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Episode 274



The next day, Katie tries to raise Lyla's spirits, bringing out family albums and laughing over old photos. Seeing Katie linger over a picture of her and Brad, Lyla encourages her daughter to fight for her marriage. It's no use, Katie replies sadly. Brad isn't interested. But what she will do, is pour everything into helping Lyla fight her cancer. All her children need her. Lyla gently tries to prepare Katie for the inevitability of her death. Katie stubbornly replies that her mother's never been a quitter, and that's all she's asking for now. For Lyla not to quit. Before Lyla can reply, they're interrupted. WOAK intern Jimmy drops by with flowers and chicken soup. Expressing admiration for Katie's devotion to her mother, he tells her the world would be a better place if more people were like her. Breaking down, Katie thanks him for being so kind to someone he barely knows. After Jimmy has left, Katie notices her mother's out of medicine and offers to go fetch some more from the pharmacy.

Jade smiles when she sees her cousin come straggling through the door. Detecting his ruffled hair and dissheveled appearance, she claps at her own assumption that he and Kevin talked things over. Once Jade mentions that something must have happened for Luke to come home in the morning, Luke finally admits that he and Kevin had a good night. Nothing happened between them, despite Jade's apparant belief, but they did have a good talk. And in turn, Luke says, Kevin has offered to go easy on Jade from now on. Jade's touched that her cousin went to bat for her, but Luke claims that she proved her loyalty by refusing to let him wallow in self-pity and arranging the talk between himself and Kevin. Later, Luke receives a call from Lily. She tells him that the Taylors have moved and according to the neighbors, no one knows why or where to. Lily scoffs at the mention of asking Lucinda for help. It's Jade; she'll refuse. Luke objects, reminding his mother that she said the same thing about the money Lucinda gave for Jade's bail. After talking with Lucinda, who in turn asked her private investigator to do some digging, Luke calls Lily and gives his mother the new address for the Taylors.

Carly tracks down Mac at the hockey rink and asks him to explain his interest in her kids. Mac tells her that part of being a coach is taking an interest in his players. Being friends, he doesn't understand what her problem is. The problem is, Carly asserts, that she can spot liars and manipulators. And the more she's around Mac, the more she senses something is "off" with him. Mac dismisses it completely, telling her she's listening to Brad rather than her own instincts. Carly accuses him of deflecting her question. He's gone out of his way to befriend her and the kids, but not anyone else in town. He's going out of his way to be her sons' new best friend. He finds excuses to come over: returning cell phones, scarves, and playing the new lonely guy in town. Carly tells him that if he's trying to use her kids to get close to her, he can stop right now, she's not interested in him. She's never going to be. Stalking off angrily, Carly cuts through a line of parked cars to cross the street. She hears Mac call out her name just seconds before seeing a car coming straight at her. Trying to jump out of the way, she slips on the icy road, hitting her head as the car races out of sight.


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