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Episodes 267-271



At home, Carly lays into Parker for skipping school. Parker angrily spouts off that Jack hasn't answered any of his emails. Carly reminds him that Jack promised he would keep in contact as best he could. Rejecting that explanation, Parker admits he's had a "bad feeling" for quite a while now and he's sure Jack lied to him. The only reason Parker can come up with is that Jack's deserted them for good. Stunned, Carly assures her son Jack would never do that to his family. "Jack left you, you left us", Parker spits. "Never" seems to happen a lot in Oakdale, Parker rages before running up to his room. Shaken to the core, Carly anxiously leaves a message on Jack's voicemail---he needs to come home. Now.

Lyla's furious when she learns that Craig forbid Michael from seeing her. Craig quickly corrects her. He told Michael that the only "seeing" he'll be doing with Lyla will be at the cancer center. Margo quickly interrupts the two before things get anymore heated. Lyla saunters into the bedroom to call off while Margo lays in to Craig for agitating...the thing he does best. Craig defends himself, citing that Michael might be Casey's brother, but he's also a doctor. He needs to remember his boundaries. Margo huffs that Craig is just plain stupid. First, he tries to take away Rosanna's son from her the second she gets him back. And now, he's forbidding their mother from seeing her own doctor. After Craig leaves, Margo checks in on Lyla before going home and finds her mother collapsed on the bathroom floor!

Reading over a chart in the hallway, Michael smiles as he feels Susan's hands rubbing his back. He chuckles that whoever it is needs to watch out; his girlfriend's a master in karate. Susan smiles and asks what he has planned for Valentine's Day. Michael sighs that he has to work that day, but he has an early present in store for her that he promises she'll like alot. Later in the week, Susan stumbles through the woods, blindfolded and giggling as Michael directs her to their destination. Once inside, Michael unties her blindfold and presents her with their very own winter retreat in the hills of Colorado. They quickly make love in the cabin and sit down to a five star meal prepared for them. Susan gushes that she's glad they're finally to themselves. Just then, Michael's beeper goes off. He excuses himself and returns, apologizing that they have to cut their trip short. Lyla has collapsed and he's afraid she's making a turn for the worse. Although Susan is worried, inwardly she resents Lyla for ruining such a romantic getaway.

Carrie comforts Will about the custody hearing. Hoping compliments will help, she gushes how well he cleans up. Will angrily huffs that he doesn't even know Gwen anymore. The old Gwen would've kicked her mom to the curb a long time ago. Instead, she's so deadset in believing her mother. She must not know that Will would never do anything that might hurt Hallie. Carrie reminds Will that she had an idea not too long ago that might help his chances in court. She suggests that she pose as a character witness for Will. Straightening his tie, Will shoots down the idea and asks her to just be there for him.

At the custody hearing, Carly tells Gwen she doesn't even know why her little sister insisted she come. It's just for moral support, Gwen assures her. Carly assumed Iris would be there for that. Noting Carly's reluctance, Gwen asks if there's another reason Carly doesn't want to be here. Carly takes a deep breath and admits she thinks Gwen's making a mistake trying to take Hallie away from Will. Hallie should be their priority, and she'll be the one to lose no matter who "wins". Plus, Will's been through enough with his sister and dad dying and Barbara and Paul are both loose cannons, Carly sighs. Taking away the only constant in Will's life, Hallie, will drive him over the edge. Carly advises Gwen to call off the hearing and sit down with Will and hash out something they can both live with. They have to learn to work together. Even if they're not married, they're still Hallie's parents. Gwen replies that Will should've thought it all through before he endangered Hallie's life by his careless drinking. Iris, coming around the corner, inches back as she hears the last part. Suddenly, Barbara emerges in a spectacle of disgust and hisses that for once in her life, Gwen should do what's right and call off the hearing. She's cut short, though, when the judge enters and takes his seat.

Margo desperately thanks Michael for seeing Lyla. She quickly apologizes for interrupting something when she sees both Michael and Susan dressed up. After a while, Katie blasts through the doors. In tears, she demands to see her mother. Lyla tries to calm her daughters down and rolls her eyes when Craig comes waltzing in. He admits that he was a bit harsh on her, but he only wants what's best for her. Michael asks all three of them to leave so he can run some tests. With her children out of the room, Lyla demands Michael be honest with her. The prognosis isn't very good, is it? Michael quips that they won't know until the tests come back. Lyla stops him and demands he be candid with her. Putting his notes aside, Michael sadly admits that he thinks the cancer is spreading. Choking back tears, Lyla asks how long she has. Michael shrugs. Three months, maybe four if Craig wasn't around.

