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Episode 278



Taking a seat on the couch, Dr. Michaels informs Jade that this is a very important decision that she hopes Jade has carefully thought about. If Jade remembers something, it's her duty to report it to the police. As Jade starts to go under, Luke searches for his cousin across town. Kevin appears and suggests he give Jade some alone time. Frustrated, Kevin vents that he feels like his relationship with Luke has come to a stand still. Peeved, Luke grunts that it's Kevin's own fault for doubting him. Kevin's hurt, recalling their long talk last week. He thought they had patched things up. Luke recants that despite the talk, he still has reservations about their relationship. Frankly, he admits, he doesn't know if they'll ever get back what they had. Meanwhile, Jade's bothered when she can't go under. Dr. Michaels assures her it's common and suggests coming back another time. Later, Luke finds Jade in Old Town and she tells him she tried to remember the night through hypnosis, but Dr. Michaels warned her it's a slow process. As they talk about Jade's session, we see someone watching them.

Dusty smiles as he hands Emily a present. She chimes that he didn't have to get her anything, but Dusty cues her to open it. Inside, she finds a ticket for a trip to Chicago. He reasons that they've both been swamped with work lately and he'd love nothing more than a weekend alone with her. Emily's excited and tells Susan about their vacation plans. Susan reminds Emily of a fundraiser that she had agreed to help with. Knowing she can't let Dusty down anymore than she already has, Emily convinces Alison to help and scurries off to pack her bags. Downstairs, Alison tells her mother that she's felt weak lately, but Aaron has been visiting Julie and she doesn't want to worry him so soon after just arriving back. Susan hands her a pregnancy test, shrugging that Aaron will worry either way it goes. Alison takes the test, but it comes up negative and Susan agrees to have Bob check her out after the fundraiser is over. Meanwhile, Dusty runs into Craig in Java and the two almost engage in a scuffle, but Emily calling Dusty interrupts the fight before it can begin. Later, Craig arrives at Memorial to badger Michael about the experimental program he enrolled Lyla in, but instead, he sees Rosanna and Carrie.

Hesitantly, Jack admits to Carly that he lied. But it was only not to scare her and the kids. She's right; there was no client. The FBI contacted him before Christmas about an old case of his, and he went undercover to wrap it up. Carly yells he had no right to put himself in danger like that...not without telling her. He could have died, and the last memory she'd have had is another argument. Jack apologizes, and wraps his arms around her as she starts to cry. Stroking her hair, he admits even that last fight was a lie. He didn't believe for a moment that she caused Katie's miscarriage. It was a way to explain his sudden departure. There wasn't any danger, though. The assignment was just more complicated than anyone realized. And once Jack got her message, he knew where he needed to be: at home with her and the kids. Carly pulls away and teases the kids won't recognize him with that beard, and offers him use of the shower while she fixes him a sandwich. When the kids arrive home from school, they're thrilled to have their father home.

Rosanna thanks Carrie for agreeing to a DNA test and suggests Carrie talk with Paul while she talks with the nurse. Paul threaten Carrie that if he finds out she's manipluated them in any way and caused Rosanna to gain false hope, he'll do everything he can to destroy her reputation. Carrie dares him to try, reminding him that he has a more twisted past than she does. Despite Rosanna's wishes, Barbara shows up and makes a show in front of Carrie. Will comes in, preventing the show from going anymore downhill. The nurse beckons Carrie as Barbara, Paul, Will, and Rosanna all await the results. Will blasts Barbara for coming, but she later confides in Paul that she thinks the outcome of the custody trial is to blame for Will's testy mood towards her lately. Paul chuckles that Will isn't in a bad mood because he lost Hallie; he's in a bad mood because Barbara's made his new girlfriend's life a living hell. In the exam room, Will grills Carrie as to why she never told him about her son. Carrie replies that she didn't trust him enough, but she does now. Through tears, she recalls a drunken one night stand leading to a pregnancy. After the baby was born, he went missing and she soon discovered her father had sold the baby on the black market to get money for his heroin addiciton. Will debates telling Barbara about Darryl, but doesn't realize she's heard the whole thing. Guilty over her interference in Carrie's life and struggling with the news that Darryl has turned to drugs, Barbara returns to the penthouse and sadly strokes a photo of Jennifer and Johnny.

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Don't even tell me that Colin's alive! :o

Thank God Ali's not pregnant. I want Aaron and Alison to break up! :P

That would been a nice Snyder reunion to see. :)

Poor Babs... :(

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