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Episode #94 - Thursday, April 20th:



Episode #94 - Thursday, April 20th:

- Ivy and Kate come face to face. Kate is taken aback.

- Jennifer refuses to take Jack back unless he tells her the big secret that he is keeping.

- Belle cannot bear seeing Shawn with Jan and Trey and Claire.

- Roman and Abe wonder what to do next about Tony's murderess.

- Liam, Mason, and Hope go horseback riding in the mountains.

- John and Marlena are at the riverbank where she has just come to. She now has amnesia from the accident, and his memory is erased from Stefano. They are both scared of each other, and fear the circumstances underwhich they crashed.

- Bo and Billie, meanwhile, send officers to try and find Stefano.

- Jack tells Jennifer that there is no secret. Jennifer gives him the last of his things and tells him to get out.

- Abe and Roman are overjoyed to learn that Abby was with Max and Jennifer at the time Tony's murderess broke into the police station to steal the evidence.

- Ivy slaps Kate! Kate slaps her back. A ferocious cat fight ensues. Ivy throws a vase a Kate. Kate fires back by throwing a decanter at Ivy. Ivy calls Kate a whore. Kate calls Ivy a bitch. They go at it again. They fight and end up falling over Victor's desk.

- Shawn tells Belle that the only reason he married Jan was to get custody of Claire and how he knew Phillip and Kate were going to pull out all of the stops to get custody of Claire.

- Roman and Abe learn that Kate and Bonnie still do not have alibis for the time the evidence was stolen.

- John and Marlena hear the sirens and panic. They decide the only way to escape the police whom they suspect they are running from is to stick together.

- Jack says that he is protecting Jennifer by not telling her. Jennifer tells Jack that they are over - FOR EVER!

- Kate and Ivy continue catfighting until security comes in and tears them off of each other.

- Shawn agrees to work something out with Belle so that they can both have Claire. Shawn and Belle share a moment. Jan vows to kill Belle.

- John and Marlena flee the grounds and steal a car. They make it to the state line to Vermont and seek refuge on a farm when their car breaks down.

- Jan tries to come up with ways to kill Belle and make it look like an accident. She knows if something happens to Belle, she'll be the first suspect.

- Abby and Max still share a deep attraction, and they almost kiss.

- Jan and Cassie meet up now that Cassie is back from New York, and they discuss their friendship and how they teamed up to ruin Mimi and Shawn's wedding.

- Mimi and Belle bond over their worry for Shawn.

- Victor arrives and demands to know what is going on between Kate and Ivy. Kate refuses to tell, as does Ivy. Later, when alone, Ivy tells Kate that she is going to ruin her life.


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I have faith that this amneisa story

will be better than the real one.

LOL Jan vows to kill Belle. GO JAN!

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