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Episode 53



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Barbara and Kim sit down at Al's and order some breakfast. Barbara thanks Kim for her support and shares how she and Margo bonded. Kim is shocked the two ladies are getting along and Kim says how proud both Jennifer's would be of Barbara for fighting this cancer. Barbara thanks Bob for all his help and Kim promises to run the message along to him. Later, Kim interrupts Bob at work and tells him of her talk with Barbara. Bob seems agitated and Kim asks Bob to relax. She knows being back at the hospital makes him think of Chris, but the best thing he can do is calm down and prove to her that he can get better.

Susan clocks out at the hospital and as soon as she opens the door, she meets Dusty, Emily, Casey, and Alison. Alison breaks down in Susan's arms as Emily fills her mother in on what happened. As Alison is checked on by nurses, Susan tries to blame Casey, but Emily stops her and says that Casey has helped her alot. Susan asks where Aaron is and Dusty replies that he left town. Susan hurries Emily and Dusty home, saying that she knows they haven't slept all night. Dusty agrees to get the car taken care of and sends Emily home. Emily thanks him for helping her sister once again and kisses him. Later, Susan makes a call and tells Aaron to come back home.

Lucinda drops by and finds Holden giving Ethan his bottle. Lucinda asks where the kids are and he replies that they have Spring Break this week, so they're all asleep still. Holden tells Lucinda about Lily leaving town to find Johnny and Lucy. Lucinda informs Holden that she knew Craig was headed to the Bahamas, but she figured he was just playing some mind game with everyone and would eventually return. Holden asks why she never told Margo about this and Lucinda says that Margo now knows because of Lily finding out from Craig's old friend. And plus, there's really nothing she could add to help along the investigation. Lucinda starts to criticize Lily for leaving town and leaving Holden all alone, but Holden defends her, saying that Lucinda should know her own daughter would be as stubborn as she is. Holden encourages Lucinda to tell Margo everything.

Startled by the doorbell, Carly answers it to find Rosanna. Rosanna cries to Carly how no one believe her when she tells them that Meg is deceiving Paul. Although hesitant, Carly reveals that Rosanna is her sister and if she says Meg wasn't pregnant to begin with, she believes her. Rosanna catches Carly's hesitance and accuses her of not believing Rosanna. Carly admits that she thinks this whole thing between the three of them has gotten a tad too complex and hurries off to work, promising to call Rosanna later. At work, Carly's surprised to find flowers on her desk. Carrie comes in and compliments Carly on them but soon leaves when Jack arrives. Carly thanks Jack for the flowers and accepts his "apology" for being jealous of her date. Jack maintains that he isn't jealous in the least bit and he sure didn't send her flowers. Jack eyes Carly as she reads the card, "Thanks for a wonderful time. We'll have to do it again. Sincerely, Wagner." Carly locks eyes with Jack as he too realizes who the flowers are from. Carly apologizes for jumping to conclusions as Jack makes an excuse for his visit and leaves.

On her way to the bookstore, Rosanna runs into Paul, who akwardly says hello. Rosanna tells Paul that after all that they've been through, she's just now starting to realize that Paul is the one for her. However, it seems that when one is ready, the other of them goes into some sort of denial. Rosanna tells Paul that she knows that he has feelings for her. She begs him to trust her, citing that she would never lie to him just to get him all to herself. But, she cautions, that's exactly what Meg is doing. Paul accuses Rosanna of trying to sabatoge his relationship with Meg and begs her to just leave them alone. Rosanna sits on a bench and cries after Paul leaves. She flinches when she feels someone beside her.

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Carjack...okay NOW you're just torturing me.

Wonderful Kim/Babs talk.

Part of me thinks Paul isn't worth crying over. I wonder who's found Rosanna.

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