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Episode #93 - Wednesday, April 19th:



Episode #93 - Wednesday, April 19th:

- Bonnie and Mickey share a romantic night.

- Ivy and Victor continue to talk about old times.

- Celeste has a terrible vision that her worst secret is about to be revealed.

- The van that has John and Marlena in it sinks.

- Bo and Billie call the fire department who arrive and begin to put out the fire.

- Liam romances Hope.

- Celeste wonders if she should just TELL Lexie herself that she drugged Tek into "sleeping" with her so she could blackmail him into leaving town and leaving Lexie alone. But then Celeste gets a vision of Ivy Winthrop and her worst secret ever being revealed. Celeste is horrified when she realizes her past has come back to haunt her.

- Melissa is horrified at Bonnie and asks Alice and Jennifer to help her get Mickey to see the light and kick her out.

- John comes to. He grabs Marlena and exits the van.

- Bo and Billie are horrified when a body is discovered in the rubble of the fire.

- Hope begins to have flashes of her memory with Liam.

- Victor asks about Ivy's ex-husband, Julian. Ivy says that he has found love with an old flame.

- Kate talks to Caroline and makes sure Caroline is going to stay by Shawn's side and won't be going after Victor. Caroline sees through Kate's manipulations and tells her to back off. She is horribly offended Kate would even imply such a terrible thing as being unfaithful to Shawn while he is in recovery.

- Jennifer refuses to help Melissa, but Alice agrees to help her rid the Horton's of Bonnie! Alice tells Melissa how grateful she was when Mickey came to his senses last summer.

- John and Marlena make it to the river bank.

- Bo and Billie are relieved to learn that the body in the fire belonged to Stefano's henchman, Bart.

- Hope does not feel a strong enough connection with Liam to put down roots in Paris.

- Ivy is shocked to see a picture of Kate Roberts on Victor's desk. She inquires about it, and Victor says that Kate is the woman he is seeing, his ex-wife, and the mother of his child. Ivy is shocked. In her mind, she vows revenge.

- Melissa and Alice feel guilty when Mimi gives them insight into Bonnie's life. Mimi says she understands how frustrated with Bonnie they must be, but she explains how Bonnie came from a very poor family, her father abused her, she was forced to have an abortion when she was younger, and she mentions how Patrick's death has really affected her.

- John does mouth to mouth to Marlena. Marlena awakens.

- Bo and Billie fear that they have lost their last clue to find Georgia, but they decide to stay hot on her trail when a Maine native tells them a girl used to wonder around the property.

- Liam and Mason ask Hope to go horseback riding in the mountains. Liam explains that much of their time was spent horseback riding near the cabin, and he feels it will help jog her memory.

- Victor asks Ivy if she knows Kate. Ivy says no, but she vows revenge on her when she is left alone in Victor's office. Meanwhile, Kate returns to Titan and enters Victor's office.

- Melissa and Alice take what Mimi said into consideration. They decide to back off when they see Mickey having a good time with Bonnie.

- Bo and Billie learn that the girl hitched a ride to the local bus station. They race there to find Georgia. Meanwhile, Paige (Georgia) boards her bus to Salem, the town Stefano was talking about when he was mentioning her parents to Bart.

- Marlena backs away from John. She asks him who he is. John is shocked. He replies...that he does not know who he is. It becomes clear that Marlena has sustained a head injury in the crash and now has amnesia.


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