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Episode 273



The tension continues to run high between Parker and Carly. After Parker gives her the cold shoulder, JJ tries to lighten her mood by cracking bad jokes. Carly thanks him, and tells him he's a lot like his father. And Jack will be surprised to see how much he's grown in such a short time. A little embarrassed, JJ admits having Mac to talk to has helped a lot. Carly asks what he means by that. Just that Mac's been really good about talking with him and Parker like they're adults, not just stupid kids. Mac even gave them his number and told them they could call him any time, day or night, if they needed to talk. Carly says that's very nice of him, but she hopes her kids always know they can talk to her when they're troubled. When JJ goes off to bed, Carly's suddenly suspicious of how quickly Mac ingratiated himself to her kids.

Neil, the private investigator Brad hired to check out Mac Donnelly calls him and reports Mac's past is as clean as a whistle. He went to college on a hockey scholarship and after some years in the semi-pros went into coaching. It sounds too good to be true, Brad grouses. Neil privately agrees that something's not right about Mac's spotless record. Later, Brad tells Emma about his findings. Emma accuses Brad of having feelings for Carly, but he denies anything of the sort. He just feels obligated to look out for her with Jack gone. Emma sighs and confesses that she thinks Mac might be getting a bit too close, too.

Bob remarks how Susan seems to be a little on edge lately. Susan agrees and contributes her lack of sleep to her high anxiety. Bob apologetically professes they've been working her a bit hard lately. He gives her the weekend off, telling her to take advantage of her free time. The happiness is short-lived when Michael reveals that he works long hours all weekend. Later, Alison tries to cheer up her mother with some sexy lingerie she can wear to surprise Michael at work.

Lily promises Holden that she's doing this for Jade. Holden replies that he knows her intentions are good, but nearly always, Lily's plans don't go like she wants them. Holden offers to go with her and Lily has no choice but to agree. When Jade asks why Luke didn't go with his mom, Luke replies that he's too worried about his relationship with Kevin to travel. In private, Jade arranges for Luke and Kevin to inadvertently meet with each other at the Wagon Wheel. After waiting for Kevin for a while, Luke finally assumes his estranged boyfriend is a no-show and decides to give up on waiting for him. He turns to leave but stops when he hears Kevin's familar voice apologizing for being late.


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