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Episode #95 - Friday, April 21st:



Episode #95 - Friday, April 21st:

- Ivy tells Kate that she doesn't know how she's managed to keep her biggest secret from everyone all of this time.

- John and Marlena seek refuge in an abandoned farmhouse.

- Carrie, Austin, Lucas, and Sami continue their hunt for Will.

- Jan asks Cassie if she'd be willing to help her kill Belle. Cassie recalls how she is really the daughter of Tony and Marlena, and how Belle is her half-sister. Cassie refuses to help Jan kill Belle.

- Rex and Mimi grow closer. They talk about their past, and Rex begins to find some closure.

- Kate vows to kill Ivy if she ever tells anyone what she knows about her.

- Hope, Liam, and Mason continue their ride through the mountains.

- Jennifer and Abe both refuse to take back Jack and Lexie for their lies, respectively.

- Shawn and Caroline decide to re-new their wedding vows in May.

- Will calls Sami and Lucas, and he tells them that he will be back when he is good and ready and that they should stop looking for him.

- Anna goes through Sami's things and discovers all of the blackmail material that Sami has on Nicole.

- John and Marlena try to jog each other's memories, but to no avail.

- Ivy and Kate declare war on each other and say may the best woman win.

- Cassie tells Jan that if she does anything to Belle, then she will turn her in. Jan realizes now more than ever, she needs to make Belle's death look like an accident.

- Lucas and Sami are heartbroken and worry for Will's safety. Carrie and Austin get Sami to see that she, too, ran away once, and she came back when she was ready, as well. Sami agrees to return to Salem and await Will's return.

- Anna decides to fly to Chicago on the way back to Salem, find Nicole, and convince her to expose Sami in Austin's eyes.

- Celeste has more nightmares that her biggest secret yet will be revealed!

- Tek gets new orders from Stefano!

- John and Marlena realize that they may have been lovers, friends, married...or enemies. A distrust begins to grow between them as they realize the other could be faking their memory loss to seek revenge on the other.

- Shawn and Belle bond with Claire and Trey. Later, they share a sweet kiss. But Shawn pulls away, claiming his marriage to Jan.

- Hope falls off of her horse, and she hits her head. Her memory with Liam returns while she's unconcious!


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