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Episode 55



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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This episode was co-written by Dusty & P.J.


The next morning, Susan tries to coddle Alison, fussing over her at breakfast. Alison tells her mother to stop treating her like a child. Alison shocks Susan by announcing she'll be looking for an apartment today. Susan worries and tells Alison that she has a right to be worried, Ali's last foray into adulthood ended in twin disasters: porn and meth. Alison stands firm, saying that she's tired of having to rely on everyone all the time. She wants to make a life for herself, not a life that others make for her. Susan pressure Ali to re-think this, but Ali thinks that's the real reason Susan wants her at home is to keep tabs on her. Susan denies it, unconvincingly, and leaves for work. Later, Aaron appears at the door, and Ali asks what brought him back so soon.

After leaving Lucinda stew all night long, Margo visits Lucinda's jail cell. Indignant, Lucinda demands to call her lawyer. Margo reminds Lucinda she won't be treated differently than any other prisoner, and she'll have to wait her turn, thanks to a backlog of arrests. Scoffing at the scare tactic, Lucinda asks what Margo's really after with this power play. Margo huffs that justice isn't bought and sold like stocks. Lucinda insists that everything has a price---that was something Craig knew very well. Infuriated, Margo leaves. When Tom stops by her office for lunch, she's still visibly upset. He asks what she hopes to accomplish by charging Lucinda. Either way, it won't bring Craig back. Tom asks her to hand over the investigation into Craig's death. Meanwhile, Lucinda gets her one call, and reaches Holden at the farm. She demands he come and bail her out, since taking his advice landed her under arrest.

Elwood sits in his jail cell, comically singing campfire songs and annoying the guards. The guard shuts him up and tells him that he's got a friend. Casey comes in and he almost strangles Elwood through the bars. Casey blasts him for going after Alison like that, but Elwood assures him he never wanted to hurt her. Elwood brings up the fact that he and Casey used to watch porn in their dorm room all the time and Casey never complained then. They thought it was cool. Casey informs Elwood that that was a year or so ago. He's a changed man now; he's not into porn anymore. Casey warns Elwood to get out of Oakdale as soon as he's released or he'll find a way to show him out of town. As Casey walks away, Elwood torments him by yelling that he can continue to keep believing he's a changed man, but they both know that it's a lie. Later, Casey arrives at Sofie's and reveals he has something to tell her. Casey ends up at Sophie's, and tells her that Elwood was Ali's stalker. Sophie tries to pacify Casey, but he ends up pinning her against the wall and kissing her.

At the diner, a sullen Brad ignores Henry and gets a pep talk from Vienna. Henry tries to bolster Brad's spirits too, but Brad accuses him of getting exactly what he wanted---Brad out of Katie's life. Henry denies it, saying he only wants what's best for everyone. Katie doesn't even know what Katie wants. What she really needs is time to figure that out on her own. Brad accuses Henry of planting seeds of doubt against Brad in Katie's head. If she's scared, Henry defends, it's a sign she's not ready to give her heart. Be her friend, Henry suggests. Brad tells Henry that being her friend will only end in Brad getting his hopes up and heartbreak again. Brad snaps that Henry should know from experience. Before Vienna can defend her husband, Brad storms out.

Noah runs in to Carrie at Java. Carrie asks if he's feeling as overwhelmed as she is about the baby, and that's why he hasn't tried to talk to her since she told him. Noah tells her he doesn't believe she's pregnant---at least not with his child. Humiliated, Carrie assures him she's not a slut, even if they did get drunk and hook up at a party. Grasping at straws, Carrie offers to give him her doctor's name, so he can confirm it himself. Noah realizes two things...Carrie's not backing down, and Luke will never forgive him for cheating on him with a woman. Panicking, Noah offers to support her decision---if she has an abortion. Carrie, shocked and hurt, slaps Noah and tells him that he's no better than any of the other guys she saw at that party. They all wanted one thing and teary eyed, Carrie blames herself for seeing a difference in Noah. Later, Luke runs into Carrie and he can see she's visibly upset.

Susan commiserates with Bob at the hospital after her fight with Alison. They bond over worrying about their youngest children. Bob asks her advice in reviewing the applications for the new cancer specialist. Susan is impressed with one resume, and Bob admits that's the same person he was leaning toward. Susan remarks on the coincidence and asks if the doctor's connections to Oakdale influenced Bob at all. Bob admits that it was the only reason Bob had doubts and didn't offer the job immediately after the interview. From a distance, Kim sees them deep in discussion, and struggles to remain pleasant as she greets them both. Bob proudly informs Kim he and Susan have picked the perfect doctor to lead the new cancer center. Kim stews as Bob lavishly thanks Susan for her help.

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I am liking the Kim/Bob/Susan SL. I wish ATWT would give them the kind of material that ANWT does.

Keep up the good work!

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