylors for information about Colin's murder and then they're getting shot at. Lily, in panic mode, tells Luke to do as she says and ask no questions: take Jade and the kids and get them some place that's safe. At Emma's, Luke thanks his grandmother for allowing them to stay the night. As they all go to bed for the night, Jade guesses that the impromptu sleepover at Emma's has to do with the murder case. Knowing she'll find out any way, Luke tells her that Holden and Lily went to see the Taylors, hoping for clues to help the investigation. Later, Holden and Lily turn to Margo, hoping she can help them. After Holden informs Margo he thinks it was the Taylors, she agrees to see what she can find out. At Emma's, Lily and Holden are relieved to see everyone safe and sound. Jade seems miffed that they went to see the Taylors without telling her, but Lily assures her they're very close to finding Colin's killer and clearing her name. She doesn't mention, though, that she and Holden think the killer is either Mr. or Mrs. Taylor!


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