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-Anna says they just had a situation like this back in Aremid, and she hates having to go through some revelation again. Tony slowly says he knows, and they continue to embrace each other. Tony promises her once they get back to Salem they will figure all of this out.

-Marlena snaps to Kayla she doesn’t need her to be vague, and Kayla sighs and says she can’t be sidetracked while trying to remove two bullets with so little help and she doesn’t want to panic Marlena, but Marlena again tells her to tell her what is happening to Roman. As Kayla stares down at one of the bullets as she tries to remove it, she says:

Kayla: I…I think Roman is going into a catatonic state due to the gunshots…

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Shane decides to check on Stefano, and walks through a curtain that was sat up between Stefano and Roman, and asks the agents that are tending to him how he is. The most medical-skilled one says he’s struggling, and flatlined earlier but they managed to barely save him, but he’s holding on by a thread.

-Anna nods slowly, and thinks to herself she has more than Tony knows to do when they get to Salem, and thinks to herself she needs Jan’s, Tony’s, and Marlena’s DNA to run a test…so she knows for certain who Jan is.

-Marlena says no, that can’t be possible, but Kayla says it will all be certain in time they just have to see. Kayla continues the operation, as Marlena tells Roman not to leave her…

-Shane tells the agents to just keep Stefano alive until they reach Salem, and he doesn’t want anymore people to die. The agents nod slowly, and Shane walks out of the room and sighs. As he sits down in the sitting area, he sighs thinking about all the drama that has occurred in the past month.

-In the medical area, Marlena continues to hold onto Roman’s hand tightly, and he begins to look at her as he fades in and out of consciousness. She sees confidence in his eyes, and Marlena briefly smiles at him and holds her hand up and blows him a kiss.

-Everyone except Marlena, Kayla, Roman, Stefano, and some agents are in the sitting area of the ISA jet…and it is announced they are coming up on Salem!


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