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Episode 48



Casey asks Dusty what all the fuss is about and Dusty threatens him, saying that they know Casey's been sending Alison perverted Myspace messages. Casey looks past Dusty and asks Alison if he really thinks he's capable of this. Dusty brings up Casey's cellmate's claim that Casey had a problem with pornography in prison and Casey admits that he did, but it was only because he was in such distress over letting Maddie go. Casey adamantly denies that he would ever send anything like that to Alison, saying that a guard slipped him screencaps of Ali's tape but he refused to look because he and Alison grew up together.

Holden hears the door slam and goes to the front door to find Lily. Lily furiously claims that Lucinda knows exactly where her niece and nephew are, but even if it means resolving the mystery surrounding Craig's death, she still won't divulge anything. Holden begs Lily to drop it and enjoy being home. Lily refuses, saying that she won't rest until she has answers regarding her ex-brother-in-law and good friend's death.

While Carly works on designs, Carrie continuously takes breaks. Carrie claims she's not feeling well and Carly excuses it as Carrie seeing her own horrid designs for the new WOAK debate stage. Carrie cracks a smile at Carly's failed attempt to bother her and reiterates her past credentials to Carly. Carrie claims she knows what she's doing and wonders if Carly will ever see her as a fellow designer instead of some newbie interfering in her work.

Emma's shocked when Meg comes by the farm. Emma claims that she hasn't heard anything from Meg since she was released from the hospital. Meg explains that she and Paul have gotten closer than ever. Emma notices something is bothering Meg and calls her on it. Meg replies by asking a question that shocks Emma. Is it wrong to be happy about a miscarriage if it brings a couple closer together than ever?

Jack sits down with Sage, Parker, and J.J. as he waits impatiently for Carly to get off of work and join him. Sage wants to know why he delayed their movie hour and Jack replies that he and their mom have an announcement to make. J.J. exclaims that he just knew Mom and Dad were going to reunite as Carly comes rushing through the door. Jack sarcastically thanks Carly for taking all the time in the world and the two soon set things straight with the kids. "We're not getting back together", Carly explains. "Not now, not ever". Jack is shocked by Carly's words.

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So, now I'm wondering if Carrie's lying about her past, job experience, etc. Hmmn...

I can see the shock on Jack's face as Carly added the "not now, not ever," part. LOL...

Meggie is one twisted piece of work.

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