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-On the ISA jet, Anna sighs, and tells Tony to sit down because it will be a long story. She then begins:

Anna: Allan called me in Aremid, and told me Helena and Stefano as well as everyone else were all in Italy. You overheard me say Italy, and suddenly you started acting all strange. We went to Italy, and took part in huge drama with Helena holding everyone inside the palace hostage. You mysteriously vanished outside in the courtyard by the entrance, and later you were reporting the murder of Kate Roberts or something. You vanished again, and then later stabbed me on accident while you were chasing after Helena. Next after Roman got some information on where Stefano went, here to this island, we all went here and I found you. Then you, or I should say your alternate personality, told me you had DID…I didn’t want to believe it…but now I know its true.

A tear runs down Anna’s cheek, and Tony says:

Tony: No…that’s impossible…it can’t be…

Anna begins to cry harder and then throws her arms around Tony…

-Shane walks into the medical area on the jet and says that surprisingly Salem is not far from here, and they will be there soon and he’s already arranged for an ambulance to wait at the airport. Several medical-skilled agents try to revive Stefano while Kayla continues to operate on Roman, and begins to get emotional. Shane then says:

Shane: Kayla, perhaps you should go rest and someone else can-

Kayla continues to concentrate on Roman, but angrily yells:

Kayla: NO! That’s what happened with my mother! I left the operating table and she ended up in a coma! I didn’t even get the feeling of knowing I at least tried! I AM NOT going to let my brother die, and I will not let myself make the same mistake with him I made with mom!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Tony slowly hugs Anna, both of them not even focusing on what is happening around them, and he slowly says:

Tony: Anna…I…I am so sorry….I can’t believe I hurt you like that, or you had to find out this horrible issue…I don’t even know what to say, I don’t want to believe it…

Anna: *crying*Tony…its not your fault and it wasn’t you…I don’t want to believe it either but…but…we have to…and I HATE to say that…

Anna then briefly remembers what other thing Tony’s alter told her about Jan, but she thinks to herself she can’t tell Tony that yet…she needs proof first…

-Shane nods slowly and says he understands, and slowly walks away. Kayla continues to work on Roman, but suddenly slowly she sees his eyes slightly open! She gasps in shock and Marlena and Shane both hear it and stand, and Marlena walks into the room and rushes to Roman’s side and clutches his hand again, and as she stares into his half open eyes she slowly says:

Marlena: Honey, your sister is trying to get the bullets out now…and we’ll be to Salem shortly, just stay alive…please…

Roman stares at Marlena, but suddenly, his eyes seem a bit dazed as he just stares, and Marlena stands at his side as Kayla continues to work, and Marlena then asks Kayla:

Marlena: Wait…something seems…not right…whats wrong?

Kayla looks at Roman for a moment and her eyes widen, and then responds sadly:

Kayla: He’s not dead but…and I will wait for official confirmation once we get back in Salem…but this doesn’t look good…


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