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Episode #92 - April 18th, 2006:



Episode #92 - April 18th, 2006:

- Bonnie vows that no one can find out she killed Tony.

- Tek tries to woo Lexie courtesy of Stefano's orders, but she refuses.

- Ivy vows revenge on Kate!

- Hope bonds with her long-lost son, Mason.

- Bo and Billie travel to Maine. On the way, they discuss their kiss.

- Stefano manages to escape the flames, but he must topple Bart in order to escape.

- Paige hitchhikes. She gets into a car. She asks to be taken to the bus station.

- The van that John and Marlena are in teeters on the edge of a bridge.

- Bonnie continues to worm her way into Mickey's life.

- Lexie blames Tek for the dissolution of her marriage to Abe. Abe overhears.

- Kate takes comfort in the fact that the one person who can destroy her life is far from Salem.

- Hope gets a strange sense of family from Liam and Mason that she hasn't felt in a long time.

- Bo confesses to Billie that he's fallen in love with her again, and it scares him.

- Stefano tries to find Paige or Marlena, but he can't. Stefano is outraged, but he gets into one of his cars and leaves the premises.

- Melissa and Bonnie get into it over Mickey again.

- Abe hears how relentless Tek is in his pursuit of Lexie. Abe punches Tek out.

- Kate and Victor make love in office at Titan. Ivy arrives at Titan to meet with Victor to find an investor for the Salem Bed and Breakfast.

- Liam, Mason, and Hope try to figure out what the next step is.

- Billie tells him that she will be there for him always. She will never leave him or not support him in anything.

- Stefano prophesizes that he is not done with the good people of Salem.

- The van that Marlena was driving continues to teeter back and forth. Marlena awakens and begins screaming when she realizes what is happening.

- Mickey tells Melissa that he needs Bonnie to help comfort him.

- Alice and Melissa fear history is repeating itself, and Mickey is falling for Bonnie again since he doesn't have Maggie anymore.

- Abe still tells Lexie that he cannot forgive her for giving into Tek, no matter how relentless he was.

- Victor leaves Kate in her office and meets with Ivy. Ivy and Victor talk about old times when they traveled in the same social circles when she was a Crane.

- Marlena begins to cry as she believes the end of her life is upon her. She looks in the back of the van and is shocked to see John. She begins calling his name and trying to wake him. The van tips.

- Liam prepares a romantic night for Hope in an attempt to jog more of her memory.

- Bo and Billie get an address to a house the I.S.A. thinks might belong to Stefano. They arrive and find it on fire. Bo and Billie fear that Georgia or the final clue to her identity might be inside. Meanwhile, Paige arrives at the bus station, she asks for a one way ticket to Salem, the place she heard Stefano talking about.

- The van containing John and Marlena falls into the river.


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