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Episode 57



Aaron stumbles over to the couch and takes a nap as Alison makes her way over to The Enquirer. Alison tells Emily how Aaron is already back from his trip to Seattle and has been drinking. Emily suggests that Alison make a concious effort to find out what's bothering Aaron, but like Alison, she finds it odd that Aaron would come back so soon after the Elwood incident. After Alison leaves, Emily goes to Memorial and stuns Susan by calling her out in regards to getting Aaron to return to Oakdale.

Iris smiles and tells Will that she saw Hallie a while back and she looks amazing, so beautiful. Will shouts at Iris to leave Gwen and Hallie alone or she'll be sorry. Iris takes it as a threat and asks Will what he's planning to do. Will hashes out the check and tells her to name her price...just leave Oakdale. Iris smiles and takes the check, ripping it into little shreds. Iris tells Will that nothing will keep her away from her babies.

As Lisa closes up the doors, she turns and finds Kim behind her. Greeting her old friend, she's horrified to learn from Kim that Susan is making another play towards Bob. Lisa suggests that Kim stop all this nonsense and confront Susan. Kim replies that she's done it countless times, but nothing ever comes of it. Susan just always smiles that she's helping a friend. Kim becomes infuriated when Lisa suggests that maybe after all Bob's been through, he relates to Susan because of the fact that she's had some turbulent parenting times, as well. Kim hisses that Bob should confide in her, not Susan, because she and Bob can handle anything together.

Lyla's ecstatic to receive some company in the form of Margo and Casey. The three start chatting and Lyla learns that her grandson was recently thought to be Alison Stewart's stalker. Lyla hears from Margo about Lucinda and supports Margo's actions. However, Lyla suggests that Margo hand over the case. Margo scolds that she can handle this case better than anyone on the force would. After Margo leaves, Lyla and Casey bond over his past. Lyla comforts her conflicted grandson as he banters on about never being trusted again, telling him that anything is possible.

Flipping through the paper, Noah's stampeded by tons of different articles about parenting. Everywhere he looks on TV, it seems, there's a baby on the screen. Luke comes home and notices Noah's upset but knowing it might erupt into a bigger fight than he's willing to tango with, he says nothing. After Noah leaves, Luke snoops around the apartment and finds a note, "Carrie...555-3490". Luke whips out his phone and starts dialing.


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Hmmn...Iris ripped up a check? What the heck's bigger than a blank check?

I'm waiting for Noah to get busted...LOL.

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Iris really is a changed woman. Believe it or not. ;)

Now..........how long will she STAY a changed woman?! Well,...that's the REAL question. :P

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