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Episode #91 - April 17, 2006:



Episode #91 - April 17, 2006:

- Hope faints when Liam tells her who Mason is.

- Bo finds Billie. Billie tells Bo about how Earlene let go of her hand and plunged to her death, but first Earlene told Billie that Stefano bought Georgia and gave her to a man with Maine license plates.

Paige sets off to find Stefano and confront him.

- Stefano reveals to Bart that his plan to erase John’s memory is only seconds away from being completed.

- Bonnie mourns Patrick and recalls how Tony killed Patrick in the blast and how she had to make sure Tony suffered the same fate.

- Ivy vows revenge on Kate Roberts!

- John remembers all of his best and most romantic times with Marlena before the final procedure is done, and he forgets everything.

- Hope awakens. Mason tells her he can’t believe that she’s alive after all these years.

- Bo and Billie get caught up in the moment of receiving news on Georgia. They hug. As they pull away, their faces are close. They share an intense and passionate kiss.

- Celeste recalls seeing Ivy Crane. She says that her worst nightmare has come back to haunt her.

- Bonnie recalls arguing with Tony before pulling the plug on him and ending his life.

- Marlena makes her escape. Guards catch her. She breaks free and runs from them. While she runs, she knocks over a candle, and a fire starts.

- Stefano has Bart load an unconscious John into a van outside the mansion. The car waits to take him to the airport where a plan will take him to Europe. Stefano learns that there is a fire in the mansion.

- Paige overhears Stefano mention a town called Salem near Chicago. She then confronts Stefano about he’s been lying about being her father for YEARS. Stefano denies it. Paige tells him to stop lying because she knows the truth. Paige demands to know who her parents are. Stefano refuses to tell her. She asks if her parents are in Salem. Stefano is taken aback, and Paige knows at that moment that she is correct and her parents are indeed from Salem!

- Ivy swears revenge on that little slut, Kate Roberts!

- Hope feels a connection to Mason. She hugs him and holds the teenager and while Liam recounts the details of his birth, Hope has flashes of giving birth to Mason.

- Bo and Billie pull away from the kiss. They rebound from the moment by getting a move on, packing up, and heading to Maine.

- Lexie tries in vain to get Abe to forgive her for her affair with Tek.

- Tek gets delayed orders from Stefano to put the final nail in the coffin of Abe and Lexie's marriage.

- Bonnie remembers breaking into the police station and falling into Abe and Roman’s trap and then narrowly escaping them.

- Marlena searches for John in the mansion. She runs into Bart who captures Marlena. He tells her that John is no longer in the mansion. He shows her John’s cell for proof. He explains that he needs to get them both out of the mansion before the fire spreads to this wing. Marlena breaks free from Bart and escapes the mansion.

- Hope makes contact with her old friend, Lily Faversham, while at Liam’s mansion and asks Lily if she knew about any of this. Lily regretfully informs Hope that what Liam is saying is true. Lily tells Hope that she’s always wanted to tell her about the man she fell in love with while she was Gina, but she didn’t want to ruin Hope’s happiness. Lily swears that she had no idea Hope gave birth during her time as Gina.

- Marlena makes her way to the van and starts the engine. Stefano is horrified when Paige confesses that she let Marlena out of the cell! Stefano takes off after Marlena. Marlena has gotten into the van that Bart put John in. She has no idea! Marlena races off just as Stefano runs out of the mansion. Marlena races away. A few miles down the road, Marlena crashes the car and goes careening over the edge.


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