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It is now confirmed that Wayne Northrop (Stefano, above.) is one of the six actors leaving the show during the extended sweeps period this May. The show promises fans that his character of Stefano will get his comeuppance. "We'll miss Wayne, but Steffy has it coming! He's done some of his most evil stunts during this stint! We revealed Alex as Stefano in December or January, and since then, he's taken Marlena captive, he's cured Jack and has blackmailed him into being one of his pawns, he's erased John's memory, he's broken up Lexie's marriage, he's blackmailed Celeste into being one of his pawns again, he has Cassie and Tek working for him as pawns, he's been passing off the real Georgia as his daughter, Paige, for YEARS, he's almost killed Shawn Sr. multiple times....it's time for the fans to see him get what is coming to him! There's going to be a huge showdown in the middle of May."...says the writer. "But it's Stefano. We have not seen the last of him!" No word on his last airdate, however, it will most likely be the last days of May or the first days of June. As for a possible return, the show says..."He plays Stefano...how can he be gone for good?"

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In a shocking turn of events, Rachel Melvin (ex-Chelsea, above) is returning to the show in the newly created role of the mysterious, Erika. The show is very excited to have her back. "When I took over in December, the character of Chelsea was blatantly not working, and she was hated by almost the entire audience. We were faced with the tough decision of writing out an actress we really enjoyed because the character flopped."....says the writer. Now, the show can have its cake and eat it too. "Now, what we're doing is telling the Georgia story the way it should be told in the form of Peyton List (Paige) and bringing on a character for Melvin! She is going to be an entirely new character. I think DAYS fans will really enjoy the story we're going to tell. She'll have nothing to do with Georgia or Chelsea except for the fact that she looks a lot like her...and that is something that will not go unnoticed to Bo, Hope, Billie, Shawn, Max, Cassie, and Abby. She's going to impact Max's life in a big way."


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