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Episode 279-281



At WOAK, Kim announces that Katie's taking an extended leave of absence while she takes her mother out of the country for treatment. Brad's stunned that she left without a word to him. He follows Kim back to her office, trying to get more details out of her. Impatiently, Kim tells him he knows everything she does. It's an open ended leave. Kim assumes he's worried about the fate of Oakdale Now, and assures him she's already setting up interviews for Katie's on-air replacement. Brad returns to his office, and mopes around seeing all of Katie's stuff still there. On Kim's orders, Jimmy enters and starts packing up Katie's possessions. Unable to watch, Brad drifts over to the break room for coffee. He runs into Carly, who tells him Jack's returned.

Jack wakes up in the guest room in Milltown. Heading downstairs, he finds Carly making lunch. Laughing at sleeping so long, he tells her she's the one who should be resting. Carly scoffs and tells him she's gotten used to being on the go with him gone. It made the time go faster so she didn't miss him as much. Carly teases that she's already been by the office and picked up some work, running into his brother on the way. Half teasing, half serious, Jack asks her if she really really missed him while he was gone. When she's too choked up to give him an answer, he leans in and gives her a passionate kiss. Things quickly heat up between them, until Jack pulls back and suggests he leave. Breathlessly, Carly tells him to shut up and listen. Not only has she missed him--more importantly, she realized how much she trusts him. Ever since they started getting close again, she's been scared it wouldn't work, and she'd end up hurt even more. That's not the way she wants to live her life. It's time to stop dwelling on the negative and remember how much joy and happiness they had too. So, he's stuck with her. They'll figure out the rest later...but right now all she wants is to be with him. Cutting her off with another passionate kiss, Jack carries her up to their bedroom and they make love.

At Carrie's apartment, Will mentions Paul's good deed in letting him see Hallie the other day. Carrie warns that if Gwen ever finds out, she'll go ballistic. Meanwhile, Rosanna confides in Paul that if Carrie is Cabot's mother, she's worried about the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child. If Cabot really is Jacob, Rosanna exclaims, then where does that leave her? Later, all four get paged to the hospital for the reading of the DNA results. Bob sits them all down and informs them that Carrie is indeed Cabot's biological mother. Across town, Barbara taunts Craig with the information that Carrie might be Cabot's mother. Craig is livid his new assistant didn't mention any of this to him and prepares to confront her. Paul, however, cuts Craig off at the chase and chuckles that there's no way he's getting custody of Cabot with the confirmed birth mother on their side. Barbara learns from Paul that Cabot is actually Carrie's son, Jacob. At Java, Carrie flinches as Craig berates her for leaving him out of the loop. Rosanna steps in and referees, demanding Craig take his lectures elsewhere. Later, she fills Carrie in on Craig's shady past and laments that Craig is trying to take Cabot from her. Carrie's sympathetic and Rosanna insinuates that Carrie help her win custody against Craig. Barbara stops by Carrie's apartment and finds Will walking around in a pair of boxers. She tries to drop off some presents, but Will sends her way, scolding that she can't buy love or forgiveness. At Iris's, Gwen and Hallie play on the floor as Iris cleans. Iris proposes moving away, but Gwen isn't so sure about the idea. Iris reminds her that Will is never going to change; why should she limit her life waiting on him to? Gwen agrees to think it over.

Jack picks up the boys from hockey practice. Parker and JJ introduce him to their new coach and the men briefly shake hands before Mac excuses himself. Parker finds Mac's behavior odd, but doesn't say anything about it. Bringing home pizza for dinner, Jack's surprised to find Brad there talking to Carly. While the kids finish homework upstairs, Brad welcomes his brother home. Jack starts to berate him for accusing Carly of instigating Katie's miscarriage, but Carly elbows him and tells him they settled that while he was gone. She even makes sure to let Jack know he felt so bad, he made a pest of himself trying to be helpful. And as much as she hates to admit it, Brad did manage to do a couple of things right. Grudgingly, Jack thanks his brother and invites him to stay for dinner. Grabbing beers, Brad takes Jack aside in the kitchen and asks if he's met Mac-the-hunky-hockey-coach yet. Puzzled at his tone, Jack admits they met when he picked up the boys that afternoon. Brad tells him Mac's got a thing for Carly and shouldn't be trusted. While the Snyders sit down and divvy up slices of pizza, somewhere a computer screen lights up, the screen splitting into four images---all of them from inside the Milltown house.

Lily and Holden talk about Jade and Lily shares her worries that Rose is rolling in her grave due to the fact that her sister has done such a poor job looking after her daughter. Holden comforts her and tells her that she's gone above and beyond to protect Jade. Luke comes in and reveals that Jade has started seeing Dr. Michaels in hopes of regaining her memory. Across town, someone follows Jade and almost smacks her over the head until Kevin's emergence prompts them to run for it. Not having seen the mystery person, Kevin apologizes for the way he's acted towards her, adding that he never meant to insinuate that she or Luke murdered Colin. Jade coldly hisses that the only reason for his apology is so that he can work things out with Luke. Later, Jade meets Dr. Michaels for another appointment. During the session, she remembers running out into the road with the bloody murder weapon and fleeing once she heard a car coming. Dr. Michael assures her that she's indeed making a breakthrough and schedules another session. At the house, Lucinda drops by and informs them that her contacts have some shady news about Edward Taylor. Apparently, he was arrested in college for attempted robbery and simple battery. He was tried but never convicted. Lily worries that if Mr. Taylor did kill Colin, he might come after Jade. Across town, Luke meets up with Kevin, who tells him about his run-in with Jade. Luke shrugs that Jade's good at holding grudges, but she'll get over it in time.

Aaron surprises Alison at the fundraiser and admits that he's been thinking a lot about them lately. Ever since he saw that Julie and Caleb have gotten back together, he's convinced that people who belong together will always find their way back to each other...just like him and Alison. Just as he grabs a small box from his coat pocket, Alison gets called away. Michael shows up, much to Susan's surprise and offers to help with the fundraiser since he has the day off from work. He's interrupted by a call from a patient, but promises to make it quick and return soon. Across the room, the show starts and Alison keeps getting light headed. Trying to regain her balance, she passes out right in front of Kim, who calls 911 and beckons for Susan. At the hospital, Susan blames Alison's sudden collapse on herself. Alison had told her she didn't feel right, but Susan shrugged it off and planned to have her checked out after the fundraiser. Aaron calms her down and assures her that Alison will be fine. Later, the doctor returns and informs Susan and Aaron that Alison has developed diabetes.

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I really hope whoever replaces Kate at Oakdale Now also replaces Kate in Brad's life. :) He deserves so much better than that trash.

Bye Gwen! :D

Alison has diabetes?! :o I see ANWT is about to actually tackle a social story. I'm interested!

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