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Another Big Return!!!




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The mysterious return that has been hinted at by Days has now been revealed: Eric Brady is returning to Salem. Days has lured popular actor Jensen Ackles back for a short term run. Word is that the actor will return shortly after Arianne Zuker (Nicole) returns and will play a pivotal role in why she has returned to Salem. Show insiders say that both returns will run at least through the summer. Ackles has found great success in primetime including most recently his starring role in the adventure series "Supernatural." Zuker will appear on CSI Miami April 24 and is eager to pursue other primetime opportunities so obviously more a permanent return for both actors is out of the question. Both actors are reportedly excited to be back and are very happy with what they will be playing out.


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:lol: I can't wait! I have been reading your news briefs, actually! Sounds exciting! I am trying something to work out bringing Eric back. But I have to get his new love interest on the show first. ;)
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Yeah. Kayla's return is only temporary. I feel like since I've never seen her on-screen, it would be hard for me to get a feel for her until I see her on-screen on the real DAYS. I want to bring her on when I can though, full-time. The cast is so big right now, anyway! I need to do spring-cleaning. *cough* May Sweeps. *cough.* hahaha.

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