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Episode 58



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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    • Greenlee

Lucinda coldly thanks Holden for bailing her out and tells him that the next time she takes his advice, remind her of this incident. Holden laughs and drops Lucinda off at her place. Later, Holden receives startling news via telephone.

Luke tries contacting Carrie, but as soon as he dials the number, Noah comes home. Luke decides to head to Lucinda's and ask a favor. Once there, Luke comes in and being clueless to the fact that she was just released from jail, he lets her fill him in before announcing the point to his visit. Luke asks Lucinda to do some digging and find out info about a girl by the name of Carrie Clemmens. Not knowing that Noah gave him a false name in hopes of throwing him off, Luke reports that Carrie Clemmens is the key to his future with Noah. Lucinda agrees to find out all she can.

Susan denies that she had anything to do with Aaron returning to town, but Emily sees right through it. Emily tells her mother that if they want to avoid a catastrophe like Alison's last venture away from Oakdale, they should give Ali her space. Susan reluctantly agrees.

Bob thanks his receptionist and tells her to "send him in". After shaking hands, Bob tells his mystery guest to have a seat and breaks the news that they've chosen to hire him as the new specialist for the cancer ward. As the man leaves, Susan enters and is surprised to see that Bob went with her recommendation. Bob smiles and says that Susan knows her stuff. Susan can't believe Bob went with Dr. Michael Peretti for the specialist position.

Barbara comes by Will and Gwen's and asks what happened with Iris. Will recalls how Iris shredded the check and vowed that nothing will keep her away from Gwen and Hallie. Barbara senses Gwen's foul attitude and asks what she thinks about all of this. Gwen shocks Will by announcing that maybe Iris has changed after all. Will can't believe what he's hearing and tells Gwen how she always says that, but before long, Iris shows her true clors again. Knowing there's no use in arguing, Gwen takes a back seat with the conversation and lets Barbara and Will discuss what to do next. Later, Will can't seem to find Gwen or Hallie anywhere, sees Gwen's car gone from the driveway, and he really gets worried when Gwen won't answer her phone.

Taking a break from filming, Brad goes out for a breath of fresh air and is surprised when Katie follows him. Brad remembers Henry's adivce to be Katie's friend, but tells himself that Henry doesn't know anything about Katie because Henry's marriage to her failed miserably. Katie starts up a conversation and Brad pretends he's listening. Katie babbles on about how she worries about Lyla and how Craig's death triggered memories of her lonely childhood. When Katie breaks into a sobbing spell, Brad stuns even himself by holding her and hushing her faint sobs.


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