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Episode 60



Episode co-written by Dusty & P.J.

Rosanna tells Meg they have nothing to discuss, and turns to leave. Meg smirks as she blocks her path. If that was true, Rosanna wouldn't have come running when she got "Paul"s message. Meg warns Rosanna to make a "graceful exit" from Paul's life, or face charges for the accident that caused her miscarriage. Rosanna scoffs and dismisses the threat as ludicrous. Not by the time Meg gets through crying to the D.A., she promises. Her child isn't even the first one Rosanna has killed---Carly's baby died too. Everyone knows how jealous Rosanna's always been for a child, Meg hisses. Even if it doesn't convince a jury, there will always be whispers. Paul will never be sure. And it might even drive a wedge between her and Carly. Furious, Rosanna slaps her and calls her a desperate, heartless bitch. Meg clutches her cheek, and starts to cry. Rosanna stares at Meg as she sobs hysterically, and begs her to leave. Rosanna says she's not going anywhere until she talks to Paul. That means she's in luck, Paul says as he grabs her arm and drags her out of the study.

Holden finds Aaron sitting in his truck, parked beside the Snyder pond. He tells Aaron that Caleb called and broke the news of his divorce from Julie. After some initial silence, Holden tells him that Aaron can say anything to him. Aaron finally admits that he thought Julie and Caleb would always work things out, just like Holden and Lily always do. No one seems to be happy anymore. Jack, Meg, Brad---none of the Snyders. If none of them can find happiness, he doesn't see how he and Ali can. He loves Ali, but he can't just stop thinking that he's still in love with the old Alison and not the one standing before him, that's been to hell and back. Aaron confesses that sometimes, he feels like he drove her to meth and porn. Holden tells him that love is a funny thing. Just when you grab hold of it, it seems to slip away sometimes. However, you can't just hope it returns; you have to chase after it. You have to fight for it. Holden points out that he just came from Ali's, and she was very concerned about Aaron. That seems to be a good place to start rebuilding a relationship, he hints. Aaron thanks his dad for the advice, but still questions how he's supposed to find love with the new Alison. Aaron admits that he has a hard time coming to grips with the fact that Alison's been through alot, recently fighting off a stalker in Elwood. Holden tells him that before he can see Alison for who she truly is, Aaron has to forgive himself.

Kim preps for her on-air interview with the new cancer specialist at Oakdale Memorial as Katie walks in, toting some information that the PR people from Oakdale Memorial sent over for Kim to look at. Kim slyly asks Katie if she knows anything about this specialist, hinting to see if Katie knows that Bob just hired her long lost uncle for the position. Katie is oblivious to the fact and runs to her office to look at tomorrow's show agenda for Oakdale Now. Michael Peretti walks in and introduces himself to Kim. Kim says that Bob has told her so much about him and he forces a slight grin. Kim thanks him for taking the position and talks of how this cancer ward is hopefully going to provide state of the art treatment for many Oakdale citizens struggling with the disease, as well as people in surrounding areas. Katie rushes in and babbles on to Kim about a problem with the agenda for tomorrow's Oakdale Now cooking segment. Kim takes time to introduce Katie to the new specialist, simply identifying him as "Michael". Right off the bat, Michael makes a statement about what a beautiful woman she's turned in to. "I'm sorry. Do I know you?" Katie questions. Michael stares in admiration at his niece as he replies, "Your father would have been so proud. My goodness, how you remind me of him!!" Katie steps back, in shock, as she realizes the man she's talking to is her uncle, Michael Peretti. Tears flow down her cheeks as she runs out Kim's office door with Michael following close behind.

Jack stops at the Lakeview and after a beer or two, pumps the bartender for information on Carly's date just as Margo enters the room. Margo greets Jack warmly, asking if he's come to his senses about leaving the force yet. Jack starts to leave, until Margo catches him by the harm and admits that she overheard him asking the bartender for information on Carly's date. Caught, Jack tries to sneak out of it, but eventually tells Margo that he's just worried about Carly; that's all. After all, Carly's still having nightmares about that psycho Sam. Margo tell Jack that he shouldn't worry over nothing, as she informs him she saw Carly and her date last night at the Lakeview, having a pleasant time. And, it turns out, Wagner just so happens to be a lawyer acquaintance of Tom's, she divulges. Margo scolds Jack for being so protective and asks him if this curiousity about Wagner is out of concern or jealousy. Jack admits that it's a little of both as Margo smiles and tells Jack that he can officially stop fretting over Carly....if he's able.

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