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-The ISA jet prepares to touch down at the Salem Airport, and Marlena whispers to Roman they are almost to Salem, and he can get more help at the hospital. She promises him he will survive, and Kayla says that she almost has the first bullet out. Meanwhile in Stefano’s room, the agents have barely any luck with him!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-The jet touches down at the airport, and the agents begin to quickly wheel Stefano out and yell that he needs to get to a hospital IMMEDIATELY! Stefano and Roman are the first ones off of the jet, and Marlena walks aside Roman’s bed and continues to tell him to hold on, and Kayla follows as well. As Roman and Stefano are loaded onto separate ambulances, Kayla quickly goes over to a distraught Steve and tells him she has to help her brother. He nods slowly as Kayla gets on the ambulance after Marlena and Roman are on, and meanwhile paramedics tend to Stefano and the ambulances soon drive away.

Sami gets off of the plane, and shoves her way right past Steve, as EJ’s body is also carted off. She sheds more tears as she sees the motionless, cold body…and Steve looks at EJ’s body emotionless, and flashes back to when he shot EJ several times back on the island during their struggle.

-At the Carver house, Celeste is still watching Theo since Abe and Lexie had a delay in getting back to Salem from Italy, and as Theo naps she turns on the news, and hears about the shooting of Roman and Stefano and learns they are headed to the hospital now! She gasps and quickly calls a babysitter to watch Theo and plans to head to the hospital!

-Shane, Allan, Hattie, Tony, and Anna are all off of the ISA jet, and Tony sighs and says so much has happened…and Anna nods slowly and tells Tony maybe they should get some rest, but Tony says no, and that he wants to be at the hospital to see what happens to Stefano. Anna says its whatever he wants, and Shane says he’ll be going there as well. Allan tells them he needs to get back to the police station, and Hattie says she has no reason to sit around some hospital so she’ll be going back to the Salem Inn. All of them then leave the airport.

-The ambulances arrive at the hospital, and Stefano and Roman are rushed inside. Kayla and Marlena go in as well, and Kayla tells Marlena she shouldn’t be in the room with them. Marlena reluctantly says fine, and Roman is rushed to surgery, as is Stefano. Marlena sits in the waiting area as the operations on both men begin, and Marlena prays Roman survives, but hopes Stefano bites the dust…for good.


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