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Episode 52



Lyla's startled from her slumber by a knock on the door and finds Katie crying on the other side. Katie tells Lyla about letting Brad down after she realized she might be leading him on and Henry telling her that she caused the demise of most of her relationships. Katie asks Lyla what's wrong with her and Lyla finally tells Katie what she's thought all along. Katie's constant need for a man in her life is probably triggered by the absence of her father. Lyla breaks into tears as she hushes Katie's cries. Katie says how much she misses her dad and the two soon find themselves laughing at some funny memories of Casey. Katie tells Lyla that she's glad she's not giving up and she's going to fight this cancer. Katie cries she doesn't know what she would do without her mother. As Lyla leans into kiss her forehead, she realizes Katie's cried herself asleep.

Luke flinches when he hears the doorbell and bolts from the bed. He's shocked to find Noah's "classmate" on the other side. Carrie introduces herself and asks to speak with Noah. Luke notes the late hour, but Carrie says it can't wait. An eavesdropping Noah soon enters and whisks Carrie outside. Noah asks how Carrie can know for sure that she's pregnant. Carrie doesn't remember Noah even wearing a condom and says that some blood work from her check up showed she was pregnant. Carrie pleads for Noah to be with her on this as Luke fights the temptation to listen in on their conversation. Finally, he gives in and listens as Noah tells Carrie to just take care of it and asks how she found him in the first place. Carrie reminds him that he gave her his contact information earlier in the day at Al's. Noah returns and Luke asks Noah what the hell is going on. Noah lies again and says that they have a paper that's due tomorrow and Noah never did his, so he's paying his classmate to type it for him. Luke takes it with a grain of salt and silently vows to find the answers himself.

Carly's blonde hair glows against the fluorescent street lights as Wagner drops her off at her house. Wagner asks if she had fun and Carly replies that she had a wonderful time. Wagner almost kisses Carly, but she backs out before their lips can meet, citing that it's late and she has work in the morning. Wagner drives off as Carly fumbles for her keys. She notices a light on in the house as we see Jack noticing her silhoutte outside. Jack pretends like he's asleep as Carly comes in. Carly tells Jack he can knock it off. Her dad played that trick plenty of times when she was in high school. She knows when someone's waiting up on her. Jack asks how her date went and Carly tell him it went well. Once again, Carly sees the jealous gleam in Jack's eye and calls him on it. Jack denies it and changes the subject, saying that he's going to Emma's to get some sleep. Carly asks about the kids and Jack says that they're all at a sleepover since it's Spring Break. Carly glances at the clock and then at Jack and bids him goodnight as she walks up the stairs to an empty bed and Jack drives home to Emma's.

Alison starts to put it all together. She realizes that Elwood was Casey's roommate in college and they probably both shared a love for the crazy phrase "hot little mama". She makes a run for it, but Elwood catches her and starts to grope her. Meanwhile, Dusty and Emily run out of gas and run to catch up to Alison at Metro. They finally get there and Dusty slings Elwood off of Alison. Elwood pulls out a knife and tries to stab Dusty, but to no avail. While Dusty beats Elwood to a bloody pulp despite Emily and Alison's screaming protests, Emily calls Margo, who rouses from bed and starts to get ready. Tom asks what's going on and as she fills him in, Casey (who was awakened by his mother's voice) listens in. Casey hears Elwood was the one stalking Alison and begs his mom to let him go. Even though she refuses, Casey sneaks out anyway and keeps Alison company while they watch Margo handcuff Elwood.


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Aww...sweet little Elwood was her stalker? Thugsy rears his ugly head, beating some 100lb kid to a pulp.

Y'know I'm loving me jealous Jack parking on Carly's couch when the kids aren't even there. :D

Ooooh...Noah's lying. That's never good.

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Y'know I'm loving me jealous Jack parking on Carly's couch when the kids aren't even there. :D

You Irish now? :lol:

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