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Episode 59



Gwen thumbs through the morning paper and flinches when Will sneaks up behind her. Will laughs and asks where she went with Hallie last night. He says he waited up late last night and she still hadn't come in when he went to bed. Gwen confesses that she was feeling a little emotional and took Hallie out for a drive. Will tries comforting her, but she tells him that she's fine now.

Holden knocks and knocks at Susan's door. Susan rushes to the door and asks Holden what's the matter. Holden asks to speak with Aaron and Susan has Alison go get him. Alison returns and reports that he's not in his room. Both women become worried and ask Holden what's going on. Holden replies that Aaron's parents are divorcing and according to Caleb, Aaron's not taking it well at all. Alison's mental lightbulb goes off as she realizes that the reason Aaron was drinking.

Carly comes to work and finds Carrie's late again. Carly asks Kim if Carrie's coming in today or not. Kim replies that she doesn't know. Later, a late Carrie drags into work and Kim calls her into her office. Kim stops dead in her tracks and Carrie asks what's the matter. Kim reports that this is the third time that Carrie's been late in the past week and tells her that if it happens again, WOAK will be forced to hire a replacement. Carrie hangs her head and exits as Carly watches with a smirk on her face.

Lisa waits on Kim in the lounge and almost leaves. Kim rushes in and apologizes for being late for their brunch. Kim tells of how Carly's assistant has such a familiar face that she caught her tongue. Lisa asks who this girl looks like and Kim replies that she doesn't know. Cheery, Lisa changes the conversation and asks about Bob. Kim replies that he's doing good, but Susan still seems to be charming her way more and more into Bob's orbit.

Paul comes home and finds Meg in a panic. Meg moans that her pain is getting worse and she's out of her medicine. Paul agrees to go get her medicine, accidentally leaving his phone behind. "Paul" sends Rosanna a text message asking her to come by the penthouse. When Rosanna arives, she's shocked to see Meg answer the door and even more shocked to see Paul is nowhere around. Meg explains that she sent the text message because she knew Rosanna would her avoid her calls. Meg asks Rosanna to take a seat and informs her that they need to have a talk.

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