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As promised, the action-packed May Sweeps will have some casualties! Six characters will be leaving the show this May. We can't reveal much, but here is what we CAN reveal!

- Everyone is leaving on very friendly terms, and those characters who leave Salem alive have a very good chance of returning.

- One young actor will be leaving in a very dramatic and permanent fashion.

- One of them is a vet of the show and is being killed off.

- One of them is an actress the show hates to see go, unfortunately, the story necessitates it.

- Two of them are a couple that the show does not have room for on the canvas.

- One is rumored to be Wayne Northrop (Stefano). Is Stefano's reign of terror FINALLY over?


Here are some more rumors:

- The show is rumored to be doing three very daring stories - one is a breast cancer story, one is a story that DAYS has never decided to take on with one of its contract characters before, although, daytime has, and the third is a shocking twist that is very similiar to something contraversial being done on the *REAL* DAYS right now.

- The crossover with "Passions" has been receiving acclaim. Do not be surprised to see another crossover. This time, a permanent one, and with a character/actress from NBC's "Sunset Beach."

- The show is going to cut down on the casting for a while and focus on its current cast for July through the Fall, but the show wants to rake in at least TWO big returns for the fall.

- As previously reported, an actress is being considered to return to the show in a different role than the one she used to play...who is now dead! According to a source, the current writer regrets killing the actress off, and she'll be back in a hot new storyline for the summer. This rumor is INDEED true!


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