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Episode 277



Startled by Jack's appearance--pale, noticably thinner and a rough beard, Carly tells him he looks like hell. Jack laughs and agrees with her. On the other hand, he grins, she's more beautiful than he remembers. Carly tries to sit up, only to wince in pain from a cut on her arm. When Jack asks what happened, Carly downplays the accident as merely having slipped on some ice in the road. She's a lot more interested in where he's been for the last two months. First, though, Jack wants to know more about her urgent message to come home. Heated, Carly grumbles that she doesn't think he needs an explanation other than his kids were worried out of their minds about him. Especially when he didn't even bother to keep in touch like he promised. Looking at him, Carly's mind starts harboring the idea that maybe he wasn't off in South America working. She has a sinking feeling Parker was right, she tells her ex-husband. He's been telling them all a huge lie, hasn't he?

As Katie and Lyla prepare to leave, Lyla pulls Margo aside. While she hopes the treatment works, she makes Margo promise to look after Katie if it doesn't...she doesn't want Katie to be alone and blame herself. Margo smiles that Lyla needs to worry about her health and quit trying to tend to Katie's every need. She's a big girl; Katie can handle her own problems. Trouble is, she knows Lyla's always going to be there for her to clean up the mess. Lyla admits that she didn't clean up much of a mess with Brad. She just made it harder for everyone involved. Meanwhile, Katie stops at Tom's office and tells him she's leaving today to help get Lyla settled in France. While she's away, she'll be in close contact with his offices regarding her divorce. She wants this all behind her as soon as possible. At the airport, Margo reminds her mother about her promise to quit trying to baby Katie. Katie, meanwhile, thanks Margo for being there for her. She sighs that maybe the time in France will be good for her. She'd like to take up painting or cycling...something productive so that Lyla doesn't worry so much and can put more effort into getting better. Nearly missing his chance to tell them goodbye, Craig rushes in and kisses his mother goodbye. She scolds him to stay out of trouble and pats his face. Rushed, she tells them that she worries about them too much, but she knows that they'll be fine on their own. She tries to tell them goodbye, but Craig stops her. This isn't goodbye, he says. They've all been through too much in the last year to say another goodbye so soon. She'll be back, Craig smirks, healthier than ever. Through tears, Lyla calls out "I love you" to her two children as she and Katie board the jet, headed towards France.

Playing Monopoly, Jade cheers that she won and tells Faith and Natalie that maybe they'll have better luck next time. Faith inquires about the progress of Jade's remembering, but Lily's emergence through the door cuts her short. After the girls have gone, Jade asks Lily about the officers outside and seems puzzled about what she did. Lily assures her that she did nothing. Lucinda sent the officers to guard the house until everything calms down. Jade panics, blaming herself for bringing chaos to Lily's house once again. Luke appears and asks to speak with Jade alone. Jade worries that everything is getting out of control. If only she could remember, she says, they could put this all behind them. Luke informs her that Dr. Michaels has admitted to wanting to hypnotize Jade so that she can remember the night of Colin's murder. Jade refuses the idea and tells Luke that she doesn't need a shrink digging through her head. Later, Holden tells Lucinda that he thinks it was Mr. or Mrs. Taylor that killed Colin and shot at him and Lily on their way home. Lucinda agrees to get in touch with some contacts and see what she can find out about the Taylors. After Holden returns home, Lily probes him as to where he went. She's upset when he tells her that he went to her mother for help. Lucinda has helped them enough, she scolds. Meanwhile, Jade appears at Dr. Michaels' door and tells her that she'd like to be hypnotized so that she can remember the night of the murder.

Rosanna puts Cabot down for a nap and returns just as Paul comes through the door. He reveals that he found out something, but she might want to sit down for this. After Rosanna has taken a seat, Paul informs her that Carrie had a photo of Cabot because he's her biological son. The child was kidnapped from the hospital where he was born. Rosanna dismisses the whole thing and rails that it can't be true. When questions arose about Cabot's paternity, Jordan could never remember the woman he had slept with and James would never reveal the mother's identity. Paul groans that there are several unanswered questions, but the only way to get answers is from Carrie herself. Later, Rosanna meets with Carrie at Java. Nervous, Carrie protests that her boss Craig will not like the two of them talking like this, especially with the approaching custody case. Rosanna appeals to the young woman and presents her with an updated photo of Cabot. As Carrie holds back her joyous tears from seeing the photo, Rosanna admits that she has reason to believe Carrie might be Cabot's biological mother. Carrie dismisses it, claiming that her child has been missing for over five years. There's no way that Jacob and Cabot can be one in the same. Rosanna shrugs that there's only one way to find out and asks Carrie to be matched with Cabot for DNA. Reluctantly, Carrie agrees.

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Glad to see that Jack's back. Now he's got some explaining to do as to where he's been.

Bye Katie! Don't come back! :P:D

The Cabot storyline's getting juicy!! :D

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