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Big Changes Ahead!!!!



Days of our Lives: A New Era

Starting on May 1, Tim Lowery takes over the reigns of head writer of the 40 year old sudser. New executive producer Ned Yadroc could not be more excited about this turn of events. "It's great. Tim has a great vision and is gonna build upon all the progress the show has made these past 7-8 months. The show has been good but I still feel the last few years has left considerable damage in terms of some of the stories we have told and the way we left things." Several setsiders are reporting that Lowery and Yadroc plan to revisit a recent story and tell it in the way in which they feel it should have been told. "Yes, we are gonna sort of redo something but its top secret," confirms Yadroc. When it starts I think the fans will now only this time its not going to be the same. This time it may not be reversed and I think that is going to add to the drama and tension. Fans will feel like its deja vu and will be in shock that they are going through this again but this time the payoff and impact will be much greater." Fans should also expect some big cast changes, starting with the return of Arianne Zuker in May. "Ari was open to returning short term and we had something in mind at the time so it was an easy negotiation. She will be with us for awhile and will play as huge a role as most of the cast will in this big top secret story we are planning." Rumors are swirling that Zuker's Nicole is not returning alone. "There will be other returns," says Yadroc, "but we aren't going to get into those yet. For right now we will leave it at Ari's return and go from there." Yadroc hopes fans will be pleased. 'We are going to take risks and do some things that will make the fans hate us. Its going to be crazy but its all for the better. They need to trust us and beleive that this will be an even better Days then ever before. Its been a great upswing the last few months but now we are reaching new heights. Its going to be very exciting for all of us so stay tuned!!!"

Now on to an interview with the show's new HW, Tim Lowery, to get an in-depth preview of what he plans for Salem:

Q (Interviewer): What is your vision for the show?

A (Lowery, HW): Well, I want it to be what the fans want. They are the boss. I am a fan too and I like to believe I have the same thoughts and wants as them. I know what they have liked and disliked in the past and recently. I am prepared to give them the emotional, family/traditional, character driven, and adventurous Days they have always wanted. I hope to make the show the best it can be.

Q: Will there be supernatural stories"

A: I am not going to lie. There are going to be some out there moments and twists, especially in the next few months. However, the heart of the show will be evident and will are not gonna push the pendulum as far as in the past. The woo-woo is always going to be there but its not going to be as widespread or as prominent.

Q: Can you tell us anything about the cast changes being hinted at?

A: We are trying to keep a lid on it. In the past, its always ended up on SOD and on the net. We are going to try not to let that happen. There will be promos, teasers, and little blurbs that come out hinting at exits and returns but, in the next few months especially, we are gonna stay as close to the vest as possible. Ari is returning and someone will be returning around the same time and that is all I can say about that. Both are limited run returns. I will say there will be changes and some of them may not be to the fans liking but I urge them to stay with us and I am sure they will feel rewarded.

Q: What characters are yoru favorites and lease favorites?

A: I love pretty much all of them. I guess I am a fan of the vets like Bo, Hope, Maggie, Alice, Jack, Jen, John, Marlena, etc. I love the young generation and the 30-somethings. I won't come right out and say who I don't like because then if those people are fired I will get it (laughs).

Q: Who will you focus on?

A: There will be balance. Fans will notice that right off the bat. There will be stories that get played 5 days a week when they reach a certain point but at the end of the month and year you will see that airtimes will be spread out pretty evenly so the focus will be put on the cast as a whole. I like the look at it as the vets carrying the show while the other equally support the vets. I know this is what the fans want and they will get it.

Q: Ned Yadroc made a big deal out of rectifying past mistakes that damaged the show. He hinted at revisiting a story this summer. What can you tell us about that?

A: Its a goal of ours to fix some things that the previous regimes did. The show is in a good spot as I take over. Sure the ratings could be better but the last 7 months has had the show improve immensely. I am simply bringing it to a different level-one that every Days fan dreams of. I should know since I am a fan myself. The story that we are revisiting will kick off right from my first show as HW and will move rapidly through May and June. Things will happen and develop at such a quick pace that fans won't barely have time to react but we are looking to run this story on a schedule. There will be big cliffhangers in May with the biggest being the day before the Wimbledon preemption and also there will be quite a few towards the end of August/early September. We hope the fans will find this gratifying even though I know they will be mad at first. This is gonna be a great story that will hopefully repair some of the damage of the past but it could come at the expense of some beloved cast members. Not everyone is going to make it out of this story alive.

IPB Image

Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) will see more Days.

Q: Wow-sounds good. So can you give is any specific preview or will we have to wait until next week's May previews are out for more scoop?

A: The Bo and Hope story will have a huge twist in May. We are setting the stage for a triangle between Abby/Max/Chelsea. Kate's schemes will have dire consequences for many. The Alex/Marlena/John, Austin/Carrie/Lucas/Sami, and Abe/Lexie/Tek stories all converge and it will lead to a huge cataclysmic event in the weeks ahead. Plus, Nicole will return on a mission and the elder vets will be much more prominent, Maggie and Caroline especially. The Mickey situation will be rectified too. We are hoping to get John Clarke back. We won't recast again so if we can't get him back we will have to play what we have in mind out in a different manner.

Q: Thanks for the scoop. I look forward to the May Sweeps previews to be released next week.

A: Your welcome. I am sure you will find them very tantalizing.


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