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Episode 54



Emily wakes up from her nap and is shocked to see Alison and Susan pulling up in the driveway. Emily comments how she thought they'd go to the station, but Susan replies that Alison needs her rest and she told Margo any questioning could wait. Dusty arrives and Alison surprisingly acts a bit catty towards him. As Dusty takes Emily to get something to eat and head to the paper, Susan calls Alison on her attitude towards Dusty, saying that he might have saved her from a rape or even murder. Alison hisses that she had it all under control and finally breaks down telling Susan that she's tired of having to reply on everyone for help. Susan is shocked at Alison's bitterness and suggests she get some rest.

Rosanna turns to see Gwen standing behind her. Rosanna wipes away tears and smiles, inviting Gwen to join her. Gwen brings Hallie out and notices Rosanna's staring at the newborn with tears in her eyes. Gwen asks Rosanna if she'd like to hold her and Rosanna beams. As Rosanna plays with Hallie, she admits that in a way, Meg is right. Rosanna is jealous of the fact that Meg can have children, but she can't. She's envious that the one woman that she hates in life more than anything can give a child to the man she loves more than anything. Gwen tells her that she'll always hold some resentment towards Carly for making her miscarry, but holding a grudge can only eat you alive from the inside. Both bond over the fact that Carly has done them wrong in the past, but what has happened has happened and it's meant to stay in the past. Gwen takes Hallie and as she starts to leave, Rosanna thanks her for her kind words. Gwen tells her that she's welcome to see Hallie anytime she wants. After all, they share a sister. Why shouldn't Carly and Rosanna share a niece? Rosanna smiles and thanks Gwen again as she watches Gwen walk away.

Brad arrives for work and Katie notices the tension between herself and Brad. Katie asks for a break from filming and takes Brad aside. Katie tells Brad that she knows all about him getting drunk and she just wants to apologize. "I guess I could have broken it to you more easily," she says. "But I just can't see you and I as anything more than friends. I'm sorry." Brad takes Katie words and calmly replies that if she doesn't want him in his life, then consider it done. Before Katie can retort that she isn't saying she doesn't want Brad in her life at all, the director asks them to take their places. Later, Henry shows up to pick Brad up to go to a ball game and Katie tells Henry that she's sorry. She confesses that he's right as Henry confesses that he never mean what he said, "Bubbles". The two hug as Brad watches on with a twitch of betrayal in his eyes.

Paul can see Meg in her room undressing and sneaks up behind her, kissing her shoulders and neck. Meg giggles and tells Paul to cut it out. She tells Paul that she has a meeting to go to. Paul tells her he'll be waiting on her when she gets home and Meg says she'll hold him to it. Outside, Meg revels in her victory, telling herself she'll be damned if Rosanna ever tries to one-up her again.

Lucinda arrives at the police station and asks to speak with Margo. As Margo hands Elwood off to a deputy, she takes Lucinda into the interrogration room. Lucinda finally admits that Craig told her that he was leaving for Barbados to find Lucy and Johnny. Margo becomes furious and grills Lucinda as to why she's kept this such a secret. Lucinda snaps that she didn't think it could do any good in the investigation. Craig's dead. Good riddance. Lucinda's words infuriate Margo any further and Margo shocks Lucinda by starting to read her her rights. Lucinda, in a huff, asks Margo what the hell she's doing and Margo replies that Lucinda's under arrest for obstruction of justice!!


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Great Gwen and Rosanna talk. I always wanted to see them bonding even though they aren't biological sisters.

Great episode.

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