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Episode 275



Mac rushes out into the street, and unable to get a response from Carly, calls 911. Assured an ambulance is in route, he makes a second call, ending it quickly when Carly's eyes flutter open. As Carly's wheeled into the emergency room, Bob steps into the partition and examines her, and she finally starts regaining consciousness. Passing routine questions, she has no recall the accident. Diagnosing a concussion, along with other scrapes and bruises, Bob orders a CT scan, but reassures her it's only precaution. Panicking about how her kids will hear the news, Carly asks to have the hospital call Rosanna for her. Bob tells her "her friend" was taking care of that. Confused, Carly asks him who he means. Bob didn't catch the man's name, but he came with her in the ambulance and has been pestering the nurses for updates.

Blanche Taylor sits quietly reading her evening paper when a knock comes at the door. She stutters when she sees Lily and Holden on the other end. Still gawking at the Snyders' presence, she offers them a place to sit while she fixes them some tea. Holden shakes his head in refusal for a cop while Lily tries to hold her emotions in, thinking of the heartbreak this whole ordeal has brought to her family. Lily starts off first, apologizing for the loss of their son. Edward thought so highly of him, Blanche gushes. It's all hit him so hard. She dare not mention Colin around him or he leaves the room. When Holden asks why they moved and gave no one a forwarding address, Mrs. Taylor shrugs it off as snotty neighborhood bullying that made them leave so quickly. Lily explains that she and Holden have travelled a ways because they're hoping they might have a lead about the ongoing murder investigation. Stirring her tea in a swift motion now, Mrs. Taylor offers them nothing. She knows they're only hear to clear Jade's name. She reports that she's kept up with the investigation behind Edward's back; she knows Jade was arrested with the murder weapon. Holden holds his wife back as Lily pleads with Blanche to help them exonerate Jade's name. Just then, Edward Taylor blasts through the door and huffs that they will do nothing of the sort. Now is a good time to be leaving, he grunts.

In the waiting room, Mac describes the hit and run car to an officer...a late model silver coupe, possibly a Honda Accord or Civic. While he didn't catch a license plate, he has a suspect, the Chief of Detective's sister---Brad Snyder's wife. When the officer questions that assumption, Mac fills him in on the bad blood and unsolved vandalism of Carly's vehicle a few weeks ago. Margo walks in and asks her officer for a preliminary report--she's anxious to get an APB out immediately on the hit-and-run car. Mac introduces himself, then blitzes her with questions, wondering if she'll bother to check out her sister's whereabouts. Calmly and firmly, Margo assures him she'll investigate anywhere the evidence leads. Unconvinced, Mac stalks off. Meanwhile, Margo blanches at the description of the car. Katie owns a 2006 silver Honda Civic.

Under his breath, Michael curses the hospital's night staff. They're much too understaffed, he sighs. Around the corner, Susan slips out and surprises her boyfriend as he prepares to go on break. She begs him to take his break right away; she has a surprise for him. Darting into an unoccupied exam room, Susan locks the door behind them before unbuttoning her coat to reveal the sexy lingerie that she just got. Michael chuckles, running his fingers through her hair and playfully throwing her on the bed. As soon as both of them are naked, they start to make love. Their love is interrupted when Michael gets a page. Although Susan tells him to ignore it, Michael checks and sees that an important phone call has come through. Hurt, Susan tells him to take the call; she'll be waiting back home. Later, Michael traces the door frame and grabs the spare. Quietly, he unlocks the door and glides in, hoping Susan will ignore the time and follow through with her promise of a continuation of their interrupted lovemaking. Instead, he finds Susan, sound asleep in her bed. He kisses her cheek and calmly whispers that he hopes that one day, their busy schedules will allow them the time they need together.

Outside , Will knocks repeatedly until Carrie finally answers her door. Will asks her what took her so long and Carrie excuses the dirty apartment. She was just cleaning. He notices the house is spotless and chuckles that she didn't waste any elbow grease; the place is spotless. Carrie smiles that when she has a lot on her mind, she cleans. Will vaguely mentions the picture he found of Cabot, prompting Carrie to become agitated very quickly. Later, Will tells Paul that whether he likes it or not, they have to tell Rosanna about Carrie's photo of Cabot. Paul asks how Will is holding up since the trial. Wiping his brow, Will admits that he's trying to keep his mind busy and not think about it. Paul smiles as he reveals that Cabot has a friend with him in the play pen: Hallie. According to Paul, Gwen has allowed Hallie to spend the night with Rosanna, under strict orders that Will not see her until his scheduled (supervised) visit next month. "I've never been one to follow the rules, though", Paul smirks. But since Rosanna's with Carly at the hospital and he needs an extra hand caring for two babies, he couldn't think of a better helper than Hallie's own father. Will hugs Paul, surprising the older brother. Holding back tears of joy as he holds his daughter for the first time in a long time, Will thinks to himself that maybe his brother isn't as cold hearted and evil as he thought.

Rosanna appears just as Carly's being wheeled down from x-ray. As they wait for a diagnosis, Rosanna assures her the kids are with Emma. Rosanna asks if she remembers anything about the accident. Carly has a flash of arguing with Mac, just as he interrupts and asks if he can wait with them. Before Carly can answer, Rosanna introduces herself and thanks him for calling her. Carly struggles to recall what they were arguing about, but comes up blank. Bob enters and informs them Carly has a concussion, but can be discharged providing there's adult supervision. Mac offers to take her home and stay with her for the night. Rosanna steps in and thanks him, but she's already made arrangements to stay at Milltown with Carly and the kids as long as she's needed. Mac doesn't press, but insists on helping them to Rosanna's car and tells them to call if there's anything they need. Once they drive off, Mac dials a number and leaves a voicemail. The situation has gotten out of hand. It's time for a new plan.

Holden and Lily can feel the tension mounting in the Taylor household, prompting them to take a graceful but hasty exit. As they leave, Holden spies his wife looking through the passenger side window of Mr. Taylor's car. She knows they're hiding something, Lily hisses. Holden finally gets his wife in the car, writing off the long trip as a waste of time and energy. Jade will just have to face her crimes, Holden mutters. Lily's eyes bug out and she rips her husband a new one for insinuating Jade is guilty of Colin's murder. Holden denies he meant it like that, but he thinks it's pretty apparent that they won't be getting any help from the Taylors. Later, Lily convinces Holden to make another stop by the Taylors' old neighborhood. One neighbor states that he recalls the Taylors leaving overnight. Lily calls Luke with an update and tells him that they're headed home after getting nowhere with Jade's adoptive parents. As they make their way back home down the dark road, a car zooms up behind them. Frantically, Holden yells for Lily to duck as a gunshot rings out.


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