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King's DAYS

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Episode #1 - Monday, December 12th:



Monday, December 12th:

- Max and Chelsea solidify their relationship and label themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend.

- Caroline and Shawn plan a Christmas Party at the Brady Pub, but they later decide to cancel it when news of Jack’s death is confirmed.

- Jennifer insists that Caroline and Shawn continue with their plans for the party in hopes that it will raise spirits.

- The battle to acquire High Style Cosmetics heats up as both Titan and Basic Black venture an offer to buy out the business.

- Lucas and Carrie make plans to return to Salem and brings news as to which company has made the best offer and has thus bought out High Style Cosmetics!

- Sami and Austin continue to bond as Sami begins to oust Nicole as a frontrunner in Austin’s life.

- Abby turns to Josh over her Jack's death.

- Marlena summons Belle, Sami, and John to the penthouse for an announcement.

- Celeste wakes up from a nightmare in which she envisions the Angel of Death entering the Brady Pub.

- Glen and Barb Reiber decide to surprise Bo and Hope Brady by bringing J.T. to Salem for a holiday visit.

- Sami ponders approaching Victor about teaming up to rid themselves of Nicole.

- John and Kate look to the future with Mimi as their consultant for the younger generation.

- Meanwhile, Victor strategizes as to how to deal with both Basic Black and Austin’s up and coming company.

- Victor makes a few phone calls and pulls a few strings to ensure that Austin, Sami, and Nicole's company will not be trouble for him.

- Marlena explains to Belle, Sami, and John that she is leaving Salem to move to Colorado with Alex.

- Bonnie arrives at the hospital to bring Shawn and Mimi food from Alice’s when she sees a piece of paper fall from Kate’s purse. She is shocked when she reads the paper and discovers that Shawn is the father of baby Claire.

- Tony plots his next move from prison, as he plans to destroy the Brady’s once and for all. He looks at a picture of Billie, Bo, and Hope and laughs manically as he burns the picture.


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