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Episode 56



Holden arrives to the jail and upon entrance, runs into Margo. Holden gives her hell for acting this way and tells Margo that she needs to let go of this bitterness towards Lucinda. Holden's finally able to bail out a fiesty, disruptive Lucinda, who barks to Margo and some rookie cop that she's suing the pants off the Oakdale Police Department. Giving one last stab at Margo, she hisses that Hal would never treat anyone like this.

At Will and Gwen's, the couple enjoys a pleasant day at home. Will hears from his mom that she just spotted Iris and asks if Will has given her the blank check yet. Will looks at Gwen as she tells him to do what he must. Will maintains that by bribing Iris to leave town, he'll be doing them all a favor. Later, Iris and Will come face to face.

Aaron comes in and asks Alison where she's going to in such a hurry. He chuckles that he just got back in town and she's not even going to give him a hug. Reluctantly, Aaron gives her a hug and Alison is repulsed by the stinch. Alison asks Aaron if he's been drinking and when Aaron denies it, she calls his bluff. Aaron replies that he came to town to save her. Alison smirks, as it seems that Aaron is the one who needs the saving.

Meg comes downstairs at the farm and finds all the kids have gone back to school. Emma comments on Meg talking in her sleep last night and asks why she didn't stay with Paul. Meg laments that Paul has had work to do with B.R.O. and she doesn't feel like intruding. Little does Emma know that Meg's got a plan up her sleeve and is waiting for Rosanna to make a move for Paul.


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LOL...that little Meg is the schemer, isn't she?

And did I miss something? Aaron drinks?

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