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Fans Must Say Goodbye.....




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Heads continue to roll backstage at DAYS. The set is abuzz that one of the show's most popular and hottest couples will be leaving the show at the end of May in a SHOCKING re-write. "We had a summer storyline planned for them, but we decided to take the story in a new direction. We're going to miss them. I'm going to miss writing for them. The show will not be the same, but I hope to bring them back one day when we can focus on them with the attention they and their fans deserve."...says the headwriter.

Is the new writer worried about fan backlash after all of these cast changes? "No, not really. Most of the exits we've done so far have been characters, I believe, most fans wanted to see gone - Tony, Patrick, Chelsea, Phillip, and a few more in May I can't talk about. They just were not very enjoyable. Stefano and Wayne (Northrop) are still loved by fans, but that is purely storyline-dictated. We do have a bunch of exits coming in May...and this supercouple now makes #7 and #8. This is all part of the plan to get the show back on track. We had a bunch of exits in December. And this is the second onslaught. This will be the first casting news where fans are really shocked and upset. And they'll be even more upset when they see how they are written out. It's very open-ended. But that means that I'm really interested in bringing them back one day to see them finish out their story. But the opportunity is too great. The couple has never been at a phase like this in their lives, and I feel it is best to see them go right now."

"Every now and again, you have to shake up the show and make sure people are watching. This is one of those times."

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Which supercouple is saying goodbye?


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Same here-although you would

be the first writer to ever willingly

write off a supercouple. I am

really intrigued with this so

I am really waiting for this to unfold

However, if all of your readers think this

is a shock KR wait until they see my cast

changes in the return of my fan fic :lol: .

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