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Big Casting Rumors!!!



Rumor Mill

Hot on the heels of a new executive producer and head writer taking the reigns comes word of massive cast changes at Days. Rumors are swirling that several cast members, including many who have been with the show for more then 20 years, have been given their walking papers. The show refused to comment and the Days brass has already stated that they have a top secret story in mind that will revisit a recent storyline that flopped. The show apparently now has a new spoiler security policy as very little info about the cast changes and head writer Tim Lowery's new stories is being released. All that is known is that Lowery's first big tale is said to involve the whole cast and may lead to a massive amount of exits.

Rumors continue to swirl about who may be returning with Arianne Zuker (Nicole) this coming May. There is word that Days has contacted a former fan favorite about returning short term but whether it has anything to do with Nicole's return remains to be seen.

Days is rumored to be heavily pursuing John Clarke to return to his famous role of Mickey Horton. Word is Days wants him to return for a short term run to play a major plot they have in mind out. Clarke is said to be mulling the offer over but no word yet on what direction he is leaning in.


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