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Episode 272



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Katie, distracted by concerns for Lyla, messes up her lines on Oakdale Now, annoying everyone. Kim dimisses them early, and Katie runs over to Al's to pick up some chicken soup, hoping to appeal to Lyla's appetite. As she's leaving she runs into Brad, who snarks at her for being unprofessional and holding up their production schedule. Sarcastically, Katie begs his pardon for worrying about her mother's relapse. As he tries to apologize, Katie blasts him for being oblivious and wrapped up in his own regrets to care about anyone else. Brad blames her for ruining their marriage with her lies. Katie scoffs that he always cuts people out of his life and takes off when things get complicated. There were a lot of good things between them too; instead of trying to forgive her, he's off playing Carly's hero....or trying to. The field seems to be a little crowded.

The Snyder house seems empty until Holden comes in toting some tomatoes from the market. He reveals his presence to Emma, who thanks him for going out for her. Holden understands that his mother has reservations about going out, but she needs to jump back into the dating scene. She can't let Clark's absence get her down. Emma mumbles that she wouldn't be affected if she knew Lucinda had nothing to do with it. Determined in her assumption that Lucinda drove Clark to leave town, she confronts her enemy at Java. Jade walks by and spots the women in a heated argument and calls Lily. Later, Lily blasts her mother for bullying Emma, but Lucinda retorts that it was Emma who started the argument.

After getting her cup of coffee and calling Lily, Jade meets Luke for a minute at Holden and Lily's. Luke protests that Jade is doing too much and should really be staying home. Jade laughs, amused, saying that she'd rather sit through a boring lecture at Oakdale U. than stay home by herself. Being out helps her get her head right, Jade adds, and if that means she can remember the night of Colin's murder, then she's doing it. Luke admits he thinks Jade is taking things too fast, but she won't listen. Later, Lily returns home from her altercation with her mother and tells Luke to follow her lead when she speaks with Jade. Jade stumbles in on mother and son talking and asks if they're talking about her. Lily reports that she's taking Luke on a business trip with her. None of the three see Holden come in and he ends up overhearing Lily's plans. Later, he confronts his wife about the true intention of her travels. Lily reveals that she plans to meet with the Taylors and obtain information they might know that could set Jade free, but Holden forbids her from making the trip.

Will waits anxiously for Paul to meet with him in the Lakeview lobby. Soon, Paul emerges and asks his brother what he called him down for. Will admits that he's reluctant to say anything, but he found a photo of Cabot in Carrie's couch cushion the other night. Both men are puzzled why Carrie would have the photo and refuse to believe Carrie's simple explanation that she and Rosanna had a purse mix-up at court. Paul offers up the explanation that Will confused Cabot for someone else, but Will promises his older brother that he saw the photo. He knows it was Cabot. Across town, Craig comes in to the office and finds his assistant Carrie in a whirl of nerves. He quickly gives her the day off and smiles when he sees Rosanna come through the door minutes later. Rosanna replies that she isn't here for a friendly visit, but she hopes they can work out custody without going through a nasty custody trial like Will and Gwen. Meanwhile, Carrie holds the photo of her son in her hands. Choking back tears of relief, she wonders if this is all too good to be true. A son she thought was gone forever is suddenly in the hands of her boss's ex-wife. How, she wonders aloud, will she ever convince them that Cabot is really her son, Jacob?


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