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May Sweeps Previews




"New head writer Tim Lowery's work begins May 1 and while the transition will be seamless fans will notice a change," says executive producer Ned Yadroc. "Normally a new writer's first month is rather slow but not this month. Our new top secret story that will be all too familiar to fans will kick off with Tim's first show on May 1. It will take fans a little bit to realize what is happening and why we say its deja vu all over again but once they do they may be outside the studio with picket signs. Everything will be kept close toe the vest and fans should prepare to be shocked. We want fans to know enough ahead to tune in but still not know enough to ruin the surprises we have in store. Spoilers will be very hard to come by as rumors and theories will be spreading like wildfire. THis will definitely get fans talking. We know they may be angry with what will be happening but they just need to stay with us-it will be worth it in the end." says Yadroc.

Bo/Hope/Billie/Patrick/Chelsea: The year's big umbrella story takes some huge turns. Hope and Patrick give into passion as Bo and Billie race to get to Hope as Patrick's dark side emerges. Meanwhile, Kate becomes the master manipulator here and Chelsea tries to turn over a new leaf but her past will come back to haunt her and she may revert to her "normal Chelsea" ways yet again. The end of the month brings a huge twist in the tale. Look for more people to join Hope and Patrick on Morgan Island as well.

John/Marlena/Alex/Kate: John and Roman race to save Marlena. Marlena's memory returns for good and she will have an emotional stand off with Alex regarding their past. Look for a huge twist here as Alex may not be who he says he is. Kate will also find some closure with both John and Roman. The climax of this story will converge with the Lexie and Sami stories and will lead to a huge event towards the end of the month.

Abe/Lexie/Tek: Celeste and Tek will face off over Lexie. Abe's night vision begins to improve which could spell trouble for Lexie. Theo will play an important role too as he may unknowingly send Abe on a path of destruction. Lexie's cancer will be huge as the story will build for the months ahead. Look for Lexie to stop playing nice with her blackmailers and for the "inner Dimera" to start emerging. Tek and Celeste will also take steps to make sure Lexie is protected. Look for Celeste to start having some more visions of doom and gloom in Salem starting with a murder...

Austin/Carrie/Sami/Lucas: Austin and Carrie have a passionate encounter. Sami and Lucas continue to hurt each other and push one another away. Carrie and Lucas get big news and decide to get married ASAP. Austin and Sami make shocking decisions and you won't beleive who they may end up teaming up with...

Belle/Shawn/Mimi/Phillip: May 1 is huge for them as something big happens that shakes all four of their lives to the core. This is the start of the big top secret story. Victor and Caroline and several others will get dragged into this and not just in supporting roles. Victor may have to resort to his past dealings to save a life. Meanwhile, Victor and Caroline seem to have a secret that someone will find out, which should come in handy for a little blackmail.

Jack/Jen/Frankie: Jack recieves his miracle but the question is who and why? Jen takes a huge leap of faith and decides to speed things up with Frankie. Jack will race to get home but things take both a strange and shocking turn from there. Jack will also find some help in the form of an old friend on his trek home.

Abby/Max/Chelsea/Josh: Tragedy will strike as one of these four sees something they shouldn't have. As mentioned above, Chelsea makes an attempt at changing but something huge happens to hinder that. The result is Max spending more time with Abby, who find herself in need of some comfort and support, and Chelsea pushing the people who love and care for her away yet again.

Nicole: Nicole returns in mid-May on a mission. Someone from the past returns shortly after her and they will soon find themselves thrown into the happenings of Salem, along with having their own story.

Maggie/Mickey: Maggie and the Horton's will become more prominent and not just in supporting roles. Maggie and Alice will get a shocking blast from the past as the month progresses. Mickey may be back for sweeps but it all depends on the status of John Clarke. Expect Mickey to play heavily into the top secret story, along with the rest of the cast.

Mystery Man: A mystery man is watching two beloved Salem beauties but why? His identity will be revealed soon enough so look out for clues.

Top Secret Story: A old tale is revisited in a way that is classic Days. Expect this story to bring alot of changes and Salem may be saying goodbye to many beloved citizens. Its like deja vu all over again for the Salemites but this time there may be no happy ending or light at the end of the tunnel.


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