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Episode #2 - Tuesday, December 13th



Tuesday, December 13th:

- Hope and Bo are ecstatic when Glen and Barb Reiber come to town to surprise the Brady’s with J.T. for the holidays.

- Tony summons Billie! She plans to meet him at the Salem Prison, but she first meets Patrick for a romantic rendezvous.

- Shawn is informed that he is a match to help baby Claire. So, he gives blood in an effort to save her life.

- Marlena shares a heartfelt and tearful goodbye with Sami, Belle, and John and boards a plane with Alex.

- After her disturbing nightmare about the Angel of Death at the Brady Pub, Celeste urges Shawn and Caroline not to throw the party at the Pub, but they refuse.

- Phillip, Kate, and Victor stay by baby Claire’s side as she undergoes surgery. Belle returns from saying goodbye to Marlena and finds solace in Phillip at Claire’s side.

- Bonnie confronts Kate about the papers that fell out of her purse. Kate refuses to admit the truth about Shawn and baby Claire.

- Austin and Nicole get devastating news that two of their biggest financial backers have decided to pull their funding.

- John hears from his contact that an up and coming company by three street smart execs in Salem has a hit a huge snag.

- Sami rejoins Austin and Nicole and gets the devastating news about their investors.

- Bonnie pushes Kate until she slips and finally admits that Shawn is Claire’s father!

- Bo, Hope, Glen, and Barb take J.T. to the hospital to see Shawn, who is delighted to see J.T. again.

- Lucas and Carrie return to Salem.

- Bonnie and Kate are interupted by Bo, Hope, Barb, Glen, Shawn, Mimi, J.T., and Zach, but they lock eyes and make a silent agreement to keep the truth about Claire a secret.

- Bonnie convinces the Reibers to let Shawn and Mimi take J.T. to the park as a means for Shawn to recover from the blood donation and a chance to get their minds off of things going on at the hospital.

- Victor returns to the office where he finds Lucas and Carrie who tell him the good news that Titan offered the highest bid and has successfully purchased High Style Cosmetics! He makes plans to officially merge High Style Cosmetics with the newly revamped Countess Wilhemina Cosmetics for a new line to be lunched in the summer of 2006.

- Celeste tells Jennifer and Abby that Jack is NOT dead! Lexie scolds Celeste and reprimands her for her carrying on and getting the Devereaux’s hopes up.

- Shawn and Mimi arrive at the park and bond together with J.T. and Zach.

- Billie walks into Tony's cell. Tony teases Billie and tells her that he can tell her a secret that will tear Bo and Hope apart forever.

- When alone, Celeste takes out her Tarot cards and is horrified to see the biggest disaster in Salem's history is about to take place.


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Uh oh! Could a natural disaster be headed towards Salem? I sure hope so!

KingReilly, you have hooked me into your stories. I have stories of my own to write and dispaly, but you can be sure that I'm going to read yours daily. You indeed have a fan in me!

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