The court is called into session and both cases are made. Iris squirms in her seat as their attorney alleges Will drank excessively in the presence of Hallie. Tom stands and recants that his client did no such thing. Instead, he points the finger at Iris, recalling her various brushes with the law make her more of an endangerment to the infant. During the recess, Will tries to approach Gwen, but she sends Iris to ward him off. Carrie tries to assure Will that the court will find in his favor. Tom made a very good argument. Across the way, Paul and Rosanna enter. Paul assures Will that everything will work out fine, but Will gives him the cold shoulder. Barbara tries to referee between her two sons, demanding they keep things civil. Will grumbles that Paul's only hear for Rosanna, not him. Meanwhile, Rosanna tells Carly that while she loves both Will and Gwen evenly, she doesn't think Will is capable enough to raise a child without the help of Barbara. And Barbara isn't exactly the best parent in the world. Carly asks her sister how she's handling all this, mentioning that it must be hard watching and knowing her turn in court (over custody of Cabot) is only a little while away. Rosanna huffs that she isn't looking forward to the trial, but she's confident she'll get custody.

Lucinda knocks back a cocktail at Mona Lisa as Lily and Holden come through the door. She starts to make her exit until Lily stops her. She admits that she's been mad for a while now. She's hurt that Lucinda kept something so huge from her, but she adds, Lucinda probably had a good reason why she kept it hid for so long. Lucinda admits that she and Clark had a very checkered past. She was accused of killing his father in a freak accident. Clark covered for her and the marriage was annulled. Lily thanks Lucinda for finally being honest with her. When the two get to the subject of Jade, tension is still present, but Lily knows that Jade is innocent. Across town, Luke learns from a friend that Noah left Oakdale. Visibly hurt that his ex never said goodbye, Luke admits to Jade that when it comes to him and Noah, he'll always wonder "What if".

The judge calls court back in session and rules that although Will's drinking might have endangered the child, Iris's criminal record also proves troublesome. He rules that the couple share custody of Hallie, with Gwen retaining legal custody over Hallie. He also rules that Will enroll in an alcohol treament class or he'll lose all visitation. With the swing of his gavel, he lifts the restraining order against Will and warns Iris that he'll be watching her closely.

Jade meets Lily for lunch and cries that she wishes she could remember what happened the night of Colin's murder. Lily pleads Jade to go easy on herself. After lunch, Lily learns that charges against Luke have been dropped, but Jade's hearing is only weeks away. Lily muses to Luke that she thinks meeting with the Taylors might help them learn more about Colin and possibly give them enough information to track down the real murderer, thus clearing Jade of all charges. Luke huffs that he doesn't think Jade will approve, but Lily reasons that they just won't tell her. At the farm, Holden notices Emma crying and she reveals that Clark has left town for good. She grumbles that she blames Lucinda for him leaving and hisses that Lucinda Walsh hasn't seen the last of her.

At Al's, Mac and Parker wait for Carly to return from the hearing. Mac goes to the counter to order milkshakes as Iris waltzes in. Eyeing the way his butt looks in his jeans, she coyly takes a seat at the counter and starts to flirt. Carly barrels into the diner, letting Mac gracefully excuse himself. Iris saunters over, snidely congratulating Carly on trapping another man so quickly. "Shut the hell up and go stumble into the gutter where you belong," Carly grumbles. Iris grabs Mac's arm and warns him her former "stepdaughter" will only use him to make her ex-husband jealous and then dump him. Mac tells her he's not interested in Carly. He's just her son's hockey coach.

Dusty meets with Emily at the Lakeview for dinner and asks her if the wedding is back on. Things have been going good between them, he asserts, and he thinks that they'll eventually make it through this rough patch. Emily stills holds a grudge with Dusty for his drunken pass at her sister, but admits that she feels something special with him she hasn't felt in a long time. Dusty goes to make a phone call and Emily's approached by one of her former clients. He mistakes her for still being in the prostitution business and when she quietly turns him down, he takes her refusal as playfulness. Dusty returns and sees the man with Emily. He punches the man when he calls Emily a whore for turning him down. Later, Emily cries to Dusty that he's dumb for falling for a hooker like she once was. Dusty assures her that everyone has regrets, but he doesn't want one of his to be that he never spent the rest of his life with her.

Despite Barbara's urging that he stay with her for a while, Will goes home with Carrie. He claims the couch and Carrie goes to get some extra covers. He notices a small photo tucked in the cushion, obviously having fallen from her purse. He picks up the photo and immediately notices the infant in the photo as Cabot. Once Carrie returns to the room, he calls her out and asks why she has a photo of Cabot. Carrie, confused herself, asks who Cabot is before snatching the photo and putting it back in her wallet. Will tells her that Cabot is Paul's girlfriend Rosanna's adopted son. He adds that Cabot is also Carrie's boss Craig's adopted son from when he and Rosanna were married. Carrie's heart drops into her throat and she quickly excuses herself. She later returns and lies that she and Rosanna collided into one another and dropped both their purses. The photo must have swapped hands when they were picking up the contents of their purses. Later, Will recalls that Rosanna arrive towards the end of the hearing and never saw Carrie. He makes a call and leaves Paul a voicemail that he has something important to tell him. Meanwhile, Carrie hides the photo in the Bible by her nightstand and prays that Will's questioning is over with. She sits back, still in shock. It can't be, she says. Her son Jacob is alive and in Oakdale!


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